Sunzu Pokemon Adventure (working title)

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Sunzu Pokemon Adventure (working title)

Post by Iggy Vulpes on Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:04 pm

So, I've taken it upon myself to start typing up a Pokemon story to share with you guys, and I hope you enjoy it. Enclosed inthe spoiler is the first Chapter.

Chapter 1: Bleak Beginnings
The sun rises behind the impenetrable sheet of overcast that filled the morning sky of the northern reaches of the Sunzu region. Further north, past the evergreen forests of the mainland lies an island on the edge of obscurity. A barren island of craggy rocks and dark, gray sandy shores littered with large rocks and boulders. An island where the only plant life exists as lichen on rocks and as windswept trees shivering from the biting cold. As if drawing inspiration from the trees, those who dwell here have named it Windswept Isle, not as a reminder, but as a promise, a promise that one did not have their wits about them, the wind WILL sweep you away. The very wind upon which the Wingull flew upon, their cries filling the morning air.
The cries of the gulls carry through the air and through the shutters of ever house in Windswept Haven, the only settlement on the island. The sound of the Pokemon rouse a young woman from her slumber. Sigrid awakens with a yawn and hops out of bed. She walks over to her mirror, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she goes to make herself presentable. Sigrid was of average height and build for 16 years of age with medium length brown hair and green eyes. Sigrid smiles to herself and goes to get dressed, dressing in a fur-lined coat, and trousers, with fur boots. Once ready, she grabs her bag as she takes a last look around her empty apartment. Finally she could leave this dull boring gray sky behind and seek out a brighter one.
Locking the door behind her, Sigrid pulls up her hood and walks through town to drop off the key. The smell of fish filled the air, Windswept Haven being the northernmost fishing port in the entire region, the cold waters providing good, unique fishing, the profits of which made up for the harsh living conditions. Sigrid drops off the key in the deposit box in the realty office and makes a beeline straight for the newly established Pokemon research facility set up on the island, pushing past the hustle and bustle. The closer she gets to the edge of town, the thinner the crowds of people become and the Expedition Research Lab comes into view.
“Yes! I’m almost there. I can’t wait to see what Pokemon Professor Spruce managed to pick out for me.”
Sigrid runs up to the lab, trying not to get in the way of the Gurdur and Machoke who were moving large boxes around the outside of the temporary lab. She runs past it all and swings in through the front door, speaking in a sing-song voice, “Oh Professor Spruce~.”
The Pokemon professor in question jumps in surprise and falls onto his back. Sigrid’s eyes go wide in concern as she rushes to help him up, “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I… erm… do you think you’re wearing enough coats?”
“Oh, I’m fine, Sigrid. I barely felt a thing. And yes, for an expedition to the Frozen Expanse, I need to at least wear 7 layers.”
Sigrid couldn’t help but snicker, “Is that what the salesman told you?”
“Yes, how did you know?”
“Teehee, just a feeling. But honestly, it’s a bad idea to wear that many layers. I mean look at you. You can barely move your arms.”
Professor Sruce sighs, “Eheheh, I guess a sucker IS born every day,” He says as he goes down to one layer, revealing a tall, slender adult male with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a soul patch and had somewhat hippie look to him, but he still had an aura of professionalism to him despite his relaxed, laid-back demeanor to him.
“So, did you bring it, Professor?”
Professor Spruce sighs, “Yeah, about that…”
Sigrid’s excited smile starts to form into a light frown, “Oh, no, please tell me you remembered. I sold everything in preparation for this day!”
“Calm down Sigrid. I still have the Pokedex and some Pokeballs to get you started. It’s just, the funding for this expedition left me with very little to requisition an official set of starter Pokemon for you to choose from. I had to catch a Pokemon in the wild on the way over.”
Sigrid tried her best to maintain a calm exterior, but on the inside was fearing the worst, like starting off with something so common and nothing special about it. Something like a Magikarp, or a Zubat. She braces herself for disappointment as the Professor readies the Pokeball and tosses it out, sending out… a Wooper.
“…,” Mixed feelings wash over Sigrid as she looks at the Wooper. On one hand, it was nowhere near as cool as other water starters, like Squirtle, Totodile, or Piplup, but on the other, it was very cute, and not the worst thing she could start off with.
Professor Spruce sighs, “Listen, Sigrid, I’m sorry I couldn’t come through for you and I’m willing to make it up to you. If you could wait a week I could try an-“
“I’ll take him!”
“-d order you a whatever starter you wan- Wait, what?!”
Sigrid walks up and scoops up the Wooper holding him up with a smile, “I said I’ll take him.”
“But, are you sure. You could have something completely different, like a Piplup, or even a Charmander. Everyone likes Charmander.”
Sigrid shakes her head, “No, he’s perfect.”
Professor Spruce scratches his head in confusion before inevitably shrugging, “Okay, well, I’m happy to hear that. Erm, let me get your trainer ID and your Pokedex,” The Professor says as he walks over to the other room.
Sigrid holds her Wooper close, “I think I’ll name you, Sawyer. How do you like that?”
The Wooper closes his eyes and beams happily, clearly liking the name, “Wooper.”
Professor Spruce re-enters the room with a brand new Pokedex, five Pokeballs, and Sigrid’s Trainer ID, “Here, these should get you started on your journey.”
Sigrid takes them and places them in her bag, “Thank you Professor. Where should I go next?”
“Well, from here there are only two ways to go. North to the brutal unexplored ice shee that is the Frozen Expanse, or south across the bridge to the mainland. From there, follow the path to Frontier Town.”
“It seems like my best option is to go south, Professor. Well, better not waste any time. Come on Sawyer, let’s go!”
“Good luck you two.”
And with a spring in her step, Sigrid and her new partner set out on their Pokemon journey together.

Please tell me what you guys think and feel free to give any suggestions, questions, and pointers.

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Re: Sunzu Pokemon Adventure (working title)

Post by Kindoflame on Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:24 am

I am looking forward to reading more of this story.
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