Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

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(I will update this wel every day I think.)
When you dont really like watching trough the comments to read the story. Here it is in his full glory!
first part:

As grand jelly pope Istas sat upon his wibbly wobbly jelly throne, he thought about what would happen if he ate all of the jelly in the world. Then a knock came at the door and interrupted him in his thinking. "who could it be?" Istas exclaimed, then he approached the door to answer it.
It was the dark wizard Zeno. He came from overseas to tell the Jelly Pope about a great danger that wants to rule the Jelly kingdom. The great danger is called the truth! The three oracles, collectively known as Shade, were beginning to spread knowledge of the health effects of eating only jelly! If this was allowed to go on, economy of Jelliopolis would crash miserably! The jelly pope Istas would be ruined! Jelly pope Istas was worried, if such knowledge was spread, no one would create jelly and he wouldn't have any to eat!
Jelly pope Istas came to the conclusion that he must use his influence on the people to turn the people against them, with this he was sure everything would be fine. But would it?

To get the hearts of the people on jelly pope istas's side he sent out a young knight named karasu to become his hero puppet so he sent karasu out to slay the mighty jelly Dragon Goodra to become the hero for the people.But the dark wizard Zeno, who was one of the three oracles, stopped him. Karasu could only pass him if he defeated Zeno in a Jelly Pokémon battle, but who won?
It was a close battle, but Karasu's final pokemon was finally able to overtake Zeno's. Unfortunately, Karasu was too tired to continue so he went home to rest. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows was the infamous thief, Kitten. She was specifically hired by Jelly Pope Istas to spy on and gain intellect from the opposing side's plans to get rid of jelly and in return, the pope would not throw her in the dungeon for her crimes. Suddenly she heard a noise! Crouching behind a bush, she saw a dark figure standing behind her in the tree. it was the dark wizard zeno and with 1 mighty swing from his staff he knocked kitten cutie off and she landed in a pond underneath her drowning to her doom. Or so she thought! She awoke in darkness, seeing only the faint outline of another person. She stayed still, hoping they didn't notice her. However they did know she was there. "I am ...a friend, and don't worry. I'll help you escape.

You have been imprisoned by Zeno, as have I, but I've been watching the guards and their patrols. By the way, just call me L.M. What it stands for is not important right now. So, to escape we need to feed him this special jelly that will prevent him from using his powers for a bit. Luckily, he is unaware that you're still alive." L. M. Whispered, showing Kitten a small jar with fluorescent pink jelly. "Oh, I see. So we just escape from this cell, slip past the guards, and put this jelly into his next meal? Seems simple enough." Kitten nodded her head and she and L.M. came up with a precise plan of escape. With everything figured out they dug a hole out of the cell, but without even a spoon to help them dig with, it took them many days. Surprisingly, the guards didn't notice, and Kitten and L.M. managed to escape their cell, but on the way to the kitchen,
they were noticed by the cook and were suddenly surrounded by Zeno's grunts. Kitten reached into her belt and grabbed for her knife, but realized it wasn't there. It must've been taken while I was passed out,Kitten thought. And my pokeballs are gone, too. Putting her arms up and getting into a battle stance, she knew she would have to rely on martial arts to defeat these goons. She looked over at L.M. "Do you know how to fight?" she asked. Afcource I do! L.M sed as he punched a couple of grunts. As Kitten looked at L.M fighting the guys, Zeno Grabbed her and vanished with her. After the grunts where defeated L.M looked around him. Looking for Kitten. He didnt see her so ran to the great hall when...

"Goomy? Goomy the Jelly Dragon? I want to fight you!" It was Karasu the hero! Kitten grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth. "Don't struggle. I'm going to take my hand off of your mouth and you're going to, quietly, say who you are fighting for." Karasu nodded. "3. 2. 1." Kitten lifted her hand "I AM KARUSU THE HERO!" Karasu yelled at the top of his lungs. "I am here to conquer the great Jelly Dragon Goomy!. Kitten flinched then quickly took control of the situation by giving him a punch in the back. ''I'm KittenCutie1'' she said. ''I want to defeat the three oracles. Zeno is one of them.'' So Karasu and Kitten went on the hall to battle Zeno. Zeno didn't want to battle. Zeno said: ''I'm forced to do all of this. They hold my mother hostage.'' Kitten said: I see, then. Liar! Charge!" Karasu yelled. Kitten grabbed him and pulled him back. "As I was saying, I will take into account both possibilities. You will stop the guards from attacking L. M. and lead us to the other Oracles." Kitten explained. "Understood," Zeno said, "the other Oracles are.Kevin stickman and box man.

Meanwhile jelly pope istas was enjoying afternoon tea with cardinal icecream BetaX. And they chatted about the great festival of the joining of the 2 deserts coming up and hoped that the Oracles wouldn't ruin it. He sent out a courier with a shiny new sword for karasu and a good condition 'pre-owned' dagger for kitten and an angry letter telling them to be faster. He also accidently sent a complaint to cardboard land in the package.

Back on the road Zeno, Kitten, Karasu and LM weren't getting along with each other."Lemme at him!" Kitten screamed while being held back by LM. "No, we're a team now. We shouldn't fight." said LM. "I never agreed to being part of a team" Zeno corrected. "Aaaaaargh!" Kitten screamed, bursting out of LM's arms. Zeno quickly reacted and caught Kitten in a magic bubble. "For a thief, you sure are loud." Zeno stated. Kitten pounded on the sides of the bubble and her screams, though muffled, could still be heard. Despite the chaos they arrived at the next town where they were able to purchase weapons with money L.M. stole from the guards he beat the tar out of. While here, L.M. and Kitten were able to collect some Pokemon, including the ones taken from them. "It sure was kind of them to put our 'mons in the PC" said Kitten. L.M. collected his team; a Shuppet (Terrex), a Spheal (Orf), and a Sandshrew (Razor), and Kitten collected her team, a Mightyena, an Arcanine, an Absol, and a Banette. She wrapped her arms around her lifelong team, glad to find them unharmed. Returning them to their pokeballs, Kitten, L.M., Karasu, and Zeno wandered around the town in search of a Pokemon Center. Kitten kept throwing wary glances at Zeno as they walked, not knowing if he could be trusted. But they needed him to help tem find the other oracles. When they finally found the Pokemon Center and walked through the sliding doors. "H-hello?" A girl was waiting outside carrying a large package. "This... Is for you" she gasped and handed over the package. "It's from the king!" Karasu said and tore open the package. "Oh, it's some weapons. We already bought some..." Karasu groaned. The girl looked completely ruined. "It's okay, if you can fight you can have these and join us." said Kitten. "We need all the help we can get," Kitten agreed, "what's your name?" "Tri, and I can fight. Wouldn't have been able to deliver the package if I couldn't. I'd life to come along!" "Hey! Where's Zeno?" Karasu asked. The group looked around feverishly in hopes of spoting him, but couldn't. "I knew we couldn't trust him!" Kitten yells in frustration. "Well, he couldn't have gotten that far" states L.M. "The road only goes two ways out of town, so I think we should split up and increase our chances. I'll go North with Karasu. You go south with Tri." "No way. I'm not going with another possibly untrustworthy new member!" Kitten refused. "She was sent by the king so you should be fine!" LM assured. "Fine." Kitten said. LM and Karasu were walking along one of the paths when a crazy old man ran out. He bellowed "I had my coffee!! Say, do you kids know how to catch Pokemons!?" "Don't call me a kid..." L.M. said angrily under his breath. Karasu said loudly "Yeah, we know how to catch Pokemon." "Oh, okay!!"shouted the old man, who then promptly skipped away. "Old people are weird." Karasu said. "sigh...Yeah, they are aren't they..." L.M. said quietly. As LM and karasu continued on there pathway they came across a man covered in a white coat and with a blue beared going up to his toes and a fringe covering his eyes. He held out his hand and it had a note inside of it.
it said "Dear L.M. and Karasu. I sent one of the old beggers who sat outside on the slums near the castle to give you this package. Take this package there are 3 pokemon inside which ever one is left goes to kitten. Yours sincerely king Istas."
Karasu was extactic seeing as he only had 2 snorunts chilly and chillet and LM seemed surprised that the king would just hand us these pokemon. "I'll open it up" said karasu and as he opened the box there were 3 shiny pokeballs each holding a pokemon of different types. One was a froakie another was a treecko and the last was a charmander. Karasu instantly took the Froakie seeing as he has a weak spot for fire type pokemon and LM took the treecko and they left the charmander for Kitten. As LM let the treecko out he noticed that it had a wristband on its arm with a clear stone with a little speck of purple and green on it. When karasu let his Froakie out he noticed that it was a different coloured froakie as it seemed clear and silverish. "I'll send this messenger pidgey I have to send this charmander to kitten" Lm explained to karasu. LM wrote a note and sticked it to the box with one of froakies frubbles and tied a bit of string to a twig attached to the box, so that the messenger pidgey could carry it easily to kitten. Karasu and LM thanked the begger and continued down the path with there new friends. as kitten and trishade continued down there path, when they eventually found Zeno fighting with one of the other three oracles grunts. L.M. said: ''Why did you run off?''. ''I saw one of Kevin Stickman's grunts beating up some woman, and I thought I could handle it alone without worrying you guys.'' Zeno said. Kitten was angry and charged at him. Luckily the others held her back. " Send a message to the king telling him: Thanks for the Pokémon and that we need restraints for kitten everytime she goes ballistic" LM told karasu. "ok sending it now." Karasu replied.

