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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by NGamerS on Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:28 am

"I would just like to point out this is usually WAY harder." Nory said.
He looked over at Ibon, trying to gauge how he was feeling.
Ibon was looking at the ball, speechless and amazed.
A low coughing alerted their attention to a trainer that was standing nearby.
"Sorry to kill your suspence but... Aw heck, I can't do that to a little kid, open 'er up!"
Ibon obliged, to find an [Rolling 4096 sided die: 953, normal colored] Abra, a rather small one. lbon stared at it, overjoyed.
"That ones really really really strong! Right!? RIght?!"
Nory and the trainer exchanged uneasy glances. During one of those glances Nory noticed a small pin on the trainer's collar. It featured an Ultra Ball with the letters ATA on it in shiny silver.
"Well, this Pokemon is very powerful. But not quite yet. It needs a lot of careful training... It may not be fit for a new trainer." Ibon's expression slowly went from ecstasy to a more noneplussed reaction.
"Now, now. YOU have a little trick up you sleeve with this Abra!" The trainer said as he crouched down to look at Ibon more closely.
"See this pin? It means I am an Ace trainer. And Ace trainers can make some really good Pokemon. This Abra will grow up stronger than most Abra, and with a move that most other Abra won't have. Knock Off."
"Knock off what?"
"No, that is the move's name, Knock Off. Other than that, all Abra can really do is Teleport, which is useful in its own right!"
Nory puzzled over the Ace's description a while.
"Wait, if it's your Pokemon, how did we catch it?"
"I released it." The trainer said, with a mostly bored expression. "Timid, but bad Special Defence."
Ibon had stopped listening to either of them talk once his Abra was out of his Ball. They both ran around the Center playing, like the two hyperactive kids they were. Nory questioned the Abra's supposed timidity. So long as Ibon is happy
A voice, muffled by the microphone used to deliver it, called out: "Nory Kermes, your Pokemon are ready."
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by NGamerS on Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:07 pm

Apex Leo wrote:...Well this will be anticlimactic 

Somehow, he was wrong in my opinion, but also very right.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by Kindoflame on Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:56 pm

Kind was already standing at the counter reading a book by the time Nory walked over. “Uh, hey Kind. So, umm, something happened.”

“Kind! Kind! Look!” Ibon ran up to Kind awkwardly carrying his Abra by the armpits.

“Ibon. You should not touch other people’s Pokemon without their permission. Take that Abra back to their trainer.”

“I am his trainer.”


“Nory gave me a Pokéball, and I caught him, and now he’s all mine,” Ibon said as he snuggled up close to his new friend.


“I gave him a Pokéball and told him that I would help him register it as his starter, but,” Nory shot a glance at Ibon before finishing his sentence barely above a whisper. “I didn’t think he would actually catch something.”

Kind stood in silence for a good minute, staring off into empty space. “Ibon.”


“What is your favorite food?”

Without hesitation Ibon shouted, “Ice cream!”

“Would you like to eat ice cream right now?”


Kind turned to Nory with the most intense look Nory had ever seen. “I will call Sargs tell him that Ibon wanted to get something to eat, so we decided to have some lunch. You will take Ibon and get lunch without me. This way I will give me some time to prepare.”

“Prepare for what?”

Kind continued giving instructions as if Nory had not said anything. “After lunch, come back here and help Ibon register for a Pokémon Trainer’s license.”

“O- Okay.” Before he had the chance to say anything else, Kind walked toward the computers.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by Kindoflame on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:36 am

Kind haphazardly throw 3 Pokeballs into the air and proclaimed, “Everyone, out.” He did not even stop walking toward the computers as his Pokemon materialized, nor did he look at them when giving instructions. Without turning around, he started giving out instructions. “Shootaf, there is an open can of Pokemon food in my bag. Divide what is left in there among everyone.” Kind dropped his backpack on the floor and took out a round, orange bottle. He left his bag in on the floor as he opened the bottle with a click.

“/I love Master!\” Chol yelled as he tackled Kind’s leg. While trying to regain his balance, Kind spilled some of the contents of the bottle onto the floor. “/Candy!\” Chol immediately dove onto one of the small red and white balls.

