Pokémon Trainer Files

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Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by Professor Morel on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:57 pm

We all enjoy Pokémon to whatever degree, doubt you’d be here otherwise. As such, you’ve likely envisioned yourself in the Pokémon world before. I certainly have. After all, I’m not a Pokémon professor in actuality (<- spoilers) but I love the thought of it. Maybe you love the thought of being a trainer, challenging others for the title of champion. Perhaps you’re a breeding fanatic obsessed with perfect, genetically modified Bidoofs. Either way, I’ve stolen developed a basic profile for you to fill out and share your desired identity within the world of Pokémon!

View this as a single-staged Fanfiction starring yourself, which means whatever you want for you. Base it off yourself with a snazzy baseball cap, or create an entirely new person you wish to be. I only have two-ish basic rules:

1. Base your PokéSelf within the Pokémon Game world. This includes all the main series games from Red to Y and beyond. However, no inclusion of anything originating from the animé. If you want to bring in material from the Silver League Comic, that is acceptable as well.

2a. No Legendaries on your team. Ignoring special event giveaways and trading, only one Arceus exists. Same goes for several other exceedingly rare legends. Even if there are multiple Zapdos, which is questionable, they are still rare. This means you would not have one. Even if you could, do you really want to steal beings like the Llama God away from his duties only to forget him in the PC?

2b. But… since I am a benevolent being, you can elect to have “basic legendary” Pokémon on your team if you wish. This still means no gods or extradimensional beings, but others like the Regi trio, Heatran, Darkrai, Shaymin, and the like are allowable. As long as others of their kind could exist, go for it.

Now this isn’t for any RP in the making, though I suppose you could use whatever you wrote here in other places. It is just to encapsulate you in the Pokémon world. That being said, I am writing a Fanfiction and if you’re keen on the idea of developing a resume for your character I can include you in a cameo or such. However, if you dislike the idea of me ruining your PokéSelf in my horrible writings please feel free to still create a profile and simply say, “Morel, don’t touch my stuff.” I’ll understand.

Profile Basis:
Name: birth name and/or your preferred name
Appearance: insert a sprite of you with your favorite get-up.
Gender: self-explanatory
Age: any age you want. Maybe you wish to be a Veteran trainer who already did their journeying years ago and is now a mentor figure, Elite 4/Gym leader, or Poké Mart salesman.

Occupation: can put your trainer class here (i.e. Youngster, Ace Trainer) and/or how you make a living. Unless you’re living with others, you likely have to garner food and rest for yourself. Maybe you take money from losers in battles or hunt down Stantlers in the forest or you’re a bum sitting outside the Pokémon Center.
Goal: what are you currently doing, and why? Without hopes and dreams, you have nothing.
Personality/Disposition: personality (internal) consists of all the how’s and why’s that make up yourself. Disposition (external) is how others view you in general. I don’t mean how your friends think you’re an awesome person, I mean when you’re just walking around and chatting with anybody.
Affiliations: you weren’t born and raised as a hermit. Any significant groups you are or have been a part of go here, like a League or Evil Team.
Mental Alignment: or "character alignment." look it up on google or tvtropes for details. Boils down to two scales—are you lawful or chaotic; nice or mean? This is basically a summary of Personality/Disposition.

Bio: life story goes here. Feel free to write what happens after your “present” age, if you know.
Equipment: view this as a key items section. Whatever things you consider significantly important, even if others think it is garbage.
Partner (optional): your best mate, stalker of a rival, favorite Pokémon, etc. This is the fellow who won’t pay your bail if you get thrown in prison, because they’ll be sitting in the cell right next to you. Whether you want them there or not.
Other Info: whatever you think I missed. Could be you have a unique skill set or hobby or what have you. Perhaps just an explanation for something else you wrote. Maybe you wanted to include your entire family line as well. Whatever you wish can go here.

Pokémon Species:
Nickname (optional):
Aesthetics (optional): does your Pidgey look different than my Pidgey? Tell me here if there’s anything unique about this Pokémon’s looks, like if it is shiny or has purple eyes.
Moves: note that while the games permit 4 moves, I believe a Pokémon could still use tackle even after it was replaced with hyper beam. So put the 4 moves that best fit this Pokémon’s style or skillset. Or just whatever you believe is "competitively optimal."

Just copy the Team Profile list for Pokémon 2 through 6 if you have more than one.

