Need help for new Pokemon fangame - Pokemon Perfect Prism!

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Need help for new Pokemon fangame - Pokemon Perfect Prism!

Post by Orange Quilava Burst on Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:48 pm

Hello everyone! Orange Quilava Burst here! I have a pretty big announcement to make! tongue

My friend, Jaylung, and I are running a project called Pokemon Perfect Prism (because apparently a fangame with just "Prism" exists, RIP. We'll probably change the name.) and we need as much help as we can to help develop this game! So, we are in need of help for things like stats for new Pokemon, new Pokemon ideas, trainer sprites, map and overworld sprites and tiles, coders for some extra mechanics, and sometimes just some support and ideas in general! Here are a few examples of some stuff we are making:

  • Delta forms of Pokemon, based off of the Pokemon fangame Pokemon Insurgence. Jaylung is mostly the guy making and spriting these, but we can use some new ideas and some sprite assistance.
  • Tralian forms of Pokemon, based off of Pokemon Sun and Moon's Alolan forms. Instead of being based off of Hawaiian concepts, these Pokemon, along with the region itself, is based off of Australia, New Zealand, and some places in Europe (due to European colonization in Australia, I believe. Jaylung does all the research.)
  • A new evil team, this time split into groups.
  • New moves, abilities, and even Mega Evolutions!
  • A whole lotta references. We plan to add a post-game with even a few locations based off of other video games! It's mostly just Deltas, trainer names, and other stuff.
  • Over 200 new Pokemon! Yeah!

And that's just some of the package! Please notify us on Discord if you'd like to join the Perfect Prism crew! If you only wish to keep updated and support us, you can become a part of the Supporters, so you don't have to feel left out!

Thanks, and please support us! -Jaylung and OQB

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