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Re: Jelly collective roleplay

Post by Pixel Profligate on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:30 am

"Kitten...I...I..." LM began, but could muster up any words. Kitten stood, petrified. Future began laughing. "Wow! Your timing couldn't have been better!" He continued to laugh. LM and Kitten remained silent. "Hmm..." Future continued, "I figured you would be more talkative. Well, either way, this is still perfect." LM looked up towards Future slightly, fearing what he might be planning. "...No..." LM said. "Oh yes. No doubt about it." Future replied, clearly eager for the outcome. "...Please. Anything else. Just don't make me hurt her." LM said desperately. "But that takes all the fun out of it," Future explained, "Anyways, what better way to break the news to her. You see," Future continued, beginning to face towards Kitten, "this kid has a little something he wants to tell you." Future gestured towards LM. Silence followed. "Go on, kid. Say it," Future said, sounding frustrated. Again, LM didn't say anything. Future sighed, and slowly walked towards LM. Future stopped in front of him, and slapped LM hard in the face, slightly burning it. "You WILL say what I tell you to say!" Future yelled. "Now go on," he continued, lowering his voice, "say it." LM sighed reluctantly, but proceeded to do as Future commanded.

"Kitten...I...I know after all I've done here, you couldn't have the same feelings towards me as I do you, but I love you. I..." tears began to appear in the corners of his eyes. "I...I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm sorry you got dragged into this," the tears began to flow from his eyes, "and I don't want you to die, now or ever. I told you I wasn't dying on you, but I doubt I can hold true to that have to kill me..." LM was silently crying. Kitten had conflicting emotions about LM. She knew he wasn't a monster at heart, but she doesn't know if that was all because of Future's influence. She felt something towards him she hadn't felt towards anyone in a long time. "Lucas..." she began, "I...I..." but she couldn't find the words to express her feelings. "Well," Future said loudly, "since you two lovebirds won't ever get to see each other again after I kill the both of you, I might as well make it fun for me." "If you make me hurt her, I will show you pain you've never experienced before in your life!" LM yelled. Future felt a tug in his control over LM.

"Well, too bad, kid," Future said. Suddenly, LM dashed forwards towards Kitten. Though the action was sudden, Kitten managed to draw her dagger in time and block LM's dagger. "Kitten, I'm sorry..." LM said, sounding defeated, like nothing could fix what Future was inevitably going to make him do. "No!" Kitten yelled, "You can't just give up now! We've come so far, and you can't just let it end here!" LM grabbed Kitten's arm swung for her torso. She tried to dodge, but received a shallow cut on her stomach. "Ah!" Kitten winced. Future again felt a tug on his control over LM. Kitten elbowed LM in the chest, knocking him away. She took a step backwards, preparing for another attack. Instead of dashing forward, however, LM sent fireballs flying towards her. She managed to dodge them all, but she turned to see LM dashing forwards again. She instinctively swung her dagger at him, but he blocked it with his gauntlet, and jabbed at her. She swung her blade towards LM's, and deflected it, knocking it out of his hands. LM swiftly knocked Kitten over. As she fell to the ground, LM teleported over to Future. "You may want this back," Future said, handing LM's short sword back to him. "Lucas, stop!" Kitten yelled. "Fight back! Don't let him control you!" LM didn't seem phased, but Future could feel his power over LM fraying. LM dashed forwards again, short sword prepared to end the fight. "Lucas!" Kitten yelled, "I love you! Stop!" Future felt his control over LM snap. "Well how about that..." Future said under his breath.

LM stopped in his tracks, just inches in front of Kitten. He stood there for a moment, silent, slowly realizing what just happened. After what felt like hours, LM leaned forward and hugged Kitten. She was taken back with suprise because moments earlier, this same person was trying to murder her. She then hugged him back. Tears were welling up in both of there eyes. "D'aww. Isn't that just adorable." Future said, unannounced. LM and Kitten both looked towards him, still holding each other. "If only it mattered now." Future continued, sounding arrogant. LM and Kitten remained silent. After a breif silence, Future continued, "I won. Don't you see? There isn't anything you can do now. I control the kingdom now. I am the future of this world. I control its outcome now. You all have been trying to save the world, trying to play a god, but none of you can stand up to someone who transcends the level of god. Me."