Meanwhile the jelly pope was in the middle of his daily jelly bath. When all of a sudden a carrier pigeon drops a letter into the jelly. Taking it out he began reading it. WHAT! They thing I'm a king, how dare they mistake me for the pudding king, this is an OUTRAGE!
I'll send them a letter alright.

Back to our heroes and everything seems to be going along fine. Apart from the dark and kind of messed up thoughts of what kitten was thinking about doing to Zeno.
(Inside kittens mind) im going to slice his head off open his mouth cut off his [Censored] and shove it down his throat (now outside kittens mind) Karasu: hey Kitten you haven't let your charmander out that the pope sent you yet why don't you send it out?
Kitten: alright then. as she sent out charmander it was wearing a pendant with a strange clear stone with flecks of red and blue in it kinda like L.M's Treeckos Armband. L.M: thats strange it has one of those weired stones too well except for karasu froakie who only was a different colour. Karasu: (im kinda getting jealous that they got weired stones for there pokemon I wonder what they do) Zeno: hmmmm L.M can you sent out your treecko for me so I can analyse something? L.M: I don't really trust you at the moment but if its something about these stones then fine. L.M sent out treecko out with style. Zeno starts staring at treeckos armband. Zeno: as I thought these are mega stones on this armband and pendant. Group: WHAAATTTT!!!! Zeno: as I was saying the jelly pope must of acquired these and realised they were ment for these 2 pokemon and that there final stages must have a final form ive heard of strange sightings of a weired looking charizard that had big black wings and had blue fire coming out of its mouth. But maybe this one is different and that the weired sceptile was sighted at a jungle once after a explosion. L.M: Amazing my treecko has that kind of ability to go further in evolution. Kitten: Hmph I could of figure out that myself without your help (inside kittens head Wow just what a Assasin needs there very own Dragon :3) Karasu: hey ummmm Zeno do you think that Sasuke will be able to mega evolve after its final stage. Zeno: what the hells a Sasuke? Karasu: its the name I gave Froakie so well do you know if it will be able to mega evolve? Zeno: hmmmmm I don't remember hearing any reports of a mega form for froakies final form but I have heared of a icy mega pokemon that kinda fits your snorunts final evolution discriptions but I assume Chillet is turning into a Froslass and only Chilly will have the capability to mega evolve in the future. Karasu: Cool Chilly is able to further evolve after Glalie  (the group continues down the path to go to the next town to fight the oracle taking over it)

As the group started walking furter in the town, Kitten nodiced that somebody was watching them. When she told it to the group they looked around. Seeing nothing. Hmm... Zeno sed. Do you really see ghosts already? 
I DONT SEE FREAKING GHOST YOU IDIOT THERE WAS SOMEBODY. Kitten yelled at the top of her lungs thinking of how she should kill Zeno. If it was a ghost I can beat it! Karusu sed. L.M. Facepalmed. The group here a voice: I'm no ghost. The group freaked out, Kitten grabt her weapon and looked around. Where are you! In you're head? Maybe in you're worst nightmares. The voice sed. Uhhm... What are you? L.M. sed. Just a human who wants to keep the balance. WHAT IS YOU'RE FREAKING NAME Kitten yelled. Yria keep it in mind when you have a nightmare. The group started scearching for Yria.

When they came Across an Inn and realised how late it was getting. karasu, L.M and zeno shared a room kitten and Tri shared another. as Karasu went to bed he fell asleep instantly because he can get tired at night pretty easily. As karasu drifted of to dreamland with Sasuke sleeping next to him his dream of a land where he is a big shot hero started to become a nightmare. the clouds started turning black and there was lightning appearing everywhere and the surroundings karasu dremt up turned into his home town. in the nightmare karasu turned into his child form and started walking around. the lightning from the black clouds got louder and started striking houses and if this was the village karasu lived in as a child then he knew where his house was where his family was living. karasu found his house with his family inside and was about to open a door but suddenly lightning struck the house and it disappeared. in its place was a Zapdos and a woman standing behind karasu wearing a red poncho laughing maniacally.
karasu is awoken by L.M and Zeno.

Meanwhile Jelly Pope was sleeping and having bad dreams of his own. The pudding king was out to get him and he had to fight off ninjas to top it all off Cardinal Ice cream had brain freeze and couldn't enter his final form. he awoke to a cold sweat to find a bowl of hot fudge on the side cabinet.

Back at the inn Karasu was shivering and there was a murkrow tapping at the window. It dropped a letter into the room. Zeno picked it up and read it aloud. "See you soon  -Yria".
Kitten freaked out and ran outside, WHERE ARE YOU! Kitten sed. Karusu was shivering from fear. L.M. was trying to calm Karusu but it didnt help at all. With Kitten running around the whole town to find Yria. She only found a letter with a piece of red cloth on it. She ran as fast as she could to the group. I FOUND A LETTER! she screamed. Girl be quiet! You dont know what she wants from us! Zeno sed. Kitten opened the letter. Kitten read it loudly: Find whats behind you're nightmares then look further, you will find THE TRUTH.

Meanwhile with Yria.
Well we pissed them off didnt we Veni'r? (Veni'r is Yria's Mawile)
*sigh* So what now? find somebody else we can creep out?
Murkrow came back to Yria and sat on her hand. So where almost complete but... What is Zeba doing ? (Gothitelle)

Back at the group Karusu was terrefied. Zeno and L.M. tryed to calm him down but with no use. Ze... ZENO YOU SENDEN YRIA DIDNT YOU??? YOU! L.M. Held Kitten back. Zeno sed' I might be a dark master but I truly dont send somebody to stop our journey! Kitten was anraged and challenged Zeno to a pokemon battle. Zeno agreed because they had to battle one time or another. So Zeno sended out his Gallade. The Gallade has the same weird stone as the Charmander and Treecko have. Zeno said ''We will battle 1v1, so bring it on Kittie, you are no match for me.'' "Heh! If that's what you think," Kitten smirked and tilted her head to the side cockily. She sent out her Banette and its megastone glinted in the sunlight. They had decided to bring the battle outside to avoid destroying the inn. Kitten and Zeno activated their pokemon's megastones, causing the Gallade and Banette to mega-evolve.

"It seems we're evenly matched," Kitten grinned.

"I guess so," Zeno replied, smirking. "But I'm going to defeat you so I can finally put you in your place. A thief like you could never outmatch a dark wizard like me. Maybe after this match I'll finally throw you into the dungeons where you belong."

Kitten flinched and anger started bubbling up inside her. Her eyes blazed with fire. "Banette! Dark Pulse!"

"Tsk tsk, cockiness isn't going to help you. Gallade, dodge it and use Psychic!" Gallade moved to the side as the dark ball of energy whizzed past it. Then it's eyes glowed pink and sent out a blast of energy at Banette. Without being told, Banette avoided the attack and countered with another Dark Pulse. It seemed both pokemon were at a stalemate until an oddly colored bird Pokémon started attacking the town! Zeno and Kitten both looked at the bird, startled, as it started to spray fire down upon the town. "We have to go, now!" yelled Zeno. "Not without our friends!" Kitten demanded, but as soon as she said that a mysterious figure in red appeared, a flareon by his side.
"Isn't the fire magnificent?"-he said with a smile of pure insanity-"I'm The Futurecreator, but you can call me Future.I'm sure you've noticed my Ho-oh. You see this is where you will all die." Having said that Future ordered his flareon to attack the duo with a Flamethrower but something stopped them. Do you truly believe in evil? Yria asked. Future laughed. Do you truly believe in stopping me? I believe in myself is that enough? When Yria sed her last words Zapdos came and crashed Ho-Oh To the ground. Yria sed: you see having friends comes out handy. Future is startng to get annoyed by Yria. How do you dare to stop my plans! 
Having peace doesnt mean the world is full of goodness or evil. It needs to be balanced. Yria rushed at Future crashing him into Ho-oh. Future wasnt happy at all.
Just then a Blastoise stepped in and shot out a hydropump towards future and his team "Beta, not again" Future said. "leave now or suffer your fate." Beta replied. " have not heard the last of me beta. We will meet again" then Future fled. As the ash settled LM and Tri emerged hauling an injured and unconscious Karasu over their shoulders. Beta gave a letter to Zeno to read.