Blank Profile Sheet:

Mental Alignment:

Partner (optional):
Other Info:
*Morel's Fanfic: Yes or No

Pokémon Species:
Nickname (optional):
Aesthetics (optional):

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by MyGenderisLitwick on Wed May 04, 2016 2:36 pm

I like this idea. Cool I have a very basic trainer identity, so this is a good way to flush this out for myself too. Granted, in my head and on my trainer card I have both a Mew and a Keldeo, I obviously wouldn't use these for roleplay purposes.

Name: Quincy Battista (nickname Spider)
Appearance: average build, dyed blue hair, black and purple trainer outfit. (Look to profile pic for visual)
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Occupation: Ruins Maniac Intern
Goal: Study the legends of the Pokémon world. Spending much time in the ruins, she has formed a strong kinship with many Unown.
Personality/Disposition: Comes off as very awkward and creepy sometimes with the looks of a Hex Maniac in terms of fashion sense. Simplistic, brave mindset. Sees beauty in the strange and unusual and nature in the supernatural.
Affiliations: Ruins Maniacs - profession. Hex Maniacs - no official connection, but she admires them.
Mental Alignment: Chaotic Good

Bio: Spider grew up much in awe regarding many legendary Pokémon in the world. The one that caught her eye the most was Mew. She took the more scientific path in Pokémon training by looking to ancient ruins to tell the stories of Pokémon's past. Spider was not given Pokémon of her own until she had completed her basic studies and started internship.
Equipment: Pokéballs, food supplies, rope/rock climbing equipment, excavation kit, book of Pokémon legends for pleasure reading - as well as a book on myths such as ghosts and vampires.
Partner: None, but I also want to note here that this is because "Spider" has never been used for a long-term roleplay and the idea is open should this profile be used for that purpose.
Other Info: Has been trained in fortune telling at a young age, adept at reading both tarot cards and Nordic runes. Strong creative talent, despite scientific career path. Fear of clowns and elevators.
*Morel's Fanfic: Sure


Pokémon Species: Unownx???
Gender: Genderless
Moves: Hidden Power
Ability: Various
Personality/Nature: Various
Backstory: No Unown exclusively belongs to Spider, but, having spent much of her life looking into the ruins, many would regard her in a friendly or playful manner and would certainly help to protect her from danger, should they be around at the time. No Unown is actually captured and on her team at a given time, but this is an alliance that should be noted.

Pokémon Species: Litwick
Gender: Male
Moves: Shadow Ball, Hex, Heat Wave, Inferno
Ability: Infiltrator
Personality/Nature: Modest, Mischievious. Very playful, baby-like.
Backstory: The Pokémon given to Spider when starting her internship, essentially her starter Pokémon. Took to her very quickly. Spider keeps a Dusk Stone as a necklace in preparation for if Litwick wants to become a Chandelure when or after he evolves into Lampent.

Pokémon Species: Togepi
Nickname (optional): Cutiepie
Gender: Male
Moves: Ancient Power, Dazzling Gleam, Last Resort, Rock Smash
Ability: Hustle
Personality/Nature: Gentle, Vey Finicky. Very playful, baby-like.
Backstory: Hatched from an abandoned egg at a Daycare Center. Took quickly to both Spider and Litwick. Litwick and Cutiepie are constant playmates.

**Note here: This is as far as the list would normally go in regards to what Pokémon Spider, as a character, would have on hand in regards to context in roleplay. Should a roleplay happen, there would most likely be other Pokemon (often ghost or psychic) that would be on hand depending on context. However, there is one more Pokémon to cover if I somehow want to work all of my favorites in covering my imaginary life/fighting in Pokémon that would most likely be left for later events in said roleplay, if it happens at all.**

Pokémon Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Moves: Strength, Rock Smash, Dig, Earthquake
Ability: Steadfast
Personality/Nature: Mild, Likes to thrash about. Very loyal and dedicated friend. Lucario, however, finds Spider to be too lax with the other Pokémon and is like a second-in-command when training them. He is also forced to act as a kind of babysitter for whenever Spider needs to leave her Pokémon behind, leaving him to reluctantly care for Litwick and Cutiepie.
Backstory: Found Spider in danger and saw her dedication to Pokémon, both for the ones she cared for and in regards to the ancient ones. Companionship with many ghost and psychic type Pokémon also indicates a kind of spiritual power within her. For these reasons, Lucario decided to join her.