Future began to laugh. Kitten and LM looked at each other. "We can beat him." Kitten said. LM nodded in agreement. "We need to fight together, as one," LM said, "If we fight as individuals, we can't win." Kitten lightly nodded. The two released each other and turned to face Future. Future was still laughing maniacally. Kitten sent out her Banette, and LM sent out his Walrein. Future's laughter slowly died down, and he noticed Kitten and LM standing, preparing for a fight. "You really think you can beat me now?" Future asked. "We know we can, Future," Kitten said confidently. "You can't, I prom-" LM interrupted him, "Remember when I said that if you made me hurt her, I would end you? I plan on holding true to that promise." Kitten and LM looked at each other and nodded. Kitten proceeded to Mega Evolve her Banette while LM gestured towards his Walrein who set up an Aqua Ring to aid in the battle. Future smirked, and tossed out his Ho-Oh. It exploded from its Pokeball and shrieked. "Okay buddy. Cleanse them," Future said. The Ho-Oh proceeded to use Sacred Fire. LM nodded at his Walrein, who proceeded to use Surf, bringing the glorious pillar of fire to nothing but steam.

LM dashed forward and took a swing at Future. At the same time, Kitten yelled, "Shadow Claw!" and her Banette sprinted forward towards Future as well. Future dodged LM's sword swing, but took a Shadow Claw to the back, which cut his belt of Pokeballs off, only managing to save one of them. He cried out in pain and yelled, "Get 'em. Arial Ace!" Ho-Oh dashed towards LM and went to swipe him with its wing. LM raised his sword in time to cut Ho-Oh's wing, however. Banette then ran up and hit it with a Shadow Claw. The Ho-Oh toppled to the ground, weak and bleeding. "What?!" Future yelled. "No! Go Reuniclus!" He tossed another Pokeball, this time revealing a Reuniclus. "Phychic!" Future yelled. Before the Reuniclus could use it, however, the Walrein hit it with a Signal Beam. "Now!" Kitten yelled, "Shadow Claw again!" The Banette followed her order and slached at the Reuniclus, knocking it to the floor, bleeding from its wounds. "Grr..." Future was clearly getting frustrated. He grabbed another Pokeball.

"So," he said, "I guess its time for the big boys." Future tossed a Pokeball, and a Garchomp revealed itself from it. Future then raised his hand and touched the left side of his goggles. An energy field started gling around the Garchomp. Banette ran up to it to attack, but was promptly knocked back. Walrein shot an Ice Beam towards the energy ball, hoping to take out the Garchomp. However, the ball of energy exploded, revealing Mega Garchomp. "Now." Future said, "Stone Edge!" The Garchomp slammed the ground, causing sharp pillars of rock to fly upwards, right underneath Walrein. "Orf!" LM yelled. Blood exploded out of the Walreins wounds. "No! Orf!" LM yelled, "You'll pay for that!" LM yelled. He tossed out another Pokeball. When the Pokeball opened, a Sceptile emerged. "Gaia, do this. For Orf." The Sceptile nodded, and LM touched the pommel of his sword. An energy ball formed around the Sceptile. "Banette, come here." Kitten said, and the Banette listened.

The ball of energy burst and revealed Mega Sceptile. "Banette, Thunder Wave." Kitten said. The Banette obeyed, and hit the Sceptile with it. "Ha!" Future laughed, "Why would you do that?" LM smiled slightly, and said, "Lighting Rod. Any electricity is naturally attracted to Mega Sceptile, so it absorbs that electricity to power up it's energy based attacks." Sceptile then used Dragon Pulse and blasted the Garchomp off its feet, slamming it into the wall. Blood could be seen pouring from where the attack landed on the Garchomp. "No. Not this. Not now." Future said under his breath. He lifted up his last Pokeball from his jacket pocket and stared at it. "Please..." He whispered. He tossed it out, not saying a word. A Zen Darmanitan was released from the Pokeball. "Furo..." Future said. "Flamethrower!" The Darmanitan shot a stream of Fire towards Sceptile. It stumbled backwards. "Synthesis!" LM yelled. The Sceptile proceeded to absorb sunlight and heal its wounds. "Furo, Phychic!" Future yelled. "Banette, Sucker Punch!" Kitten yelled. The Banette flew forward and hit the Darmanitan, knocking it down. "Furo, Rest!" Future yelled! The Darmanitan went to sleep, and began healing itself. "Thunder Wave again." Kitten said. Again, the Banette shot the Sceptile with a jolt of electricity. "Again, Dragon Pulse," LM said. The Sceptile listened, and blasted the Darmanitan with a wave of energy, knocking it backwards, just like the Garchomp. "Furo!" Future yelled, but it was too late. The Darmanitan slammed against the wall with so much force, it crashed through it.

