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Pokémon & Pixel Art Pet-peeves  Empty Pokémon & Pixel Art Pet-peeves

Post by Ronin Ruukasu on Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:46 am

Greetings fellow forum members of the league!

I'm Ruukasu and have been a joined member since a while back, but never really done much on site. But now that I've had a spark of inspiration I hope to share this as well as many other forum posts with you. As a sort of Pokémon mood, in all its forms struck me, I've picked up Pokémon Breeding again, alongside the card game, pixel art and soon hopefully battling. But now also forum writings! So without further ado, on to the topic.

So with this positive occurrence what could my first topic of choice be? Well reacquainting yourself with a passionate subject the little or major things that one may find annoying are bound to surface. And since I don't believe I've seen anyone cover this exact topic, I thought it'd be a good idea for a discussion. I'm talking of pet peeves. Specifically in relation to Pokémon and pixel art, since that'd be the target demographic.

It's not an uncommon phrase but for those unfamiliar with it it essentially means, something that a particular person finds especially annoying. For instance I myself hate keeping track of eggs while breeding pokémon as I constantly for little to no reason can't count to five. Which would be the number of eggs I (usually) hatch in an initial group using my flame body pokémon. In relation to pixel art I just can't seem to do shading well for the life of me. Which bugs me about as much as JPEG sprites on Pixel Art in Review probably irritates its host.

Maybe I'm not alone in these things, if I'm not, do tell. Or just share some of your own pet peeves related to the subject. I love to discuss all things Pokémon, a sentiment I doubt I'm alone in. Very Happy
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