Spriting Resources and Terms

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Spriting Resources and Terms

Post by Dragon Arbock on Thu May 26, 2016 8:30 pm

It seems a bit of general information is required in regards to some of the spriting terminology, and where to get official sprites to work with. Since the sprite contest thread is already cluttered, and this would be useful even outside of that, I thought I'd put this together.

Sprite Resources;
Since google, especially google images is usually not a good idea when searching for sprites, here are three good sites to go to when looking for official sprites;

1. Bulbapedia
-Just about every article on bulbapedia for pokemon and trainer classes contains a section for sprites, usually toward the bottom of the page, and should look something like this.
For pokemon in particular, bulbapedia includes front sprites, back sprites, and shiny sprites, including animation frames, from all applicable games.
Do note that while they include a ripped image of the 3D models from gen 6, those are not in fact sprites.

2. Serebii
-While having a little less selection than Bulbapedia, Serebii is still a decent source, and the sprites are easily viewable via the site's pokedex.

3. The Spriter's Resource
-This site usually includes a difference range of sprites compared to the other two. While standard pokemon sprites are offered, it's possible to also find intro sprites, overworlds, items, berries, and party icons all on the same page (using the DP page for an example). Be careful however, as there's one or two fan games also listed on the site, so avoid those.

If you are having trouble copying sprites from any of the resources without getting a black background, try using the print screen (PrntScr) button on your keyboard, and paste that to a blank paint  document, from which you can then copy your sprite without issue.

At no point has there ever been official sprites for gen 6, nor will there be for gen 7.

Spriting Terms to Know;

  • Cosplay:
    And edit made to a sprite to make one thing look like it's dressed up as a different character, without changing the anatomy too much.

  • Devamp:
    Reducing the scale and colors of a sprite from one generation to match that of an earlier generation.
    Occasionally also used to refer to scratch sprites made to look like they match an earlier generation.

  • Disguise: See Cosplay

  • Fusion:
    The combining of parts from several sprites together; usually used to describe the combining of two or more pokemon.

  • Mugshot:
    Generally, the 'vs' sprites for gym leaders and elite four in later games, show characters from around the shoulders up.

  • Overworlds:
    The small sprites used for the main character and NPCs in the free-roaming part of the game. Includes front, back, left, right, and walk/run cycles.

  • Pixel-over:
    Redoing any image, without resizing, as pixel art.

  • Recolor:
    Changing the existing palette of a sprite to something different.

  • Revamp:
    Rescaling and increasing the amount of colors on an older generation sprite to match the standard of a newer generation, as well as reshading.

  • Scratch:
    Creating a sprite without using parts from other existing sprites; also used to refer to any non-color edits made to a sprite without borrowing parts from another.

  • Splice: see Fusion

  • Trainer sprite:
    The sprite seen when a trainer 'wants to battle.'

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