Kind moved to quickly take the pill from Chol, but he was a moment too late. Chol had put the pill in his mouth. Kind did the only thing he thought he could do. The put his thumb and forefinger on opposite sides off Chol’s neck and squeezed. The effect was almost instantaneous. Chol began sputtering and desperately trying to pry Kind’s hand away. Kind only responded by applying more pressure.

The pain forced Chol to open wider until Kind could see clearly inside. He shoved his hand in and snatched the pill off of Chol’s tounge as soon as he had sight of it. Without removing his hand, Kind yelled, “Do not ever do that again! Never! Do you understand me?!” Chol could not even comprehend Kind’s word as his vision slowly turned white.

Kind had been choking Chol for a full minute before he finally let go in order to walk over and sit at a computer. Kind opened a browser and began doing his research, completely ignoring the child’s attempts to cry through his coughing.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by NGamerS on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:56 am

Nory went to pick up his Pokemon and called Ibon to follow him, with an added recommendation to let his new Abra walk next to them.
He half registered Kind's voice and the sound of Pokeballs opening as he left the building and let his own Pokemon out.
"So, Ibon, have you thought of a name for your Abra yet?"
"Ummm... Didn't you and the other man say something about 'Mega' earlier? That's a cool name!"
"You mean Mega Evolution? Or Mega Morphing I suppose, Kind calls it that. He's really passionate about it actually! More than most things anyway. Once he went on about how 'The scientific community needs to use the proper terminology when discussing Pokemon or all discussions may as well be null and void'."
"They need to do what?" Ibon looked at Nory with a puzzled expression.
"Uh, nevermind that, Mega Evolution is a long way down the road but Abra will be able to do it when the time comes. I fantasize about getting a Mega Ring someday myself." He looked at Amp who smiled at him with fire in her eyes.
"Well then, your name is Mega now!"
The Abra raised his hands in celebration of his naming. I think. Maybe.

Nory, Amp, Buckets, Ibon and Mega sat around a table outside a nearby ice cream parlor. Nory was tapping his foot and staring blankly at the horizon. The feeling of cold, sticky, mango flavoured liquid dripping on his hand snapped him of his day-dreaming.
Ibon was licking his chocolate flavoured treat with reckless abandon, letting much of it wind up on his face, while trying to keep Mega from eating it, since Nory warned him it may not be the best idea.
"~Look Amp, I really don't think you're visualizing a gillion Pyroars. I fin, look at the horizon. How many Pyroars do you fink are fit in there?~"
Amp paused as she scanned her own field of vision.
"~A few... Thousand?~"
"~Exactly! Even if they can only Struggle a billion Pyroar can beat one of every other Pokemon.~"
"~Now wait a minute, one of every Pokemon includes the Legendaries, and stories say that those can turn back time, and move continents! THEY'D beat a billion Pyroar!~"
"~Maybe, but you never hear about them, what if it's all lies? ARE there even Legendary Pokemon?~"
Amp looked directly at Buckets and said with a judgemental tone, "~Yes, we've been enlisted to help one.~"
"~Oh yeahhhh... I feel like we should flow do that soon.~"
Nory rose from his seat, wiped himself off with some napkins and water from a public drinking fountain. He only stopped to be amazed that he found a working one for a second before giving Ibon a hefty stack of napkins.
"You can eat your ice cream while we walk. I need to go see Kind."
"Why? Did something happen?"
Ibon was quite distressed at Nory's change in behaviour.
"...No. Yes. I don't know. Kind's been acting. Weird lately. I need to talk to him."
Ibon gave a small nod and began following.

