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    Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:41 pm
    Message by Professor Morel - Discord Murder Mystery Role
    I cannot put into words how important this is. Do not tell anyone what your role is. Make whatever claim you wish in the Role-Play, but do not reveal what you get below. Not even if you get killed; this is confidential. After the RP has officially ended, you can say whatever you'd like. Just not before. Do your very best to abide by this role while staying true to your character's Persona.

    If you need any further explanation on your role--as always--just ask me. Now, without further ado...

    Red Wolf: you have one goal: kill. Your Persona ought to have a reason for doing so (Private Message me the reason) but still focus on the killing. But only one kill per round. A round ends every time the Sheep gather together and decide on the Wolf. If the Sheep get it wrong, you get to kill one of them. Stipulation is you must private message me Who it is, and How you do it. Afterwards, I shall reveal the murder via Narrator’s Revelation Post (when I show a dead body, basically).

    Red Wolf is victorious when everyone is dead. However, you do get an Accomplice. This individual will assist you with your kills. This allows the Wolf to be in more places than one, essentially. Just know your accomplice cannot kill, anything else is okay. But if you start to dislike your accomplice, you can kill them. Additionally, you only earn Total Victory when everyone dies (this means your pal’s gotta go, too. It’s just up to you on the how/when).
    Triss C. Graham/Garrett Hauss


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