Tri's Artstravaganza

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Tri's Artstravaganza

Post by TriShade on Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:33 pm

I guess I might as well make a post here.


Lately I've been trying my hand at some digital art. I've done some tracing of my traditional art before but this stuff was completely drawn with a tablet.

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Here's a character of mine. This is the first fully digital drawing I've done, not counting a horrible first try that will never see the light of day.

Full Size
A self portrait that proves I have absolutely no awareness of the shape of my head. It ended up way too long in this. Also ponytails obviously magically stay together without elastics.

Here's another one. This is my character from wasteland if anyone remembers that whole thing... We need more RPs around here and I need to actually figure out a character for the one going right now but I've been drawing too much

Any constructive criticism or feedback is greatly appreciated. I really want to improve my art.
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Re: Tri's Artstravaganza

Post by Pixel Profligate on Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:28 pm

Okay, real talk? I've always loved your art style. I have no idea what it is about it, but something about the way you draw people is really unique, and I really like it. One thing that is has slightly bugged me about it, though (and is especially apparent on Evelyn) is the size of the noses. On some, like your first character, it looks great, but sometimes they just seem too big, and like they're stretching the face out vertically. But yeah, I dig it.

Also, nice pun.

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