A good source for Anime Episode Transcripts?

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A good source for Anime Episode Transcripts?

Post by Thundasius on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:45 pm

Hello, I would like to know on where is the best place to find Transcripts for the Anime Episodes? I want these to use them for "possible" Fanfictions that follow the source Anime as Canonical as possible but with modifications here and there such as the introduction of an extra Character (My Original Chracter to insert).

I need the anime Transcripts for the Following Anime and therefor the ENGLISH DUB version of each:

Pokemon Season 1- till now
Digimon Season 1-2 (Adventure & Adventure 2)
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

That is all, I just need that know what is actually being said, when I write the Fanfiction I WILL WATCH the Episode to translate what is happening into Writing.

Also I will just use these Transcript to make writing easier if I need to mimic an Episode.
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