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Post by Dragon Arbock on Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:24 am

Welcome to the Silver League- (long-time members should know most of this, but in the case that you're new)- consider this a directory for information about the league, the channel, and these forums.

If you came here looking to challenge the league;

  • In the case that you came here looking to challenge the league itself, the gym leaders can usually be found on the main site's Ambercrest Chat page
  • When seeking a challenge, you look to see if any of the leaders are currently in the chat, then you may ask once if any of the leaders are taking challenges at the moment. Do not pester the gym leaders if they say no at the moment.
  • Before challenging, make sure to have read the SL Rules and the leader's gym rules first. If you break the rules, you risk getting banned from a gym, or the whole league.
  • If you manage to collect 8 badges, you become eligible for the Champion's League tournament, which the winner of will go on to challenge the league's Elite 4. When these tournaments take place will be announced on the Silver League Networks youtube channel.
  • If you are here for any other tournament announced on the channel, whether it's being held here or on the chat on the main site should be stated in the video, but if it isn't, assume it's the main site.

If you came here to share your love of Pixel Art;

  • By all means, come on down to our Pixel Art board! We give good critiques, and we also have a continuously running Spriting Contest that you can join in on anytime.
  • If you were looking to send your sprites in for Pixel Art in Review, then you want to send them to (Please include in the file the date submitted, and by whom- Please no jpegs or upscales~).

What? You came here just to hang out?;

  • That's a-ok. There's plenty of other fun things to do on the forums. Feel free to check out everything and stay as long as you like.
  • Want to chat?- Feel free to stop by our Chat Box. We have a good community, and there's almost always someone in there.
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General League Information Empty Re: General League Information

Post by Sonictouhoufan on Wed May 29, 2019 7:58 pm

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