Dear idiots please don't compare me with the pudding king and the dark side of dessert land ever again. I have sent cardinal icecream to you, he will lead your team from now on and will fix this entire mess you've made -from the Jelly Pope. 

Kiten stood staring at Yria with a dark glare.
Yria softly sed: nice to meet you Kitten. May you're future be clear. And you're dreams be happy.
Yria put out her hand and kitten reluctantly shook it. "if you two are done we should get out of here." Beta said. "Karasu's injured. We cant travel easily. What do we do?" LM asked. "we set up camp on the road I'll tend to his injuries layer, now come" Beta replied
Confused as to Future's sudden attack the group tried to get Karasu back to contiousness. Zeno looked around the rubble and found an odd jar full of what appeard to be some sort of fire jelly Believing it to be of some use he brought it to Beta. He looked at the jar and said: "I've seen this once before its fire jelly, its very rare and difficult to make. This Future character must be trying to send a message."What happens if we feed it to him?" Zeno asked. "It will wake him up, and if I'm correct and future knows how this works then he will speak through Karasu"Beta answered."If this 'Future' guy is able to make this Fire Jelly stuff, he must be powerful, right?" L.M. questioned in the middle of the conversation. Beta replied "Yes he is. He even controls a Ho-oh, an immensly powerful legendary bird." L.M. bluntly stated "Well then, I don't think I'm powerful enough to face him yet...I feel I need to go train. I've enjoyed our adventure so far, and if we meet up on the road again, I will gladly join up with you all again, but until then, goodbye friends." L.M. then left the rag tag group of adventurers to grow in power.

As L.M left the group karasu had some of his own decisions to make. He was facing Sasuke while having a conversation with it about Yria and the Zapdos. " I swear that is the same Zapdos that killed my family but I don't know how to prove it. maybe if I travelled on my own a bit to find this Yria person I can find out why she killed my family with the Zapdos." whispered karasu to sasuke. "I think its time to put this charm to good use" as he threw out Chillet's pokeball. "Chillet I think its time you use our lucky charm." karasu explained. Chillet happily took the power from the dawn stone and evolved into a majestic Froslass. karasu then went downstairs to talk to the group.
"I'm going after Yria!" Exclaimed Karasu. the group was in shock that he made this kind of decision to go after a person controlling a legendary bird with the power over thunder. Karasu then left the inn With Kitten secretly following him. Karasu found a old family friend who gave Karasu a pokemon that his Father used it was a talonflame. karasu sent out the Talonflame which his father called Hope and flied it in the dirrection Yria went with her Zapdos. kitten is still following closely behind Karasu's tail to find out why he is doing this.
Immediately after Karasu awoke to a burning sensation in his mouth.(sorry but karasu was in a slight coma and Yria is with the group in the camp.) "what the?..." Karasu closed his eyes. When they opened them they were completely white. "Future" Beta whispered under his breath.

Is he awake? Says Yria. Yes he is says BetaX.
Yria set down on the ground looking at a picture. So young...
'Wh... what happened? says Karusu. 'The Future is near, destruction may come whitout us knowing it. Thats what happened'. Says Yria as she putted the photo back in her pocket. (in Karusu's mind: I..Is she truly the one who killed my family?..)
The group silently continued their journey, with Zeno leading the way. They walked for what felt like days before Karasu broke the silence. Suddenly he had his sword around Yria's neck, "You must have used some dark magic to make me doubt myself, but I`m sure now that you were the one who killed them. You horrible witch, prepare to d-" Zeno swiftly created a Shadow Zapdos in front of Karasu and Yria. Karasu froze then collapsed. "You! I knew you two were collaborating against us!" Kitten screamed as she charged at Zeno. Suddenly, the ground was covered in ice cream. "That is enough!" boomed Beta, "I don't know how you plan to defeat the oracles if you can't walk without fighting! From now on everybody leaves eachother alive!
The group started walking further. Yria started looking down when she walks.
Like she's thinking of something she doesnt want to remember. 'Are you alright'? Says Zeno. Yria looked straight ahead agian. She didnt react its like she's in her own world. (Karusu's mind:'why didnt she saw it coming... She didnt defend herself in any way. Does she want to die'?) Just out of nowhere Yria let herself fall on the ground. 'Its getting late. Should we set up camp'? Aye, we camp here tonight." Beta Answered. "Kitten and Zeno take the first watch, remember what I said. Karasu and Yria will gather firewood. Try to build up friendly relationships and get rid of the bad blood. That goes for kitten and Zeno too. The rest of you set up th tents. Cake city is just a day away." Beta ordered. Beta wondered what would happen in the following days, he was worried of Future's appearance. What did he want, why did he leave the fire jelly? As Beta looked into the distance he saw the rainbow glow Future's Ho-oh had left behind. Then it hit him! This was a warning, Beta remembered the direction in witch their attacker had flown to in his retreat - north. He was going for the Jelly castle. This is terrible, beta thought. I must warn him. "Swellow i need you." Beta commanded. "Give this message to the jelly pope" Swellow agreed and flew off. "godspeed my friend godspeed."
Beta watched as the swellow disappeared in the distance. In the forest, Karasu and Yria were collecting fire wood. "Karasu?" Yria called.
"What do you want, witch?"
"What do you have against me? Who do you think I killed?"
"My family with that Zapdos of yours. Do you honestly think I'm stupid enough to trust you?"
"I haven't killed anyone!" Yria took a deep breath, "I don't think you're stupid, Karasu. In fact, I think I know how you feel. My-"
"You don't have any idea how I feel! My whole family is gone! And now you're going to kill this new family I've found!"
"Please calm d-"
"Please Karasu," Karasu was yelling at her but she continued, "My parents died when I was six, the whole town thought I had done it." Karasu began to calm down. "I had to live with my grandp-"
"See! I knew it! Plus, those were probably all lies!" Karasu yelled and dropped his fire wood. "I'm done with this. I'll kill you now!" Karasu charged at Yria but she pulled out daggers and blocked his sword. "Please don't do thi-" "You had those ready to kill me too, didn't you!" "Please Karasu, do you really want to bloody your hands? I know how hard it is to trust-" Karasu lowered his sword and turned around. "I'm supposed to be the hero..."
Yria was just about to chase after Karasu, but a rustleing was heard from the nearby bushes and a zangoose jumped out of the forest in attack. Yria dodged the attack. Karasu turned thowards Yria but another zangoose took him to the ground. Before they knew it Yria and Karasu were sorounded. They both took out their pokeballs and prepared for battle. Yria released her Mawile, while Karasu sent out his snorunt. They took a formation and the snorunt used icy wind blowing the attackers away. Mawile struck thwoards Karasu."I knew it, she'll kill me the first chace she gets!"-he thought. To his surprise The mawile's jaws grabed two zangoose and flung them into a nearby tree. From the bushes however a Zangoose twice the size of the surrownding smaller zangoose, it had odd blue markings instead of red. It attacked with a dark pulse, but mawile broke it with a protect. Mawile then jumped and clamped its jaws around the zangoose's head. Yria then threw her ultraball and caught the injured zangoose with no problem. "Yria, I'm... uh... sorry." Karasu said.
"I understand Karasu, I'm glad you don't think I'm a murderer anymore."
"I never said that, just that I forgive you if you did."
Yria paused, "why does everyone think I'm a murderer..."
Back at the camp, Zeno and Kitten were getting along surprisingly well. "This is boring," Zeno pointed out, "nothing's happening. I thought guard duty would be more interesting."
"This is normal," Kitten replied, "wouldn't you rather be bored then dead?"
"Point taken."
"It's getting dark, Yria and Karasu better come back soon."
As if by magic, Karasu and Yria showed up to the camp.
"Where's the firewood?" asked Zeno.
They simply shook their heads. Kitten and Zeno stared.
"Excuse me?" was Kitten's only response.
"We were attacked by Zangoose, ok? Here's proof." Yria said and released her new partner. Karasu nodded slightly to thank her. "Aah, you're back." Beta said as he arrived. "Sorry Cardinal, we don't have any fire wood. What should we do?" asked Karasu but just then, a large group of bandits ran into the group's view. "We got 'em now, boys" announced one of the bandits. "Hand over all your money and weapons, NOW!" demanded another. "What? No!" Karasu yelled at the bandits, and drew his sword, preparing for a fight. "Ha!" laughed one bandit, "You really think you can take all of us?" questioned a bandit. "There's at least thirty of them," said Yria, "We can't take them all" Beta agreed, stating "We would have higher chances of surviving if we ran" But Karasu bravely said "No, we can beat them. We are the heros, right? We can't lose!"

