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something so crazy it's stupid

Post by serventseaslug on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:46 pm

okay so I've been using sticky webs a lot recently and I've notice a bit of a problem, if the opponent has a bisharp or superior I end up thinking twice about setting up. So I was thinking how can I take advantage of sticky webs. not that many teams run it so to get sticky webs on your side I thought of using a magic bounce espeon with skill swap. giving the other pokemon magic bounce and then setting up sticky webs on yourself. after that having a bisharp that can get a +2 attack from switching in and a superior that gets a free + 1 in speed thanks to it's ability. sucker punch hits hard and superior can then out speed more things. the last 2 pokemon can be flying or have levitate. and if everything fails you can still try and get sticky webs on your opponents side so you don't just louse the battle right away. another pokemon that has a ability to take advantage of this is wigglytuff witch like bisharp would get +2 but in special attack instead. however it's just does not have the bulk or even power after +2 to be worth running
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