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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by Kindoflame on Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:41 pm


1 = Kind is overwhelmed by his thoughts
2-4 = Kind sorts through his thoughts

1d4 results in...

3 Crud, would have been a better story if I got a 1.

....Why is this Solrock attacking us? There is no trainer to order it and aggressive wild Pokemon do not claim territory need routes. Maybe it holds a grudge against humans because some poac- STOP! The point is that it is attacking. I can figure out its motive later. How badly is Chol hurt? Based on the speed he was traveling and his mass I can estim- STOP! The only thing I can do right now is return him to his Pokeball. His level of injury is worthless information. It is a 1 on 5 fight, so our numbers is our advantage. We should set up a perimeter and attack from multiple angles. The pentagon our Pokemon make should be regular, modified based on effective attack range and dodging speed. I can quickly estimate the correct modif- STOP! I cannot. There are too many variables. Return Pokemon until it is 1 on 2, preserving the numerical advantage while decreasing calculation time.

...."Nory! Return 2 of your Pokemon!"

...."What!? We have it outnumbered! We should-"

...."Just .@$&)^#{.. do it!" Nory stared at Kind wide eyed for a moment. He had never heard Kind swear before, or even yell. Sure, he raised his voice during Pokemon battles, but that was just to be heard. What just happened was completely different. There was another explosion as Amp's Thunder Shock was blocked by a Rock Thrown.

....Amp seems to he doing better than anyone else right now "Return Lil' Sev! Return Buckets! Amp Charge!"

...."Charev, provided suppressing fire with Fury Swipes! Chol and Shootaf, return! One Totadile, two Totadile, three Totadile. Double Team! Nory!"

...."Got it! Amp, give it everything you got! Use..."


The ellipses means that NGamerS picks what attack Amp uses. Also, comic of this coming soon.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by NGamerS on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:23 am

What is he doing? Scyther versus a Rock-Type, is he suicidal?!"Double Team! Nory!"Correction: Genius. "Got it! Amp, give it everything you got! Use...Two Charges... Thunder Wave!" "Keep using Double Team Charev!" Charev was struggling. It was a matter of time before all the Double Teams in the world won't help him, paralasys not withstanding.

Nory trusted Kind with all his heart, but he had an idea he was itching to put into motion, and he wasn't the only one.

"~Gah! It really is true what they say about bugs!~" Charev wasn't listening, one hit and it's over, that's all he could focus on. Shemesh's train of thought, however, was all over the place. This has stopped being a test quite a while ago, she is just angry now. No, not angry, UTTERLY LIVID IS MORE LIKE IT! ~CHEAP tactics! That's what this is! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!~

Nory swiped his hand past his waist as he bent over, "Charge!", then straightened. And that's when it hit her. "~What kind of unmannered human chucks a ROCK at a POKEMON?!~"
A dirty Pokeball was laying on the ground behind her.
"NOW!!" Distracted, Shemesh was hardly quick enough to react to a particularly nasty Bite from a Lurking Striker. A tad confused, Charev used his Fury Swipes to cover for his comrade as she slithered away to a safe distance from the "Thunder Shock!"
Panting. All she could hear was her own mental panting. Why was panting even a thing she could concive herself doing? Well, they're clever she'll give them that.

If you want to get a few more shots in, you can do that. Otherwise, feel free to write Shemesh's final words for this little saga. School is off for the rest of summer starting from the 20th, so expect my full attention! Well, almost full :p.
EDIT: I didn't wanna double post but I also really want you to see what I made:

It's my artistic rendition of Kind! Tucked-in shirt and bags under his eyes seemed rather par for the course. Any changes you wanna make? it won't be troubling to me, I promise! Ended up looking kinda fatherly... #AdventureDadKind

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