Out of no where a hooded figure appeared.
"I suggest you guys back off," said the mysterious figure to one of the bandits.
"Ha! You think you can take us on punk!" barked the bandit.
"Looks like you leave me no other choice but to cut you down," said the figure as he drew his sword and prepared to fight.
Yria, Karasu, Beta, Kitten and Zeno were preparing to fight to. They fought hard, they defeated many men, but eventualy lost. They woke up to a hooded figure above them. "lucky for you I was passing through came a calm and slightly cocky voice. He removed his hood and said "My name is Ignis." Ignis had tan skin, spiky black hair, and red eyes. He also appeared to be wearing armor. "You all are really lucky I saw you, or you might not be alive right now." Ignis said. Zeno then asked "Were are we?" "Don't worry. You're safe. Those bandits put up quite a fight, and simply overpowered us." stated Ignis. "However, the theif girl was hurt in the fight and I don't have the medicine to help her. I hope one of you is a healer, or she might die from her wounds." ''Maybe I can help her with my magic.'' Zeno said. ''That could help'' Ignis said. Zeno tried to heal Kitten but it didn't help. Everyone was worried about Kitten, especially Zeno. "It's no use." Zeno said to Beta. "I can't do it." "Hmm...This is troubling." Beta replied. "i will take her as fast as i can to Candy City. I know a healer there known as Kyle, when you get to the city when you arrive in 1 week from now, ask for him. good luck Zeno." "likewise" zeno commented. "now Rapidash we ride!" and with that Beta and kitten disappeared riding on rapidash.

With all thats going on right now Karasu asked Yria to follow him.
Yria followed Karasu to a clearing nearby.
Yria: so what did you want
Karasu: I want you to battle me. If you win then I believe that you arent a murderer. if I win then that means you have to face the facts that you and your Zapdos murdered my family
Yria: fine deal
the two grabbed a pokeball from there pockets but something was weired about the one that karasu was holding. it had a Orange V on it and the pokeball top was Cream coloured. Yria through out her pokeball and her mawile came out and karasu through his out with a bright colour of white and orange appeared when Karasu's pokemon was released. it was Victini the Victory pokemon.
Yria: how long have you had that for?
Karasu: ever since after that tragedy of the Zapdos attack. I left the town with Chilly and Chillet and went in searching for some help. I was in a forest and fell into a pit trap which led to a cave. it was a underground spring and there was this pokeball there and thats how me and Victini met. Now prepare to lose Yria.

Karasu took the 1st strike with a headbutt but Mawile dodged.
Both pokemon dished out lots of damage to each other and eventually..."Karasu! Yria! We need you!" Tri screamed as she came running up. "we have a problem" When they returned to the camp they saw what they were dealing with. 2 of Zeno. "You have got to be kidding me." Yria said. "How did this happen?" Karasu asked.
"I...I don't know. It just kinda...happened." Tri replied. "One is really nice and the other is...well, evil. It's almost like his personality split and manifested as two different versions of him. I can't figure out what to do."
"Well, has either one said anything important yet?" Yria asked.
"Well, the nice one seems to only be worried about Kitten. And the mean one...well...he threatened to kill me, so I yelled for you guys." replied Tri.
Then Karasu asked, "What if we start attacking with our Pokemon but then sneak in from behind when he's distracted?"
"Sounds good to me" Tri agreed.
"Come on out!" Yria said, throwing four pokeballs into the air. Karasu did the same. The two looked at Tri. "Well?" asked Yria. "What? I don't have any pokemon." Tri replied. Karasu and Yria looked at each other and shrugged. When they returned to camp, Ignis was barely fending off mean Zeno. Nice Zeno was drawing pictures in the ground with a stick. "Ok friends, attack Zeno!" Yria commanded. "Same with you!" Karasu directed his pokemon. Crimson quickly dodged out of the way and mean Zeno encased himself in a bubble. "Oh, forgot about that..." said Karasu. "How do we fight him now?" asked Yria.
"I don't think we can. The thing looks impenetrable." Tri stated.
"Well, we won't know until we try." announced Karasu. He then drew his sword and charged at Evil Zeno's bubble. He swung his sword as hard as he could at the bubble. But to no avail as Karasu bounced back.
"Right idea, Wrong technique," said Ignis as he unsheathed his sword and reached for one of his pokeballs, "Let me show you how its done kid"
"What do you mean kid? You don't look much older then me!" replied Karasu.
"Humph whatever. Come on out ENTEI!" exclaimed Ignis as out came the beast of fire Entei.
"Entei charge up the sword" Ignis ordered.
Entei shot a ball of fire at the blade of the sword engulfing it with fire and with that Ignis swung at the bubble.
The bubble burst in an array of flames, knocking the evil Zeno onto the ground. Ignis and Entei closed in on him.
"That's how you do it," Ignis said, looking straight at Zeno. He raised his sword again. Tri ran in front of him.
"Stop! If you kill him, you'll kill the other half, too!" Tri exclaimed. Ignis lowered his sword, but he pointed it at the evil Zeno to keep him from making any sudden moves.
"What do you propose we do then?" Ignis questioned. Tri just shook her head. She didn't know how they could rejoin the two Zenos together into the same body. Ignis sighed heavily. He knew they would need to come up with an idea on how to get the true Zeno back. In the distance, the good Zeno was thinking about how Kitten was doing.

All day Beta and Kitten rode on Rapidash, with Kitten passed out in Beta's arms. Beta knew that Candy City was a two day ride away and he had to make up as much ground as possible before Kitten bled out. He had managed to wrap up Kitten's wounds with a torn piece of his cape, but he knew it wouldn't be enough to last forever.

As the sky got darker, Beta decided to set up camp and rest for the night. He dismounted from Rapidash and laid Kitten down gently on the ground. Once she was settled, he searched for firewood and stared a fire, wrapping his cloak around Kitten to keep her warm. Kitten stirred and opened her eyes.

"Where am I?" she mumbled, starting to sit up.

"Lie back down, you're too injured to move," Beta said, trying to push Kitten back down into a lying position.

"Get off, I'm perfectly fine," Kitten pushed Beta's arm away and sat all the way up. She felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and flinched.

"Told you so," Beta sighed as Kitten fell back down on the ground, gasping.

Kitten gritted her teeth. "I've been through worse before. This is nothing. Take me back to the group."

"We're not going back. We're going to Candy City to get you fixed up," Beta stated bluntly. The last thing he wanted was for her to get her way and have her death on his hands. "Get some rest, we're leaving again in the morning."

"Fine," Kitten grumbled and turned over on her side. She felt Beta's cape on top of her and threw it back at him. "I don't need this. I'm fine on my own." Beta sighed heavily and wrapped it back on top of her.

"Don't be stubborn, just accept that you need help," Beta looked down at the young girl with hopelessness. She looked back at him angrily and then looked away, her face getting hot with embarrassment. Beta went back to his spot and watched over Kitten until she fell asleep, watching as her normally hard, stubborn features became soft and peaceful. Satisfied, Beta turned over and fell asleep himself. Then the next morning Beta and Kitten continued their journey to Candy City.

'Is he alive'? Yria shouted behind everyone. 'He's fine' Ignis yelled.
'So lets finish out fight Yria'! Karusu sed running to her.
Mawile what do you think? Mawile was sleeping on Yria's poncho. 'Well... maybe another time'? Yria sed not even caring.'Fine' Karusu grumeply replied. Good Zeno was drawing in the ground agian. Do you think Kitten and Beta are stil alive? Tri sed a bit scared.
"I'm sure they're OK." Yria said. Just as seh finsihed that sentence rain began to drip from the darkened sky.
"We should go inside the tents!" Tri exclaimed."What about the Zenos?"-Yria asked-"We've got to drag them inside.". Karasu and Iginis draged the two Zenos in the tent as the downpoor began, Ignis keeping his sword around evil Zeno's throat.

Meanwhile Beta, awoke from the sound of the raindrops. He went out of the tent and stood in its perifery. He looked into the near bushes and saw a black object, he went out in the rain to check what it was. It was a chared body, it appeared to be a bird pokemon, it was holding something in its claws. Beta picked the small object and opened it up. He was terrified to read the contents:
"Dear Great jelly pope Istas,
I am sending this to warn you of a dangerous pokemon trainer going for the Candy City. He wields fire jelly and the legendary Ho-oh.
Your loyal servant BetaX."
The corpse was of his Swellow... Beta was shocked. ''What's wrong?'' Kitten asked. ''Oh, nothing.'' Beta answered. Beta knew that they needed to travel faster to make it in time. The next morning Beta woke up early to find smoke rising in the distance.
"Oh no..." Beta thought to himself. He ran to Kitten's tent and tried waking her up.
"Yawn...what is it?..." Kitten said lazily.
"We have to go, now." Beta demanded.
"Why?...Can't we at least eat or something first?" Kitten asked, rubbing her eyes.
"No, we can't. Come on." Beta said as he picked up Kitten.
"Hey!" Kitten yelled. "Put me down!" Beta ignored her, and got onto his Rapidash.

