Pokemon Anime Poster Challange

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Pokemon Anime Poster Challange

Post by Kindoflame on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:03 am

Background Information You Can Safely Ignore:
Whenever I 'complete' something, I like to print out a nice picture and hang it on my wall. For example, after beat Shadow of the Colossus I will print one of these pictures out, and I will print this out because I finished watching every episode of Soul Eater. Doing this turns my bland, white walls into a trophy collection.

A little while ago I decide to watch the entire Pokemon anime, including movies, from the very beginning. I ran into a bit of a problem because there is 20 seasons. I decided that since every season is about 17 hours, I will print out a poster for every season. I could find great images by just google 'pokemon indigo league', but doing it this way will probably be a lot more fun for you, and me.

Can you make a single image that accurately represents an entire season of the Pokemon anime?
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