Thanks for everything guys.

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Thanks for everything guys.

Post by Luna on Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:32 am

Thanks for everything you guys have done for me,I love this league very much you have done a lot for me this is for everyone including the main owner,owners and mods and the members as well,you guys have helped me through even when I was down and been getting upset with what you guys talk about in the main chat well not any more.I want you guys to know how grateful I am to you and making this post is what I mean from with in me and my heart. This place as changed me very much and has made me forget my past and move on with my life thanks very much guys.If you need help with a Pokemon that needs trading to evolve feel free to ask me,or if you just want to trade I will do the trade with you has my thanks for helping me through so much.I want to repay you guys some how,if there is anything feel free to comment after this. Very Happy

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