Is Pokecheck mons Legal on the Silver League?

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Is Pokecheck mons Legal on the Silver League?

Post by spongeboxdouble(Sogeking) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:45 pm

If you don't know what Pokecheck or is here's a summary of what the site is as well as the steps used to obtain and/or upload a pokemon onto the now dead site:

" (Here's what the site looked like using the Wayback Machine:( ) is a site that allows you to see every detail about your Pokémon, like statuses and levels that are not displayed in the game. Pokécheck creates a fake GTS server where you can deposit Pokémon to view all the information about it. If you don’t have any idea how Pokécheck works, then read on from steps 1 to the last step to know more about how you can use it." (Source: I will later be listing the steps listed on the site in a later section of this forum post. The site was used in Gen 4 & 5 as a way to obtain Pokemon from other trainers to use in battle or to trade with others however alot of people used the site to obtained hacked pokemon without hacking the game or to obtain Pokemon with perfect IVs and EVs without having to train them, only to become useless and eventually abandoned in Gen 6 leading to the site eventua shut down as the GTS was patched and the glitch no longer worked along side this, the original Nintendo DS's and DSi's Wifi Service was shut down making the site even more worthless as now you can't even use it on the games it was originally used for, leading to the site to be put on a temporary "Update" screen with a picture of a flygon ( ), only for the site to be taken down by Nintendo and Game Freak leading to the site being shut down only for the site to be brought back with only the main page being viewable and/or usable. Another option on the site was to check if the pokemon you uploaded and/or downloaded was legal or not allowing people to easily discover and find hacked pokemon however, with the site being shut down this feature is also unable to be used either making it harder to detect if the Pokecheck'd pokemon is legal or not. "
Pokécheck is a website that used to conduct a legality analysis on Pokémon. In a GTS-like fashion, it allows you to upload a copy of your pokémon on Pokécheck's server (your pokémon remains unaffected in your game). From there, you can view your pokémon's stats as well as other pieces of information about it.

One of the most useful features of Pokécheck is the above-mentioned legality analysis. Once you have uploaded a Pokémon, you will be able to run an analysis on it to figure out if it is legal, cloned, edited or hacked. You can also show that analysis to other people, so they too can check if your Pokémon is legal. This is required on this subreddit for all valuable pokémon, for which you must provide a link to the pokémon and its legality analysis on Pokécheck." (Source:

The site most importantly allowed the users to upload pokemon as well as download other's pokemon using a fake DNS code, which allows the user to pretty much exploit the GTS allowing you to get that set pokemon you uploaded or downloaded. This method is similar to the cloning glitch as it allows you to have a copy of the pokemon you selected to download with all the stats, moves, OT, ability and everything the same. Fun fact: the Pokecheck site also allowed the users to look at a gallery of all the Pokemon sprites used in the game however this is very useless as sites like, Bulbapedia, and other pokemon fan sites allowed you to do this with ease way before this site even existed with better quality sprites with the models for Gen 6 and now Gen 7 also being viewable on the sites now.

If you want more Info on the site before I list the steps here's a reddit post explaining what Pokecheck is and how to use it: ( ). Here's a video tutorial by 'budderfans forthewin' on how to use the site:


"Step 1. Set your primary DNS server to the address at the top of the page in the WFC settings for your DS. Change the settings (advanced settings if using WPA connection) and hit "Save Settings".

Step 2. Make a deposit request for the Pokémon you want to check. When asked for what Pokémon you're looking for, enter anything. When you confirm the offer, the game will tell you your Pokémon can't be traded (but it has been recorded on Pokécheck). If for any reason your Pokémon is accepted, you are on the official GTS and you didn't follow step one correctly, make sure you're setting up the right connection (check advanced settings if using WPA).

You should get error code 13266.

Step 3. Check back to the page to see the stats of your Pokémon. You must connect with the same connection (i.e. IP address) as your DS for the script (so the DNS IP) to find which Pokémon you sent.

If your Pokémon doesn't show up try accessing Pokécheck directly from your DS using the built-in DSi browser, or create a Pokécheck account and see how to register your save file on the page.

Once that's all said and done, search for your Pokemon, OT or Pokemon ID and find your Pokemon at the list. Say I deposited a Scrafty as "Kenny" with the trainer ID 14529. I would search it up, and then I would come upon its summary.
Once there, I go to the bottom of the page and click "Show Legality Analysis"."

And that's most of the information on Pokecheck I could gather; Now will the non-hacked Pokemon downloaded on this site legal on the Silver League?

I have not used this site in over 5+ years now and I no longer have any the pokemon I downloaded as I gave away my old childhood copies of Black, White 2, SoulSilver, Platinum, and Pearl years ago, I'm only asking as I'm curious as some of my friends have some Pokecheck Mons and are wondering if the mons that were considered "Legal" by the site's Legal vaildation system are legal or not on the Silver League and/or sites similar to the Silver League?
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Re: Is Pokecheck mons Legal on the Silver League?

Post by Dragon Arbock on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:04 pm

No you cannot, and that hasn't even worked since gen 5.

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