Nory began searching with his eyes for Kind as soon as he stepped into the Pokemon center. His gaze landed on a Quilava seemingly comforting a crying Larvitar.
The Quilava turned to Nory and stepped back when he knelt down to look at what was presumably Chol.
Chol's eyes were red and puffy and he was rubbing uncomfortably at his neck. Nory touched it lightly and Chol flinched at his touch.
"~Chol? Are you okay??~" Amp rushed to them.
All Chol could do in response was sob uncontrollably.
Amp looked to Shootaf for explanation and he merely averted his gaze uneasily and put his paws around the Larvitar's body.
Amp wordlessly looked at Charev.
"~King Master had to stop Chol from making a mistake. He was... Forceful about it.~"
Nory rose and went closer to Kind, that was sitting at a computer muttering to himself.
"What happend?"
Kind's eyes were lidded as he half-turned to Nory
"Chol tried to eat one of my pills."
Kind's eyes shot open and he turned fully toward Nory.
"Y-You see, I-" Kind couldn't stammer what he had to say before Nory began his verbal assault.
"I don't SEE! I don't see anything!! What's happened to you?! You panicked in a way I've NEVER seen before when we mentioned your relatives, yet you forgot to give them any sort of signal that you were planning to come, you told me to fight someone because he insulted you in the most SOCIOPATHIC way, you freaked me out something FIERCE before you sent me off with Ibon-" Nory stopped to breath for a second "And now what?! What has got you SO on edge that you need- What even were those?!"
Kind paused.
"Th-They were-"
"No! You know what, no! I'm- I need to calm down. Take care of your cousin, I'm out!"
Nory put Amp and Buckets into their Pokeballs and left the building.

Nory stood infront of a man made pond, further from the park. Quite a bit further in fact. The sky had some time before it would begin changing color but the sun was in descent none the less.
The pond was made for trainers to fish and fight wild Pokemon at. It was mostly full of Magikarp that Nory busied himself and his partners fighting.
"~I usually like training, but... This doesn't feel right.~"
"~None of it does. Not to me. I don't know Nory as much as you do, is he usually so..?~"
Amp nodded to signify he isn't. Not often.
Nory called his Flaffy to come to him.
"Have you been making your Thunderbolts... Stronger than usual?"
Amp opened her mouth to speak but didn't manage more than an 'Um'.
"You're practicing Discharge. Aren't you?"
She looked away in embarrassment. She has been trying to practice it in private so Nory won't be upset at her.
Nory smiled at her.
"That's great! Let's try with one Charge first. The faster we can control it the better!"
Amp was shocked at his change of heart, but she didn't dwell on it as the feeling was replaced with happiness and determination.
"Okay Amp, Charge... DISCHARGE!"
Amp knew the feeling of using the move quite well, even if she only used it in earnest twice. The first time was a rush of enegy, more than she could handle. The second was the same but it didn't feel like a rush. It was draining to use it. After her first use of the move she began practicing to control the electric charge in her body. Now that she used it without Charging first she had an even better idea of how it functioned, and with that she could use the one Charge she was given to its fullest.
She unleashed a frightening Discharge, fainting more than several Magikarp and causing some steam to rise from the water.
"~Buoy, I'm glad I'm immune to that. And aren't you ecstatic! What a shocking turn of events!~"
Amp was tired, but she managed to stand, shakily.
"~I really am!~" She said between huffs.
Nory looked at the impact her move made on the surronding wildlife then evaluated Amp's condition.
"Keep it up Amp! You'll need more training! More than ever!! You know why?"
Amp tilted her head at the question.
"We're going to the GYM tommorow! And neither rain nor fire'll stop us, right?!"
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by Kindoflame on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:09 am

Kind, Shootaf, and Ibon were walking down the street, with Mega teleporting next to them every 30 meters or so. After a little while, they reached Ibon's apartment building. "Mega, this is my house. You'll live here with me for now on."

"< Whoa. Your family must be huge if they have such a huge home.>"

"< No Mega, >" Shootaf said with a chuckle. "< Ibon's family is one of many who live in this building. Make sure you stay close to me once we enter. Humans have the weirdest habits.>" When they were all in the elevator, Ibon excitedly jumped up to press the right button. The ride made Mega rather nervous. He teleported away as soon as it came to a stop.

"Mega? Where'd you go?" Without saying anything, Kind walked to the apartment's door and opened it. Inside Sargs was beating a newspaper against his hand trying to scare the invading Pokemon away. "Papa, wait!" Ibon barralled past Kind and throws himself around Mega. "This is Mega. He's my new best friend. He's mine." Ibon dug through his pants and pulled out Mega's Pokeball.

