Newbie Brings the Thunder!

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Newbie Brings the Thunder!

Post by Majestic Electric on Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:51 pm

...Well not really lol.

Anyway, hello! I'm Majestic Electric, but you may call me Majestic for short if you'd like. I've been a frequent viewer of the SL Network's YouTube channel for a couple of years now, always enjoying the Top 10's and battle videos on there. After a lot of uncertainty, I finally decided to join this amazing community and I'm happy to be here!

I do have some competitive experience, having played competitive Pokémon since Gen 5. I love raising and training my Pokémon for strategic, fun battles, though I admit to not being the best battler in the world. However, I feel confident enough in my skills to at least provide a challenge.

My favorite non-legendary Pokémon is Fennekin. I just find it to be adorable and I had always wanted a fennec fix Pokémon, though in my mind I always imagined it as a Ground-type Eevee. As far as my favorite Legendary goes, it would have to be Giratina. I just love its design!

That being said, I hope to see you guys around some time!
Majestic Electric
Majestic Electric
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