Meeting/Terminus Cave nearly killed me!

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Meeting/Terminus Cave nearly killed me!

Post by CallMeFreak on Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:18 am

Okay, so I've watched this episode when it was aired on TV a few weeks ago. I forgot about it until I heard my fiance watching Pokemon about an hour ago. I've stopped watching the anime after like, the first quarter of Hoenn.
So, a few months ago my favorite Internet celebrity (Vinny from Vinesauce) talked about how he started watching the Pokemon XY anime while going to sleep because of the noises they, especially Froakie, makes. So I thought to myself, "okay, after this stream I'm going to look up a clip of Froakie in the dubbed anime." He didn't get off until like, three in the morning and I forgot about it, until a couple weeks ago.

So a few weeks ago I was editing a whole lot of sprites for something that I promised but I decided to make the artwork first for that thing, when I ran out of something to listen to in the background. It was almost six in the morning so I turned on the TV and noticed that Pokemon was about to be on, so I decided to watch that out of pure curiosity. Froakie wasn't in the episode. Greninja was, but it didn't matter. Vinny Pizzapasta (real name I swear) wasn't joking.

Well first of all, some thoughts on what's going on. I don't know how a group of children got a Zygarde Core. I could look it up if I cared enough but I really don't. I wasn't actually watching a whole lot either, I was just listening to it while working on... Let's just say, a black and white Pokemon, (;D) but I was laughing a whole lot.

For some reason the first thing that cracked me up was Bonnie screaming "Squishy!" all the time with this... The voice almost sounded like they were trying to exaggerate something with every word she said. I had no idea what she was talking about but of course my sleep deprived mind went straight to... Something. It turns out that she was talking about the Zygarde Core, who makes this... Noise. I don't know how to describe this noise it was making, but I actually woke my fiance up from laughing so hard. Whoops.

I liked the two Flare executives. I can't remember their names, but they were awesome. They humored Team Rocket by letting them so their thing... Or maybe they were just speechless at these two people and their talking cat chanting rhymes at them. I'm going to go with that. Y'know what else was awesome? Greninja. I haven't seen a Pokemon battle in the anime this awesome before... Well, not in this anime, anyway. The backgrounds weren't flashing colors. They were... Almost 3D, and it was the cave they were in! And the Greninja moves...
...How did Ash get a Pokemon as amazing as Greninja?!

Well anyway, the one thing that disappoints me, and it's always have bothered me, are the random explosions. I remember Noibat using a sound move that somehow explodes in Drapion's face? And not like, Drapion's ears. It was just like a bomb. That's not... That's not how sound woooorks! You can't scream at something and hope that it explodes like a bomb! You could scream at a bomb, but it won't do anything!

So then Zygarde turns into a dog, runs away, and then Team Rocket starts rhyming at the two executive ladies again for some reason, just to tell them that they own the twerps or somethingidunno.
But when I thought that it was over, Lysander and... Uh... The big executive guy with the weird hair appears, and the big guy just kind of slides next to Lysander with a little bounce in his movie while holding the same dumb 8D grin. Yeah that's not creepy or anything.

So I enjoyed it very much. It was so unintentionally funny and I was going to talk about it but I instead passed out and forgot about it until recently./derp I do like how the anime seems to be trying to fill in the gap that people really wants regarding Zygarde. I knew about it but I never could catch it because we needed food money shortly after I finished Looker's sidequest thing in Y version, but I too was wondering what it's backstory was, and at least the anime is trying to fill that gap. (Kind of like what Dangan Ronpa is gonna be doing... But that's a different story for a different time.)

Wow. This got really long.
Also, if it weren't for my fiance watching Pokemon I probably wouldn't have thought about poking around in these forums for a long while... Depending on how I want to split Sanguine.

TL:DR I laughed so hard at the inhuman noises that my fiance woke up.

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Re: Meeting/Terminus Cave nearly killed me!

Post by Karasugaming on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:10 am

indeed it got really long but you had a point
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