"Ibon, we've been over this," Sargs said with a sigh. "You cannot get a Pokemon before you get your Trainer's License."

"But I got one! I got one, I got one, I got one." Ibon was snuggling up with the Abra really cutely.

Kind quickly handed Sargs a form. "I have already enscribed all the information required in order to apply for a Trainer's License. The only necessary component I could not provide is the signature of a consenting legal guardian." Sargs's eyes darted all over the paper in front of him, his face growing paler by the second. "Ibon, may I be so bold as to suggest you retreat to the room designated for your recreational activities."

"Huh? I think I'll just go show Mega the fire truck I got for my birthday instead." Ibon ran toward his room and Mega teleported after, which made Sargs jump back from freight.

"Shootaf, you should go with them." The Quilava nodded in acknowledgment and walked down the same hallway Ibon flead down. He spead up a little when he noticed Sargs glaring at him. Once the Pokemon left the room, Sargs turned the icy gaze toward Kind, who was not nearly as intimidated as his Pokemon was.

Sargs spoke through gritted teeth. "How could you let one of those things into my house?"

"What entity are you referring?" Kind innocently asked.

"That, that, that... creature that is with my son right now, doing G-d know what to him!"

"If you are referring to Mega the Abra, I would hypothesis that they are currently acting out imaginary scenarios with the assistance of their toys. That is what most friends Ibon's age would do."

"That monster is not Ibon's friend. I will not allow it!"


Now do you see why Kind has been acting so strangely lately?

Also, I finally figured out how to use '<' and '>' to designate translated dialog! The trick is you have to put a space after the first symbol and before the last.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by NGamerS on Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:49 pm

Roje put a moderately sized ceramic mug on a coster laying on the dining table.
"Kind, why don't you help yourself to some tea? Sargs. Can we please speak privately?"
Sargs left to a different room with his wife without taking a second glance at Kind.
Kind decided to grab one of the napkins next to the mug and tuck it into his collar.
He drank his tea trying to listen to his relatives' conversation, but couldn't quite make it all out.
Kind's hands shook a little as he put the mug to his lips. The napkin was just as handy as he had predicted.

"We have no way to know what that creature could be doing to our poor child's mind right now!"
"Don't raise your voice."
"I-! I'm just saying, he could be in danger."
"Sargy," Roje put a hand on Sargs arm and squeezed it lightly, "we had the exact same conversation-"
"It was not the same!"
"The EXACT, SAME conversation with my sister when Kind declared his college major. And he's the same as he always was."
"Yes, but Kind was an adult when he made that decision. Ibon is a child, and who even knows what that monster can DO?!"
"Kind." Roje answered deliberately.
"Kind. He studies the things for a living, so how about instead of another shouting match, you try to actaully talk with him. For me?"
Sargs sighed heavily.

When Kind heard the sound of a door opening he hurried to clean his mouth with the napkin and toss it in a trash can.
Sargs came in, looking rather displeased. He glanced at Roje, who jabbed her elbow in his side.
Sargs huffed.
"Okay, Kind. You're going to explain every part of this bussiness, nice and clear. What is that thing in Ibon's room, why does he have it, and for the love of G-d, what do I do about it.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

Post by Kindoflame on Fri May 11, 2018 10:56 am

[Insert other arguments Sargs has for why Mega should not stay.]

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” Sargs said dismissively. “There is no way we could afford a pet.”

The economic argument; a complex issue dealing with, at minimum, the socio-economic position of the persons in question, the micro- and macro-economy of the area in question, and a cost-benefit analysis as viewed from a pragmatic perspective. The easiest response is to side-step the entire issue by invalidating the most fundamental underpinning of the argument, that having a Pokémon will cost money. However, indirect verbal traps are a powerful opening move due to their ability to attack a position without presenting the opposition with an obvious way to rebuttal, as the attacker can faint ignorance in order to make the opposition appear paranoid.

Kind took a long sip, exhaling softly when he finished. “I apologize for changing the subject, but there is a question that has been on my mind. This tea is quite exquisite. The container claims that it was imported from India. Do you know if that is true?”

