Pokemon Reborn

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Pokemon Reborn

Post by Karasugaming on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:03 pm

even though its still incomplete I am replaying pokemon reborn because I need to have a game that I can play while waiting for pokemon sun and moon besides Danganronpa 2 and pokemon uranium. this trainer card I have designed myself if you want to use this trainer card for your own reasons PLEASE ASK AND GIVE CREDIT! it took me awhile to design this trainer card based on the gyms in order of the game (the last 4 typings are not guaranteed in that order) THE TRAINER CARD WILL ONLY BE UDPATED WHEN I GET A BADGE the evolutions will be updated WHEN I GET A BADGE as well. I have a seperate trainer card thats the same design but for the SL gyms only. enjoy the updates and mini stories of misadventures.

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