Need a Second Oppinion: Universe Splinters as one Big "Fanfiction Cannon" Idea (Doctor Who Spoilers ALERT)

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Need a Second Oppinion: Universe Splinters as one Big "Fanfiction Cannon" Idea (Doctor Who Spoilers ALERT)

Post by Thundasius on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:59 am

Need a Second Oppinion: Universe Splinters as one Big "Fanfiction Cannon" Idea (Doctor Who Spoilers ALERT)
OK this might be a kind of a Spoiler Alert for Doctor WHO fans. I have pit a spoiler in the topic Title so consider this you warning, even so I promise to keep at the a minimum by keeping it short about Clara Oswald:

Clara Oswald Doctor Who Plot:
While a physically ordinary human woman from the 21st century, Clara chose to enter the Doctor's timeline in his tomb on Trenzalore in order to try to reverse the damage done to his timeline by the Great Intelligence. This caused the time winds to create copies of her that were dispersed throughout his personal timeline

So as summarize
Conclussion of Clara Oswald:
Clara Oswald came in the show in the form of "Splinters" because she became part of the Doctor's Timeline causing her the pop in various era's in the show.

Now I thought what would Happened if this happened on a Universal Scale instead in  of a Timeline Scale and No I am not talking about Clara being split but an OC being split into "Splinters" in several Universes appearing in all of them at the same time (In relative terms). While my OC would not be part of the Doctor Who Universe he will come into contact with "something" that connects his universe to the complete multiverse having the same effect as "Time Splintering" but with difference that the still knows who he still is and is not really integrated into that "Universe" unlike Clara Oswald's Splinters who are not even aware that they were actually from the 21th century. Even if he is Splintered he still remains the same way and is not "really" aware of his Splinters existing in other Universes and experience more something like an Echo. Wether the Splinters will become aware of each other and even interact directly is up to me to write though his appearance may change a little bit in depending on the Universe including the “Past” in that peculiar universe if he ever changed age aka changing to a 10 year old or just growing up there in that universe.
One of these Universe will be of course The Pokemon Universe wither I am still considering to Follow Anime Cannon or Game Cannon. I will most likely follow Anime Cannon because of simplicity to follow the episodes beside’s him into other Anime Cannons (Not Pokemon Related). When I am put him into a “Cannon” I try to Follow the CANNON as best as possible, there will be some changes here and there like with Pokemon that Infamous GS Ball actually not being written out. Not to mention while I am tempted to make his Pokemon Journey around the same Time as Ash, I am thinking to give him either some 2-3 years ahead of Ash's Journey or just within the range of Season 1. Note Here while Ash is considered to be TEN I considered this as a replacement of the word Teenager.

While these would be all separate Stories in different Universes, they are in sense all cannon even if they do not really happen around the same time (in relative terms). Depending on the scale I may write an extra story to tie all of them together not the “universes itself” but the Universe Splinters. Most likely this might not happen.
That was all now I want your second opinion on this Idea. I know that this concept is just a big excuse to introduce my OC into different Universes and this scope is way too big depending on how many Universe I will do Beside Pokemon. So you would not see this for a while depending on how I set the scale.

Other Universes are:
Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters (Maybe GX & 5DS as well because they exist on the same Timeline)
Digimon Adventure 1 (Maybe 2 as well depends)
Maybe other Universes but I have already Problems writing out Yu Gi Oh Duels and depending which Digimon the OC will get while still keeping true to the 8 original Digidestinied theme of Digimon.
Keep in mind that I will try to keep true to the Cannon Source as possible Mistranslations and cut episodes (when going from Japanesse Dub compared to English Dub) which left something out story wise will be introduced. If there are differences in the Japanesse Dub compared to the English Dub which were cut out these Differences will be dealt with.
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