Hi, im new here!

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Hi, im new here!

Post by SpearMKW on Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:00 am

I'm SpearMKW, or just Spear if no one goes by that nickname yet in this community.

I have been playing Pokémon for a long time now, knowing it since the anime first aired, and actually playing it since Generation 3.
Back in Generation 4, i used to play a lot of OU on Pokémon Battle Revolution, since it was the only way to play random matchup games online in Generation 4.
After dropping competitive Pokémon in Gen5 (wasn't the worst decision because of weather wars) and playing TCG instead for a while, i decided in Gen6 to play competitively again.
I have played doubles formats as VGC and DoublesOU for a long time now, but with the VGC16 format sucking badly and getting bored of Doubles OU, ive decided to get back into OU singles.

That's when i learned about the SilverLeague.
And now, i have taken my first step to getting back into OU, as well as getting to know a lot of cool new people, by joining this forum!
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