"No..." Future said, clearly distraught. "No! No!" He collapsed to the ground, on the brink of tears. LM and Kitten approached him. "Furo!" Future yelled. Kitten looked over at LM and nodded. LM understood and walked up close to Future. "You are a terrible person who has committed hundreds of atrocities. You will always be remembered as such, but I hope you find solace in death." LM then quickly stabbed Future through the back, piercing his heart. Future went quiet as the life quickly left his eyes. LM removed his blade, and Future slumped face first to the ground. "Come on," Kitten said, "let's go back to our friends." "One second." LM said. He leaned down, turn over Future's body, and closed Future's eyes. LM stood up, and walked over to his Walrein. He then closed the Walrein's eyes. LM had tears rolling down his face. Kitten walked up to LM and wiped them off his cheek. "I'm sorry, but it'll be okay. You'll get through it," she said reassuringly. LM nodded. "Come on. Let's go." She said again, taking his hand. They walked silently out of the palace, leaving all that had happened behind them.

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Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

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Post by Istas on Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:33 pm

As the day closes and the fires die, the tavern in the heart of the city plays a soft melody that could be heard throughout  the city. Within the taven sat soldiers drinking, minstrels playing their songs and a few people dancing along. LM sat down with kitten on one of the benches with kitten, soon after, zell and zeno came up to them. "Ha you guys made it!" zeno exclaimed whilst holding a large, half empty bottle of wine over his head. "yeah, we did." kitten replied. "so I'm guessing future..." zeno trailed into silence. LM stayed silent for a moment, before quietly saying "...yeah, he's...well..." LM couldn't finish his sentence but zeno nodded. Then, a brief silence came over them. "So, if future is dead, what do we do now?" zell asked, directing his question at LM. "I think we've earned a break. I don't think we've had the chance to properly know eachother yet. Each of us has been through so much that we know nothing about each other. Whilst there isn't the threat of impending doom I'd just like a normal life." LM replied. Everyone agreed that it was time to rest, they couldn't take another adventure for a long while. "Where's yria anyway?" kitten inquired. "Over there in the corner, she looks like she's deep in thought, it's best if we not bother her." zeno answered. Kitten replied with a quick nod. After a few minutes yria, who had been running through the events of the day in her head, stood up and walked over to a podium. Asking the band to stop playing, the room fell silent shortly after. "Excuse me everyone, could I have your attention!? Today was a day that will be remembered for years to come. Today we fought a rutheless killer. He turned our allies against us, he killed anyone who got in his way, he had no feelings towards anyone. Today we defeated him! but it wasn't without it's costs... Many sacrificed their lives today so that we could have a better future. One without tyrrany, without hate, without the violence and war that we have become accustomed to. So I ask you all to remember their names, who they were, remember the good times, and the bad. Remember what they though for, try to live up acheiving that goal. Now, please, raise your glasses, your flagons, raise it up high and honour the fallen. TO SACRIFICE!" "TO SACRIFICE!" everyone cheered, with that the band started playing and everyone cheered and spoke of their fallen comrades. Yria walked over to the group assembled around the bench. "Nice speech." Zeno said as she approached. "Thanks, I thought it was fitting..." Yria replied as her mind started to wander. "so, what will you do now yria?" LM asked as she began to come back around to the real world. "I...I don't know..." she replied, distant from the conversation. "well, I wish you luck, everyone, in whatever you do next." LM replied, with that the group clinked glasses...

Deep within the blackened mountains, beyond the great jungles, beyond the reach of civilisation and jelliopolis, stood the Red Spire. An ancient citadel long forgotten. For thousands of years it has lied in ruins, none have walked it's halls, until now. "I remember now. The old stories were true. This is the place, it shall become a great fortress once again and I shall rule over this pitiful world. This time, no one can stop me!" Tri exclaimed as she cave out a dark laugh. Darkness eminated from her body, finally, her true power had been awakened...

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