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Silver League Chat Rules Empty Silver League Chat Rules

Post by [Admin Account] on Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:58 pm


-Respect your fellow Trainers, we're all here to have fun so try to keep it that way and keep the insults to a minimum, remember, when it stops being funny, prepare to find yourself on the lower end of a ban-hammer

-DO NOT SPAM, repeat, repeat, repeat = KICK, again will result in a BAN!

-DO NOT ADVERTISE, there's nothing wrong with having your own league but don’t come here trying to steal get attention towards your own, so don't show off the link without permission.

-Help others when you can. If a member needs a hand, try your best to help them out, karma works both ways so good deeds now will only mean better things later.

-Don't be annoying. You'll be warned when you're getting on people's nerves but if you keep it know you'll have been asking for it.

-THE HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL IS BANNED; this shouldn't have to be explained.

-DO NOT PUT OWNERS ON IGNORE - The Owners of SL are the authority of the site and any issues present may need to be addressed by you, so out of respect, please refrain from using Ignore status on Owners.
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