Greatings comrades

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Greatings comrades

Post by w2gMk on Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:40 pm

Am w2.

I'm not that good with introductions, hmm... You only get one time to make a first impression, this isn't an easy feat either. Oh my, the stress of such a thing. Am I going to fail this... Who knows. Maybe I'll smash it and make lots of friends immediately! Or more realistically no one will like it... and nothing will happen... Oh dear, that would be most unfortunate. Well I only have one shot! I only have a single change at this! I must do my best! Even if my best results in me faceplanting the concrete! I must make this great!!! THERE IS BUT ONE CHANCE! Here I come introduction! Brace thine self or be ended rightly!!

Hello my friends, it is I, w2.

Today, as you've probably guessed, I have joined this illustrious forum. I have been a viewer of the silver league youtube channel for a few years now, but never considered attempting to join, mostly from lack of confidence in my skill (I'm a severe pessimist :L)

I first started competitive pokemon from pokemon showdown a few months before ORAS had dropped, however I have played pokemon since I was 13 when I had found a gameboy advance with pokemon fire red left behind on a schoolbus. The pokemon games I have played in order have been pokemon fire red, pokemon sapphire, pokemon white, Alpha Sapphire, Y, and pokemon white 2. I've also played pokemon gold on a browser website, but I've never finished it. Alpha Saphire was the first pokemon game I had played that had internet. My favorite pokemon game is pokemon white. Whatever they planned to make it feel really cool, it worked on me flawlessly, I love it and most of my favorite pokemon are from white.

Speaking of my favorite pokemon, my favorite pokemon is the one, the only, the most SpDive fighting type out there (when you consider HP stat) the almighty Throh! What's that? No, its not the blue one :L It's the red one. Yes, seriously ;-;
Gardevoir is my second favorite pokemon in the game, and Nihilego comes 3rd. My favorite fossil pokemon is the great Cradily, drinker of all water based fluids! My favorite pokeball is the Friend ball, my favorite items are the three choice items, my favorite move is wish, my least favorite move is stealth rock; not for what it does but for how it has been treated like stealth rock is more important to every single team than a move with 30pp 10,000 power and 100% accuracy that isn't affected by sturdy or focus sash by most people I've met on showdown :L , I so far have pretty much only bred pokemon and shiny hunted which I find enjoyable, and finally my favorite type is steel because it resists basically everything.

When it comes to smogon, my most played tier by far has been 6th Gen NU. I've spent 3 years playing it, its the tier I know best (even though I know nothing :L) and my favorite pokemon have generally been down there, waiting for their day to rise like a phoenix to take down OU! My favorite battling style I guess is what it's called? Is what I've come to have been told is balance. While the majority of my pokemon experience is made in smogon tiers, I've been actively trying to start using my DS more, mostly so I can justify actually having the thing for more than just shiny hunting things which I'll hardly ever use.

I've spent a few hours navigating the site, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out where the gym battles and whatnot are ;-; Please excuse any misspellings, I am but a poor dyslexic man trying to make it in this cruel cruel world T-T

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Re: Greatings comrades

Post by Gangar4999 on Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:12 pm

don't worry i'm dyslexic.
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