They rapidash sped off towards Candy city. The rain was getting worse, rapidash's flames began to dim. "Come on girl, keep it going." Beta urged.
"I think my cuts are opening again," Kitten told Beta, "think we could slow down a bit?"
"Sorry Kitten, that's not an option. Rapidash use Agility"
"Aaau-!" Kitten screamed in pain but forced herself to stop. "Stay strong" she told herself. After what seemed like hours, Beta said "We'll be arriving soon." Kitten awoke just in time to see the charred wasteland. Beta dismounted Rapidash and helped Kitten down. Kitten reached for one of her pokeballs but Beta stopped her. "You don't have enough energy, please don't move. I'll get it out for you. Who do you want?"
Kitten hesitated, "Thanks Beta, could you get Mightyena?"
Beta took the pokeball off of Kittens belt and released Mightyena.
Mightyena sat down next to Kitten and her face relaxed. Beta went searching for survivors. As he searched, he found The same dark coloured Ho-Oh flying in the sky setting the city alight. beta noticed that future was standing on top of a building.
"enjoying the show?" future asked "don't worry its only just begun!"
Future threw out a pokeball and a charizard came out. Future then touched his goggles in a specific area and chrizard mega evolved into mega charizard X.

"why are you doing this to this glorious city!" beta asked
"why am i doing this its because the world will be mine i will Surpass the Oracles!!!!" shouted Future.
with one movement of his hand mega charizard X dashed towards beta to slash him with dragon fang. but out of no where a Abomasnow appeared.
"Alright Abomasnow time to mega evolve!" shouted beta.
when Abomasnow mega evolved the battle had only just begun.

Abomasnow transformed into his mega form, it attacked swiftly with an ice shard.  The attack slamed into charizard's body, knocking it back. Seemingly unfazed charizard roared with his suny day attack, clearing the rainclouds. "Hmm, I think its time you saw real fire"- said Future as he threw a jar of fire jelly into the air. His charizard devoured it, glass and all. Afterwards Beta wached in fear as charizard's eyes began to glow and as its flames tripled in size.

As its flames trippled in size they turned into a green colour and Mega charizards skin started turned into a darker black and its eyes turned green as well. Mega Charizard X has jelly evolved into Mega Charizard ZX!
"now its time to show you what fire can really burn" said future as he commanded Mega Charizard ZX to use thousand flaming arrows (fire type thousand arrows) beta and mega abomasnow tried to dodge the Thousand flaming arrows attack but with no success beta was pinned against a wall and so was his abomasnow.
"i don't want to kill you beta...... but i do want to use you" said future as he grabbed out a black and green gem from his pocket putting it into his goggles and started mind controlling beta.
"you will do what i say, i am your master, you will defeat anyone who comes near the candy city and kill them even. the ice cream lords hands shall be covered in blood shed NOW GO MY PUPPET!!" commanded Future
Kitten was still standing out front of the candy city "ah beat your back" kitten said as beat started walking towards her with green eyes from his helmet. "beta?" kitten said in confusion "this isn't funny beta.. Beta??" kitten said as she was walking away from beta with mightyena by her side. she tripped on a rock and collapsed because of her wounds. Mega abomasnow was following beta while kitten was on the floor in tears "beta.... please......."
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" shouted Gzeno as the group appeared on the pathway to the candy village. the whole group was there except for Karasu.

"Hmm...All of you can't stop him now he is mine to control." future began "This is the end for you al-" "not if  i say anything about it!" karasu said as he leapt from behind pointing his sword at future. "this is it for you." Karasu threatened "not the end, this is merely the beginning. But i am wasting my time here. Come Beta they are of no threat without you.We go to the holy jelly city. (beta and future won't appear again till the oracles have been defeated) And with that they fled on the dark Ho-Oh. "looks like we won't see them for a while" Zeno said. "Aaaaah!" Kitten screamed in pain. "we need to help her." karasu said. "but how?" yria replied.

"I think I can help out with that" a new voice said. "I'm Kyle Storm-Blade, now if you want your friend to live come with me. We need to act fast".
As the group began to leave, Tri noticed something coming from above the, now destroyed, Candy City. It was a Purple Flare.
"Hey guys!" Tri said, pointing at the flare. "Look over there! That might be someone signaling for help."
"Should we go to it?" Asked Yria.
"You two go ahead, Your duplicate problem can come with you and i'll need the other guy to help me get your hurt friend to safety. Meet us on the outskirts when your done." Kyle replied. "It's karasu!" almost yelling the word at kyle. Yria, Tri, Zeno-E and Zeno-G trailed behind keeping a close eye on eachother as they headed for the origin of the signal.

"Why can't I stay with Kiiiiitten?" whined good Zeno.
"Shut up!" replied evil Zeno.
"Over there!" Yria pointed out. In the distance a hooded figure was releasing a brilliant flame from his hand. Tri stepped back, "It might be Future." Yria shook her head, smirking. "I think I know who it is." She began running towards the hooded figure. He sensed her presence and spun around. He had just about stabbed her but she dodged.
"Hey! Be careful!"
"Yria? Zeno... s?" LM
"In the flesh!" the three chorused.
"And...?" LM wondered aloud.
"I delivered some stuff that you guys didn't need." Tri explained.
LM was silent for a bit. "I haven't found any survivors..." he finally said.
"As in, no corpses?" Tri asked.
"No. Unfortunately I've seen lots of those." LM replied.
The group was silent until a Sceptile ran up to the group. Everyone except for L.M. was startled. Evil Zeno prepared to attack.
"No! Wait!" L.M. shouted. He then turned to the Sceptile.
"Did you find anyone?" L.M. asked the Pokemon.
"No?...Hmm...Okay. Gaia, return." L.M. said. He then put out a Pokeball, and took the Sceptile.
"Sorry to startle you all." L.M. said. "I was having Gaia look for survivors, but to no avail..."
"Okay, L.M., we need you to come with us." Yria said.
"Why?" L.M. inquired. "I need to find Future and end his reign of terror."
"Kitten's been hurt...bad." Tri said suddenly.
"...Lets go." L.M. ordered. The group then headed to their new camp in the outskirts.

Karasu waited for everyone to go ahead of him and started walking off to the mountains. no one noticed except for Yria who seemed really curious to what karasu is up to mainly yria wants to follow him so she can prove shes not a murderer.

yrias mind (I wonder why he's walking up these mountains, is he meeting someone or finding something)
karasu entered a cave inside of the mountain and started talking. his voice echoing silently through the cave. Yria started coming out of hiding and noticed that karasu was talking to a black rock that is stuck in some ice. "why are you talking to that rock karasu?" yria asked
"im trying to free it why you followed me is beyond me you witch" karasu replied
and with a flash he sent out sasuke who is now a fully grown black greninja
and with one swift low kick the ice shattered and the black rock fell out of the ice rolling towards Karasu's feet.
"is that what you were after?" Yria asked.
"Yes it was talking to me its my friend" Karasu replied.

"Take me to Kitten. I can heal her." L.M. said with confidence.
"She's in this tent here." Kyle said, guiding L.M. to the tent. L.M. went inside, and saw Kitten laying asleep on the ground. Blood was starting to leak for her bandages. L.M. concentrated and begun the healing process. The sudden warmth coming from Kitten's wound woke her up.
"Hey...What are you do-"
"I'm fixing you up." L.M. interrupted. "Don't worry. You'll be fine."
"I'm fine already, just let me- Ow!" A sharp pain went though Kitten's lower torso.
"Hey." L.M. said sharply. "Stay down. You aren't fine, but you will be. Just give it some time."
"Ow...yeah, okay..." Kitten said in slight pain. Kitten could feel warmth spreading through her abdomen. At first it felt like fire, but it slowly became more soothing. Her wounds slowly stitched together and Kitten could no longer feel any pain radiating from her torso. She sat up and lifted her shirt to inspect herself, blushing slightly when she remembered someone else was in the room. The healing magic did surprisingly well. The wounds were completely closed and the pain had vanished. It wasn't perfect, however. Kitten traced a large, ragged, pink scar on her abdomen in fascination. Dropping her shirt, she looked up at L.M.

"Are you feeling better?" L.M. asked, his brows knit with worry.

"Much better," Kitten replied, nodding her head. "Thank you."

"It's not perfect, though. The healing spell imitates the way the patient heals. Since you're human, you form scars, etc.," L.M. explained.

"That's fine," Kitten said, showing a slight smile. "I like it better this way. But..." Kitten looked down at the ground.

"What's the matter?" L.M. asked.