“For what we paid it better be,” Sargs said, disgruntled. “Me and Roje aren’t really tea drinkers. Really we just got that for expensive stuff guests.” Kind was silent for a moment, just long enough for what Sargs said to dawn on him.

“To return to the subject at hand,” Kind said as he shook his head and waved a hand. “I volunteer to fully supply all finances associated with your new house guest.” Both Sargs and Roje were flabbergasted, which Kind took as an opportunity to take another sip.

“We- we can’t possibly ask you to do this.” This time it was Roje who objected.

“I receive a stipend from Prof. Elm that increases in proportion to the number of Pokémon I care for. Although this increasing stops at 6, I currently have only 3 Pokémon. One effect of paragraph 14 subsection d of my internship contract, which I suspect is unintended, allows me to increase my stipend for a Pokémon that I am not the trainer of, on condition that the money is used to care for said Pokémon. Providing money to support expenses incurred by Mega has no actual impact on myself.”

Sargs searched desperately for a new excuse, while Kind took several more sips. “I still don’t like letting things like that into our home.”

All of Sargs’s arguments based on Logos and Ethos have been disabled. Only Pathos remains. “Aunt Roje, can you please go to Ibon’s room and record how many times Mega can teleport in a minute. This is important.”

“Sure.” Roje stood up and walked down the hallway, glancing back before turning the corner. I hope Kind will be alright alone with Sargs. Sargsy can certainly be forceful at times.

Sargs spoke while still looking down the hall. “Why do you need to know something like that?”

“I do not. I assigned Aunt Roje that errand in order to provide me with a minute to talk to you without her present.” Sargs furrowed his brow, but Kind started monologuing before he could get a single word out.

“When you were 17, 2 friends and you made sport out of attacking Pokémon. On March 17th, you assaulted a Lillipup. One of you stomped on its abdomen, causing 2 greenstick fractures and 1 compression fracture, each on a different rib. In retaliation a Stoughtland broke through a wooden fence blocked the path to the local park. The fence blocked your view so you were not away of the Stoughtland’s presence before you began your assault. The Stoughtland proceeded to use Crunch on your left arm, causing a comminuted fracture to your radius, a segmental fracture to your ulna, severing your brachioradialis, and several other injuries minor in comparison. The probability of you now playing major league baseball, a goal you had been working toward for the majority of your life, was now 0. You blamed this on the Stoughtland. This started a trend of you blaming Pokémon for negative events in your life.

“The truth is that the Stoughtland is not to be blamed for ruining your chances at playing major league baseball. You know this already. Although your AVG was 0.201, those who did hit off of your pitches had a 19% increased probability of achieving a homerun. To make matters worse, you had an inability to judge distances peripherally. 73% of the times you attempted to get a leading player out failed and 48% of the steals attempted were successful. Your coach and teammates gave you praise and encouraged you to pursue a career in baseball, because they did not perform rigorous statistical analysis. The truth is that the Stoughtland cannot be blamed for ruining your chances at playing major league baseball, because you were never even good enough to play in the minor leagues. You know this already. The Stoughtland simply offered you a convent excuse that did not require you to admit to yourself the truth.”

Kind was silent for exactly 10 seconds, just long enough for Sargs to process what he had said. “The only conditions under which I will not repeat all of this information to my aunt is if you promise to begin attending therapy to help you process the psychological issues that currently manifest themselves through your hatred of Pokémon. This is independent of the decision Aunt Roje and you reach on Mega, although I am more than confident that any practicing therapist will tell you that accepting a Pokémon into your family is a major step toward your recovery.”

After a moment Roje can back into the now silent room, trailing Ibon behind her. Mega teleported in shortly after, startling Roje. “Kind, I could use some help.”

“Actually, I was just leaving.” Kind stood up and walked to the kitchen with his empty cup. “Thank you very much for having me. In case you were wondering, most the information I told you about I found from various scientific journals. Some of what I said near the end I inferred from newspapers and public school records. I can send any of it to you if you would like to review it.”

Sargs quickly interjected, “No. No. I think you have given me- us, enough to think about.”

“Then I will be on my way.” Kind left the apartment without looking back.
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Re: Generic Trainer rp

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