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Post by MyGenderisLitwick on Wed May 18, 2016 3:48 pm

I know that having a favorite review of a movie or show may seem strange to some people, but I know that YouTube has brought out some pretty entertaining critics who use very creative methods to get their point across. I've come across a number of good ones relating to Pokémon that I'd like to share, but I'm open to look at what you guys have to share too! Let this thread be dedicated to the subject!

The first three are by the same people, and there will probably be more added to it. These are by the people running the channel Anime America, who are having the whole month dedicated to Pokémon-centered videos. I'm just bringing up the actual movie reviews here.

This last one is by a favorite reviewer of mine, the Nostalgia Critic. Granted, his look at the first movie, which I know probably is a favorite to a lot of people here, isn't a very nice one. Just keep in mind, as he explains in the beginning, that he has pretty much no association with it whatsoever (outside of seeing some of the merchandise in stores) and it serves as a great outsider-insight into how this movie can be seen. He makes some very valid points and, as usual, is funny while doing it. I'll post his collab review of the Digimon movie if people get too butthurt. Razz

You guys have any other good ones? Very Happy
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