"It's just that, I'm wondering. Why did you return?" Kitten looked back up at L.M., a mixture of different emotions revealing themselves in her eyes.
"Well, at first," L.M. explained, "it was to stock up on new supplies, but on my way into town...I...I saw..." L.M. paused. Kitten could see that he was angry and frightened.
"It's okay. You don't need to tell me if you don't want to." Kitten said surprisingly soft.
"No," L.M. said, "...I saw the smoke. I knew who had to have done it. Then I remembered you...and the group, and..." He paused again. "I didn't want to lose someone else...again..." Tears began to well up at the corner of LM's eyes. Silence filled the tent.
Kitten reached up and wiped L.M.'s tears away with her thumb. L.M. blushed lightly at the sudden contact and Kitten looked at the ground again, hiding her reddening face.
"I... I know how you feel," Kitten looked back up at L.M. Her cheeks still had a hint of blush and tears started to prick her eyes, but she fought them back. She didn't like to show weakness in front of others. She placed her hand on L.M.'s shoulder and squeezed it comfortingly. Then her eyes lit up in determination. "But we need to find Future and put an end to his destruction."
Kitten stood up and started to head to out of the tent.
Before she could exit, L.M. seemingly out of nowhere said, "Lucas Moyaird." Kitten stop and turned around in confusion, not fully understanding what L.M. just said.
"Huh?" Kitten quickly asked.
"My name. It's Lucas Moyaird." L.M. replied. "No one else knows my name..." He paused. "No one...except you."
Kitten, taken back by confusion, just stood there, before finally coming to her senses.
"Thank you for helping me," she said. "Thank you...for everything." After she said this, there was a brief pause before Kitten left the tent.

"lets get this straight, a group of people met up by chance to take in the oracles and was eventually headed by beta. This LM left to get stronger and returned just now and fixed your friend kitten up. A guy called future burns everything in sight and turned beta evil. And somehow there are 2 of you. So I'm guessing that your gonna need someone to keep you from making am even bigger mess of things. Don't worry I'll keep you all safe, I used to train people in an empty hand form of martial arts and I can teach anyone how to fight without weapons if they don't know how." Kyle spoke to the group gathered by the fire. (if anyone wants they can start a rivalry between 1 character and Kyle) "I don't know what the future holds but it will be brighter than today" Ignis replied as they sat staring into the sky.
Then Zeno-E said: ''Just let me go already.'' ''We can't let you go. Who knows what you will do.'' Tri replied. ''And we need you to fuse back to get the old us back.'' Zeno-G said. ''But I won't run away. You guys can trust me.'' Zeno-E said. ''No, we can't take risks.'' L.M. replied. ''Just let me go! Or else I will use my magic on you guys.'' Zeno-E said. ''Ok for a little while, but we keep an eye on you.''Tri said.
L.M. kept an close eye on Zeno-E and what he was doing. But then Zeno-E ran away.

"How'd you let him get away?!" Kyle demanded.

"I...I just got distracted, alright..." L.M. said, disappointed in himself.

"What could have possibly been more important than making sure he didn't get away?!" Kyle yelled.

"I was thinking about Kit-" L.M. stopped himself. "Okay. He got away and it was my fault, but there isn't anything we can do about it now except find him." L.M. stated.

"Hmph. Now I'm not so sure we can trust you," Kyle said, "but you're right. We need to find him."But now is not the time to search, I sense he will be a large part of our future and we shall see him again. In the meantime I suggest we all get some rest, do what you will for the rest of the evening but by no means enter my tent" Kyle replied "why?" LM asked. "Because, there are some things not meant for mortal eyes to see until they are ready." Kyle put simply.
'We are not sure we can trust you Kyle' Yria sed walking to her tent.
'I'm the one who saved you're little friend so I would be quiet if I was you' says Kyle as he walked next to Yria. 'I'm not you're friend so don't try to command me. Yria sed as she walks in her tent. 'Goodnight' Yria shouted when she was inside her tent.
Slowly, everyone in the group started going to bed in their tents. As Tri was heading to here tent, she spotted L.M. out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look at him, and he appeared to be heading into the forest.

"Hey." Tri yelled as quietly as she could. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go relax." He responded, not trying to be quiet. "I...I need to get this anger out of my system."

"HEY!" Kitten yelled. "I'm trying to sleep here!"

"Sorry!" L.M. replied apologetically. "Anyways," he said to Tri, clearly trying to be quiet, "Good night."

"Good night." Tri said.

Llama went into the forest. He saw a shadowy figure standing under a tree. Llama approached him. ''Who are you?'' Llama asked. ''You know who I am.'' Llama recognized the voice. ''Zeno is that you.'' ''You guessed right'' Zeno-E said. ''So what are you going to do to me?'' Zeno-E asked."Bring you back to camp, of course." LM replied.
"Hah, just try! I know you can't hurt me but the reverse isn't true."
They stood in silence. Suddenly LM said "That's what you think but you're assuming I'm like the others," he disappeared. He appeared behind Zeno-E "Which I'm not." "Saw that coming" Zeno-E laughed as he teleported away. "Want to know where I'm going?" Zeno-E taunted. "I'm heading for-" he dodged a strike from LM, "Well I won't tell you then." "Stop messing with me Zeno, I know you won't leave." LM said. "What?" Zeno-E said as his voice escalated. Zeno began attacking LM frantically. "Why do you think that?" Zeno asked. Zeno caught LM in a bubble, "Oh, I win!" he said as he caused the bubble to implode.

Tri jerked awake. "What was that? It felt so real..." Tri threw on her coat, grabbed her sword, and ran in the direction she saw LM go. After dashing at top speed for what seemed like hours, she saw two figures fighting. "Thank goodness, you're alive." LM and Zeno-E spun around. "Why are you here?" LM asked. "I had a dream. And you..." she couldn't force herself to say it.
Zeno began, "Oh, interesting you might be useful to-"
"Future." Tri finished.
Zeno-E laughed, "want to come with me then? As in willingly, of course. You're coming either way."

"Everyone wake up we go to the forest" Kyle yelled at the weary group. "And why should we do that?" Yria asked. "Because your friends are in danger." Kyle replied. With that said they ventured to the clearing where Zeno-E faced off against LM. There they found a wounded LM. "He...took...Tri..." Was all he managed to say before he lost conciseness. "we need to get him back to camp now, I must stay in my tent sill dawn then we shall help your friend tri. For now help LM."Kyle ordered. "Fine..." Yria replied with a sigh.

Yria was tending to LM's wounds for almost an hour before he finally broke consciousness.

"Glad to see you're finally awake." Yria said. "I told everyone to stay out of this tent while I tended to you. I didn't think anyone would want to see you almost dead."

"Ugh...Th-thanks..." L.M. said in an immense amount of pain.

"To be brutally honest, most of us thought you weren't going to make it." Yria stated bluntly.

"...Thats reassuring..." L.M. stated. "...So, how everyone doing after" He asked.

"Well," Yria said...
"Karasu is training his pokemon with Kitten and is still talking to his rock, Kyle is trying to find traces to where Zeno-E took Tri, Zeno-G is drawing pictures of kitten with a stick again, and im trying to heal your wounds" replied Yria
" Yria get Karasu in here I need to tell you and him something" L.M whispered as he coughed up blood.
Yria got Karasu by his scarf and started dragging him to the tent
"Karasu and Yria I don't trust this Kyle character also Zeno-E went up to the mountains with Tri..... I want you two to go and retrieve Tri from Zeno-E from atop of the nearby mountain your both strong warriors and trainers go up to the mountains and don't tell anyone" L.M whispered as he coughed up more blood.
"right will do L.M" Karasu and Yria replied
as they made there way up to the mountain
Just as Karasu and Yria were going to set out Ignis stopped them.
"Just where are you guys going?" asked Ignis.
"Um no where" replied Karasu suspiciously.
"Well make sure you come back from no where as soon as you can so that you guys can help your friends. That way I can leave," Ignis told them.
"Wait leave where?" questioned Yria.
"Lets just say I need to be somewhere but I got sidetracked helping you people," answered Ignis.

"So is this new?" Zeno-E asked Tri.
"I think so, but it feels familiar." Tri replied.
"Stran-" Zeno began but he realized a possibility. Could Tri be- he shook his head, that was impossible. This feeble young girl couldn't have imprisoned his mother. "What's wrong?" Tri asked. He considered bringing up his thoughts but decided against it, "nothing, what else can you do?" "I just seem to know stuff right now. Sorry to let you down." Tri admitted.
"It's fine, did you notice anything else happening at the same time?"
"Uh, not really. Ask me when it happens agai-" Tri collapsed.

She awoke and found herself watching a past version of her wandering through a forest. Suddenly the other Tri's neck was enveloped in a scarlet flame and- She awoke with a start
She was in a tent, but not a familiar one. Tri assumed that Zeno-E set up camp after she passed out. She wanted to head back to her friends, but she knew the power of Zeno-E, and didn't want to risk upsetting him.

"Someone will come find me, I just know it. It's best if I just wait here." Tri thought.

(Back at camp)
"Hey..." LM said in a gravely voice. Ignis turned around and was suprised to see that LM was out of his tent.

"What are you doing up?" Ignis said sharply "Your wounds aren't fully healed yet, you have to stay lying down."

"Just te-" LM coughed. "Just tell Kitten to come see me...please." Ignis paused for a moment before nodding assuringly.

"Th...Thank you." LM said as he slowly walked back into his tent. Ignis then went to get Kitten.