*Possibly, in the future Spider may come across Lucarionite as well, but this is not usually a given.*

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by LlamaMinister on Mon May 23, 2016 5:51 pm

I guess I should point out that I'm already part of this, since Morel already has my character information, for the most part.
Just thought I'd let the others know.

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by Professor Morel on Mon May 23, 2016 6:50 pm

LlamaMinister wrote:I guess I should point out that I'm already part of this, since Morel already has my character information, for the most part.
Just thought I'd let the others know.

Wonderful! Now I've written permission to use yourself in my story so no one claims thievery. Not that someone might, but who doesn't enjoy free insurance?

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by Karasugaming on Mon May 23, 2016 8:39 pm

Name: Karasu Shitoge
Appearance: mesomorph, brown hair,A Monokuma Hoodie,black shirt, Grey pants, red/grey shoes & a keystone hidden in the red eye of the hoodie.
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Occupation: Ace Trainer
Goal: to battle as many people as he can going past his limit.
Personality/Disposition: Childish most of the time, addicted to Soft drink and is 100% serious in battle
Affiliations: used to be apart of a street gang where he participated in Illegal battles for other peoples objects or possesions.
Mental Alignment: Standard & Childish

Bio: Karasu was born in Lumios city and lived a standard life until he was recruited by a street gang to participate with them in illegal pokemon battles where the winner gets one of the losers possessions when his parents found out about this he was kicked out of his house so they would not lose any of their possesions. (note he was 14 at the age he was kicked out and has been participating in these battles since age 10) He now travels around kalos living in hotels/motels and battling strong trainers.
Equipment: Pokeballs, food, wallet, Monokuma hoodie, Keystone,
Partner: has had no companions since the battles his pokemon are his only companions as of now.
Other Info: Karasu can cook well and enjoys reading stories such as beauty and the Beartic.

Pokémon Species: Noivern
Nickname (optional): Archimedes
Gender: Male
Aesthetics (optional): Shiny
Moves: Dragon pulse, u-turn, flamethrower & hurricane
Ability: Infiltrator
Personality/Nature: Modest
Backstory: Karasu has had archimedes since the age of 5 where he received an egg at a fair and as soon as he arrived home it hatched

Pokémon Species: Feraligatr
Nickname (optional): Kracka
Gender: Male
Moves: Ice fang, waterfall, crunch, slash
Ability: Torrent
Personality/Nature: Adamant
Backstory: Karasu found an injured croconaw in the sewer line in lumious and nursed it back to health after fully healed it allowed karasu to capture him at the age of 8.

Pokémon Species: Ambipom
Nickname (optional): AyeAye
Gender: Female
Moves: Double hit, Ice Punch, Seed Bomb, Bounce
Ability: Pickup
Personality/Nature: Jolly
Backstory: Karasu Received AyeAye as an aipom from his parents and has had AyeAye since Age 6

Pokémon Species: Beedrill
Nickname (optional): Fenetre
Gender: Male
Aesthetics (optional): has a collar around his neck with beedrillite in it
Moves: X-scissor, Drill run, poison jab & protect
Ability: Adaptability
Personality/Nature: Jolly
Backstory: When karasu was kicked out of his house he eventually ended up in santalune forest where a bunch of bug type pokemon attacked him and his pokemon the bug types were led by a beedrill that karasu eventually captured.

Pokémon Species: Glaceon
Nickname (optional): Frostina
Gender: Female
Moves: Icebeam,Hp-fighting, shadow ball & water pulse
Ability: Ice Body
Personality/Nature: Timid
Backstory: Karasu received Frostina Via a trade by a generous person who only wanted a bunnelby which karasu conveniently had. karasu and Frostina had some issues with trusting karasu but they eventually became good friends.

Pokémon Species: Zoroark
Nickname (optional): Meredith
Gender: Female
Moves: Night Daze, Focus Blast, flamethrower & grass knot
Ability: Illusion
Personality/Nature: Timid
Backstory: Karasu was tricked several times while growing up by a mischievous Zoroua. when karasu was kicked out of his house he eventually came across the same Zoroua but as a Zoroark. Karasu battled the Zoroark until it admitted defeat and requested to join karasu's team.

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Re: Pokémon Trainer Files

Post by Sponsored content Today at 8:06 pm

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