Easiest way to Ev train for competitive battling

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Easiest way to Ev train for competitive battling

Post by Karasugaming on Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:43 pm

Well the easiest way to ev train is Via horde battling.

And here are the locations for the hordes you need Also you will want to have a oddish with sweet scent to attract the hordes


Location: Rusturf Tunnel
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 5
EVs: 1 HP each

Location: Mt. Pyre (inside)
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 15
EVs: 1 Atk each


Location: Route 111
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 11
EVs: 1 Def each
Note that Sweet Scent and Honey actually work in Sandstorm unlike in previous games!

Special Attack
Location: Route 119
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 13
EVs: 1 SpA each
Location: Route 113
Encounter Rate: 95%
Level: 9
EVs: 1 SpA each

Special Defence
Location: Route 115
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 10
EVs: 1 SpD each

Location: Route 104 (North – Wingull, South – Taillow) and zigzagoon
Encounter Rate: 100% combined
Level: 2
EVs: 1 Spe each
Note: the route is divided into two parts by Petalburg Woods. Southern part of the route has Taillow hordes, Northern has Wingull hordes.

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