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Second one?:

Kitten was sound asleep in her tent, unaware of what had passed during the late night hours. The sound of urgent footsteps roused her and a sharp voice called out.
"Oi, Kitten! Wake up!" It was Ignis.
Kitten stretched and rubbed her eyes. "Nnng, what it is...?" she mumbled, half-asleep. Ignis unzipped the tent flaps and threw them open.
"It's L.M. He told me to come get you. He's been badly injured." Kitten snapped awake.
"Wait what!? Oh no..." Kitten's eyes widened in fear. She jumped up and rushed past Ignis, running as fast as she could to L.M.'s tent. Opening the tent flaps, she saw L.M. lying there, covered in bandages. A weak smile formed his lips. Kitten couldn't help but notice blood leaking through the bandages on his chest and left arm. "How did this happen?" She asked, walking over and kneeling beside L.M.
"I'm so glad you came..." L.M. breathed. "I went into the forest to blow off some steam. Zeno-E followed me and we ended up getting in a fight. It didn't... turn out so well for me... He got away and took Tri with him..." L.M. coughed up blood and Kitten flinched, her worry for him increasing. "It sucks I can't heal myself... My powers have weakened."
Kitten ran her hand through L.M.'s hair. "Lucas..." She wanted to cry again, but she held back her tears. Crying wouldn't do anything to help and she didn't want L.M. to worry. She kept stroking his hair, listening to his breaths and watching his bleeding chest slowly rise and fall. "Don't worry, I'll be here for you. You should get some sleep." L.M. nodded and whispered a silent thank you before drifting off.
"Where are they?!" Kyle yelled. Kitten woke up, startled. She realized she fell asleep in L.M's tent. She still had her hand in his hair. Suddenly, Kyle threw open the tent flaps.
"Where are they?!" Kyle repeated angrily.
"Where are who?" Kitten asked, genuinely curious. She noticed that L.M was starting to shift around.
"Yria and Karasu!" Kyle screamed. "We can't find them anywhere!"
"Why would I know?" Kitten asked. As she said this, L.M woke up.
"What's..." L.M paused to yawn. "...what's going on?"
"Yria and Karasu vanished." Kitten responded.
"...What?" L.M said, not exposing the fact that he knew where they were.
Kitten shook her head in confusion. "I don't get it. Where could they have gone?"
Kyle was storming outside, opening all of the tents, expecting to find any trace of them. Then another shock came to him. "W-what!? Ignis is gone, too!"
Kitten and L.M. looked at each other for a brief moment, puzzled. "Why would Ignis leave?" L.M. wondered aloud, but Kitten just shook her head again. L.M. looked back at Kitten, who looked like she was deep in thought.
"He did seem like the lone wolf type," she said. "He could've gone off on his own without telling us, but that doesn't explain why Karasu and Yria are gone... unless..." She trailed off, a sudden thought striking her. "They must've gone after Zeno-E and Tri!" A fiery intensity lit up her eyes and she rushed out of the tent, towards the forest.
"W-wait!" L.M. sat up and called after Kitten, wincing at the pain in his torso. But Kitten was already gone.
"Kitten!" L.M yelled as he got up and started to shuffle towards the forest. "Wait!"
"Oh no you don't!" Kyle shouted at L.M, enraged. "You had something to do with this, I know it!"
"No, I don't." L.M lied, continuing to walk towards the forest.
"Well you're not going anywhere now!" Kyle said.
"...Oh yeah? Watch me..." L.M said ominously as he reached for one of his Pokeballs. "C'mon Valor." L.M then released a blue Braviary from the Pokeball. L.M, in his weakened state, struggled to get on the back of the bird, but succeeded.
"Let's fly..." He said. Just then, Valor shot forward and took flight above the forest, leaving Kyle alone at the camp with Zeno-G...

"its so cold.... I want to go back to my friends take me back please Zeno-E" Tri begged as she was magically stuck inside the tent
"your not going anywhere till I find out the truth about you" Zeno-E Replied
"TRI!" Yria and Karasu said as they were ninja running towards Zeno-E at the pinacle of the mountain
"finally there here" Zeno-E replied
"wait he wanted us here?" Yria said to karasu
Zeno-E smirked
"Why are you smirking Zeno-E" karasu yelled
"oh its just that if I snap my fingers I could freeze you right here right now" Zeno-E said maniacally
Yria and karasu stared at him in confusion
"let me show you what I mean" Zeno-E said as he raised his hand up into the air holding a orb that looked cold as ice
a big flash happened and a blizzard started brewing
after a few seconds the blizzard turned into snow falling gracefully
"meet the bird of Ice Articuno!" Zeno-E said
"Karasu get ready I'll take down the articuno you take down Zeno-E don't kill him just paralyze him or trap him" Yria said
"right will do" karasu replied
Yria sent out her mawile and mega evolved it straight away and engaged battle with articuno while karasu drew his sword and engaged battle with Zeno-E
Zeno-E and karasu's sword weilding skills were evenly matched as the 2 clashed blades with eachother over and over again. Yria successfully took down the articuno with her mega mawile
"I did it!" Yria said with excitement
Zeno-E charged some magic in his hand and shot a little magic arrow towards Yria and it shot her in the arm.
Yria collapsed in shock and fainted
"Yria!!!!" karasu yelled
"YOU BASTARD!!!!" Karasu yelled as he started to get a blue aura around him and started get red flashing eyes. "PREPARE TO DIE MORTAL!" karasu said as he started flew into the air and the aura grew some wings and allowed karasu to fly "TERRAVOLT BLAST!!!!" Karasu yelled as he charged down towards Zeno-E covering himself in electricity and broke Zeno-E's forcefield
"What sorcery is this!?" Zeno-E said
"Yria, karasu im coming to help you" kitten said as she was running around the forest. she then noticed the burst of blue lightning stike the peak of the nearby mountain and started running towards it
"Kitten, Yria, karasu where are you" L.M said as he coughed up blood while riding his blue braviary (BOOM!) "what was that strike of lightning for?" L.M said as he noticed blue lightning hitting the peak of the nearby mountain "better go check it out they might be there" L.M said as he coughed up more blood
(back to Kyle) "those bastards I will find them Come on out metagross" Kyle said as he through out metagross and flew up into the air and noticed the strike of blue lightning hitting the peak of the mountain "they must be there" Kyle said as he instructed metagross to fly towards the peak.
"Please!" Tri screamed, "Don't hurt each other!" Tears ran down her face as she slammed her fists on the walls of the bubble. "Why are you doing this?"
It flashed through her eyes, blood was everywhere and people where screaming. She had a sword and someone was trapped between her and a wall. A flash, she was talking to a red flame. It called her Shade but that was the name of the oracles. Suddenly a woman ran up from behind her, she looked like Zeno. She asked if she was proud of what she had done and to think of the lives she was ruining. This other her responded that she had no guilt. Suddenly the woman was surrounded by purple mist. "For my son" she screamed and a loud crash brought Tri back. Karasu's sword was covered in lightning and he was slashing at Zeno-E with all his might. "I am the hero! Just you see!" he yelled. Zeno-E glanced at Tri, "as I thought, you're beginning to awaken. Such a spell wouldn't last forever." Karasu landed a hit on Zeno-E. "Auugh!" he screamed, falling backwards. He whistled and Articuno swooped by and picked him up. "I've gotten what I wanted so I'll be taking my leave now." As Zeno-E flew away, he caused the bubble with Tri in it to follow. Karasu attempted to break the bubble but his power was fading. "Don't worry, she isn't really you're friend." Zeno-E mockingly assured Karasu. "Ignore what he said Karasu, we've lost. Come on down before you push yourself too far." Yria told him. Karasu landed as the others arrived.

“Wake up!” someone said. Beta opened his eyes. He was in a field, chaned to a large slab. A figure stood in front of him. It was him, but he looked somewhat malicious. The unchained Beta turned to face the chained one. “Who are you?” the chained Beta questioned. “Don’t you remember? You have such short term memory!” said the figure as he removed his mask to reveal Future’s face.”What do you want with me, Future?” Beta asked. “I want your help, I thought it was obvious! Well your willing help I mean, I already have your unwillingful assistance.” Future answered.”What do you mean?” Beta said, puzzeled. “Oh, right you don’t remember. I was able to hypnotize you, your body is under my control now.”.”WHAT! Let me go now!” Beta demanded. “Why else would I be here?” Future said as he smirked. Beta’s vision began to blur.
Beta awoke in a dimly lit stone room, on a large bed, with Future sitting beside him. Beta reached for his pokeballs but they weren’t on his belt. “Do you think me such a fool BetaX, cardinal of icecream? I’ve taken away your weapons, but I’m not here to do you harm.” Future calmly said. “Then why have you taken me here? To help you in killing the Jelly Pope? Forget it!” Beta ragefuly answered. ”Not exactly. I want you to help me recruit a team, granted I have already started the collection process. Your two companions Zenox and The Third of Shade have voulenteraly come to my aid.”. “Is this some sort of trick Future, Zeno would never join you, and who is this Third of Shade you’re talking about? ” Beta stated confidently. “You’ll see soon enough Beta, soon enough.”

