Do you keep mystery gift redeems if you restart your game in ORAS?

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Do you keep mystery gift redeems if you restart your game in ORAS?

Post by Ariakai on Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:45 am

Since we basically have to main this game for competitive play I was thinking of just restarting mine after I realized how royally I screwed up my game. I bolted to the end of it hoping to basically just use it for move tutors and dex data and as a result did a lot of things out of impatience I wouldn't have otherwise done. I usually play pokemon really carefully so I'd just like to restart the game and try again.

The possible biggest screw-up that I am still mad about is how carelessly I used my master ball not once, but twice. I actually transferred mine over from XY with a friend's help to catch deoxys because I didn't know he'd let you refight him. In my defense, no legendary lets you do that normally and I only found out after the fact but if I had been more patient and less angry at the time and just looked online I'd have probably not wasted my second master ball.

As for where my first one went, it went to kyogre - because I panicked. It OHKOed my BEST pokemon and I freaked out because xerneas was a complete pushover compared to kyogre and part of me wonders if maybe I'd have been more willing to take my time with the game I wouldn't have had the worst possible time with kyogre, maybe it had to do with my pokemon being badly trained or maybe I am just not used to legendaries that don't fall over when you tap them like gen 4 on has been. Either way I feel like my game has been ruined from this.

There's also the fact that, and I think a couple people are aware of this already, I played as a guy just because I legit hate may from the anime (personal reasons) but if I'd have known about how much I was gonna rely on using the online functionality (I just intended to play the game as a SP experience because it was a remake and remakes to me are free dex data) then I'd have sucked it up and dealt with her ugly pigtails and god awful mannerisms and just...held out till fortree and told the obviously blind guy I look like a ranger. :l This seriously bothers me since I like to let my identity shine through on multiplayer games and I was one of those people who actually worked at how they look in XY.

The real thing that bothers me the absolute most the secret base aspect. I assumed I could just go through the game like normal and build a base at endgame like in emerald but it turns out it is way more based on streetpass and other social stuff than I thought and now I feel like I sorely missed out on it and as a result I might never get some of the items for it. I mean, I have a total of 4 flags. I didn't get into them when everyone else is playing and now I'm completely screwed and the worst part is, a bunch of people have apparently moved onto my map and will not leave. (One of them moved into the tree I claimed in every emerald playthrough.) I don't think even resetting my game can save me from limbo though, this was one of my favorite things to do in emerald but I feel like I am just totally screwed now because of the flag aspect. I don't even really know how to form a team or how to get specific people's bases, etc. Seriously bummed.

Oh, and then there's the fact I rushed to the end of the game and skipped some dialogue because I legit didn't care and was basically sick of the game by the time delta rolled around. (and we STILL don't get jarachi, go figure), maybe I would've liked the experience more if I knew I'd be stuck with these games instead of XY. ):

But the problem is, I have the eon ticket event as well as the shiny beldom event. I don't want to lose them but to my knowledge in past gens, resetting your games meant losing your mystery gifts. (It did in gen 4 anyway.) Has this changed? If not, does anyone know of modern-day save exploits or at least how I can get my beldom off AS? It's in a cherish ball so it won't let me take it and none of my friends own ORAS so I can't get them to hold the metagrossite for me.
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Re: Do you keep mystery gift redeems if you restart your game in ORAS?

Post by Yuzuki on Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:19 am

I'm not entirely sure about the events but I restarted my OR and was able to keep the shiny beldum by storing it in pokemon bank.

If you want your tree back, you can delete other people's bases from your map by using the PC in their bases. Also, you can collect the flag from the same base daily to get a lot of them.

I didn't know you can re-fight Deoxys! How do you do that? I already caught it so now I'll have to ask my friend who doesn't play competitively if I can soft reset on her save file.

Anyway, I hope that helped some at least.

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