Joining the league after watching for long...

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Joining the league after watching for long...

Post by Zeal on Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:17 am

So many things that I would like to say as I join the Silver League right at this moment, but I'll just say what basically is the journey for me to do this. When I just learned about the meta-game of Pokémon I was in high school about... 6 years ago. I learned of this when I brought my copy of Pokémon White at the time to school and battled my friend at the time to a battle. I promptly got demolished as he used nothing but legends on me. Frustrated, when I got home that day I looked online about the meta-game and I eventually found the Silver League. I discovered your rules on how you battle, but considering I barely knew about the meta I only noticed a few of the rules, and the ones that stood out me were "no luck items and no hacks." the following day discovered that the friend hacked his team together and for a week I got together a team that I dubbed; 'The Legend Slayers' and without knowledge of I.V.'s or E.V.'s, I got together a team that defeated his legendary team 3 times in a row. I don't how I did it, but at that time, my Pokémon must have been perfect in that moment because that made me start my own path in Pokémon. a sort of "Trainer Code" that I follow to this day. 'If I ever find myself against a trainer, I give them three valuable things;
1: I respect them and don't use any strategy that I deem heartless (Stall-Walls or Priority Sweepers).
2: I will give them the honor of victory and never disconnect a match, even if I'm horribly losing.
3: I always make sure that whoever I battle with, I hope that we would walk away with somethinggainedfrom the battle. may it be knowledge for future battles, a new team strategy to try out, or learn that their is a new friend for them to know.

And with this, I am glad to be a part of the Silver League and I hope we all continue to enjoy Pokémon for years to come.

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Re: Joining the league after watching for long...

Post by Professor Morel on Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:17 pm

I find myself very much impressed, monsieur Zeal, truly. I myself have been through similar, back when I wasn't even aware of the term "meta", and was crushed by a friend's team of legendary and hack-mons. Of course, I've never been decent at competitive battling so it wouldn't have mattered for me regardless...

Nonetheless, I very much admire you're holding of a creed. The Silver League is holding an upcoming tournament January 28th for Sun and Moon []. Something to consider, eh?

But, just to be official in all of this, welcome to the Silver League forums!
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