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Dark Types

Post by Cream Of The Crop on Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:01 pm

Hello everybody CK here and I'd like to talk about my favorite type in the Pokemon series the Dark Type. Dark Types are kinda of like anti Physic Types with most Dark Types focusing on Physical offence. Making Pokemon like Absol or Sharpedo really dangerous to go up against and with right additional type they can be almost unstoppable. There also some Dark Types that just as good Defensively like Umbreon. However Dark Types are know to be almost as frail as Physicic Types with them being weak to Fairy, Bug and especially Fighting Types. But the thing I love about Dark Types is that they can sut anyone's gameplay style whether you want Raw damage, Wall and Stall or be deadly sweepers their is at least 1 dark type that fits that roll. Plus the designs of Dark Types look amazing and I loke almost every Dark Type in the series except for Alolan Persian. My favorite Dark Type and my favorite Pokemon has to be the Ice weasel himself Weavile. Not only does it have the coolest design for a Pokemon but it has A great move poll with Night slash, Fake out, X Scissor, Knok Off, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Ice Punch and even Brick Break it can deal with almost any opponents especially with 125 base Speed and 120 base Attack. That is my opinion on the Dark Type I hope you enjoyed and see you all later!

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