Kyle jumped of his Metagross. 'What do you think you are doing! Don't look at me like nothing has happened, where are Zeno-E and Tri! And what was that blue lightning'! Yria sat down 'Shut up' Yria replied. 'Wh...What happened'? Kyle asked very curius.
'Zeno-E treathened to freeze us, then Articuno appeared. Karusu was fighting Zeno-E while I was taking Articuno down. After articuno was beaten I got hit by a arrow being unconsius. Karusu probally though I was dead with him going complete berserk aka the blue lightning.
Then Zeno-E flew off with Tri. Happy now Kyle'? Just as Yria was done with telling what happened Kitten came running to us. 'What happened'? Kitten shouted. Zeno-E almost killed us and he took Tri. Karusu explained. After that L.M. came to them. 'Wh.. What happened''? L.M. said as he coughed up some blood. 'Where alive'! Yria told L.M with a irritated voice. 'Whait... Where's Ignis? Kitten replied. 'I don't know, he probally left us.' Yria told Kitten. 'Where did Zeno-E and Tri go'? Kyle said 'Why do you want to know that'? Karusu said.
'I'm going after him'. Kyle said.
'You're not going to kill him, his good side will die with him'. Yria stated calmly.
'I don't care, he's a danger to us. I'm here to help you're friends remember'? Kyle said looking around him.
"If we go with you, you have to promise he doesn't die." Yria said to Kyle. He looked frustrated as he thought over the offer. Finally, he reluctantly said, "Fine, but we go now"
"...We travel by foot." L.M said, unannounced. It was clear that the high speed flying had taken a lot out of him in his weakened state.
"Yeah," Kitten agreed, "We are not in any position to be flying." "It would be faster if we flew." Kyle argued. "Look at him." Kitten said, gesturing towards L.M. "The flight took a toll on him. We ARE walking." Kyle, frustrated, said "Fine! We'll travel on foot if it's so important to you"
The group slowly made their way down the mountain, Kitten supporting L.M the whole way down.
"Thanks for...getting him to do this." L.M said to Kitten after reaching the bottom. He smiled slightly, showing his gratitude...
Just as our heroes reached the campsite they were greeted with a familiar face, it was Ignis.
"Just where have you been Ignis? You could have helped us save Tri!" scolded Kyle.
"If you must know I was chasing Zeno-E right when you guys scared him off," replied Ignis.
"Then what happened?" asked Yria.
"I was to slow on the ground so I sent my talonflame to follow him. Once Zeno-E lands, talonflame will come back and show us the way," he told her. "Anyways we should probably rest. Once we get word of where Zeno is we'll have to hurry, who knows how long he'll stay there."

Everyone went to go pack up there stuff to keep moving
"karasu can I talk to you for a minute?" Ignis asked
"sure" karasu replied
Ignis led karasu away from the camp
"I want to talk to you about the events that happened at the moutain" Ignis explaind
"what about them" karasu said as he started to look worried
"that lightning strike that hit the mountain was no ordinary lightning bolt 1 second it was a blizzard the next thing a thunder bolt hits the mountain" Ignis said
karasu began to look uneasy about what Ignis was saying knowing that the thunder bolt hitting the mountain was his doing
"karasu whats in your pocket" Ignis asked as he noticed karasu putting his hand in his pocket
"nothing...." karasu replied
Ignis quickly grabbed karasu's arm and pulled out what was in his pocket
"where did you get this?" Ignis asked
"I found it in a mountain and got sasuke to get it out of a wall of ice for me" karasu replied "it was talking to me"
"okay karasu this is no ordinary rock treat it with care its a legendary pokemon that will come out when the time is right" Ignis explained
karasu seemed schocked about what Ignis just said
" what happened to you up there is zekrom reaching out to you to give you some more power to take down the enemy but you not knowing what you were doing almost killed Zeno-E. what happened to you happens to alot of people who weild or look after legendary beasts like that. it happened to me once when I had the flame orb which had the power to call forth entei. entei possesed me and gave me some more power. this form that legendary pokemon can give you is called the demon form. its very rare but does not happen much I only accessed that form when the other protectors of entei were trying to calm its rage I can no longer access said form anymore" Ignis explained
"so what your saying is.... that Zekrom has made me into a demon?" karasu asked
"precisely but if you can learn to control this power instead of using it to hurt others maybe you can be a true warrior. but just think about it now you and Yria have something in common. People think she's a witch because of her power and you can now turn into a demon because of zekrom. I advise you don't tell anyone else this except for Yria because im taking both of you with me" Ignis explained
"WHAT!?" karasu said "why do you want me and Yria to come with you"
"well seeing as Yria is a witch your a demon and im a guardian we make a perfect team to take down people like Zeno-E,Future and the oracles we can even save Beta" Ignis explained "I want you to tell Yria this and pack your stuff quickly it will be nightfall soon and we have to leave quickly I still don't trust this Kyle character" Ignis said
karasu understood and went to go tell Yria.
As the morning sun rose on the camp, and Kitten woke up from her rest, she glanced around and noticed that Karasu, Yria, and Ignis had vanished. 'Oh, great,' Kitten thought to herself, 'This means we'll have to deal with another one of Kyle's fits.' She decided to ignore this fact, and went to cook a quick breakfast for herself, L.M, and Zeno-G. Once she finished making breakfast, she went and gave Zeno-G his food.
"Thanks Kitten." Zeno-G said, smiling. Kitten smiled back out of courtesy. She then took the food that was left over to where L.M was sleeping.
"Hey. Lucas," she said, "I made breakfast, if you're hungry." L.M yawned, stretched a little bit, wincing, and slowly leaned upright, trying to limit the pain. "Thanks Kitten. I really...appreciate this, and everything else you've done for me." L.M said weakly, and smiled. Kitten blushed slightly, before asking, "Do you think you need help eating, or will you be okay?" "I'll be fine, but thank you," L.M replied. They began to eat their breakfast, but shortly after, Kyle woke up and announced, "All right everyone! We're leaving!"
"But what about Yria, Karasu and Ignis? They're not here." Kitten asked. Kyle quickly replied, saying, "They probably left to go down their own paths. Or they were just too scared to continue with us." Kitten didn't believe that they would leave, but she didn't want to enrage Kyle, and dropped the topic.
Kitten helped L.M up, who then went to grab all of his things, as did Kitten and Zeno-G, before departing. They traveled for what seemed like hours before stumbling acrossed a burned down village. Upon spotting it, L.M stopped in his tracks.
"Hey, what's up?" Kitten asked, worrying about L.M. "This..." L.M said, clearly holding back tears, "This is my home..."
Kitten felt a sinking feeling in her chest. Images started flashing in her mind as she gazed at the charred remains of the buildings. Familiar homes in flames, one particular house reduced to nothing but rubble, her mother's face, teary-eyed and afraid... Kitten stood there in shock, unmoving. L.M. stood beside her, not moving as well.
"What... happened here?" Kitten asked, her voice barely above a whisper.
L.M. sighed, the painful memories coming back to him. He motioned Kitten to follow him. "It happened when I was 16. I had run away from my village when I was 11 after my pet Growlithe, Mako, died. I mourned for him, but everyone told me to grow up and stop crying for my beloved pet. I lived in the forest for the next 5 years until I decided to come back and found my home like... this..." His voice broke when they stood in front of his house. His eyes rested on two graves in front of the charred, blackened house. "My parents..." The tears L.M. had been trying to hold back starting pouring down his face. "They were trapped inside and didn't make it."
Kitten grabbed L.M.'s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. She stared, unblinking, at the graves. "Do you know who did this?" She asked.
L.M.'s gaze suddenly became fierce. "Oh, I know who did this alright! And he's going to pay!" Kitten looked up at L.M.'s face as he muttered a single name.

"No! Lucas, wait!" Kitten yelled, fearing what he might do to Zeno-G, but L.M was blinded by rage. As he approached Zeno-G, L.M yelled, "You did this! You killed my family! My friends! YOU ruined my life!"
Zeno-G turned around in confusion, not fully understanding what L.M yelled. Zeno-G turned around to face L.M, but right as he got all the way around, L.M hit him with the hilt of his sword. Zeno-G fell to the ground, dazed and confused.
"What? What was that for!?" Zeno-G screamed after hitting the ground, but L.M didn't answer the question. "Get up, NOW!" L.M yelled at him, enraged. "Why the hell did you hit me?!" Zeno-G asked. "That was for my family!" L.M answered, tears still rolling down his face. "Now get up!"
"Lucas!" Kitten yelled. L.M turned around to look at her, but he then got hit in the back, right where one of his wounds were.
Blood spurted everywhere. Behind L.M., Zeno-G had his arm raised in front of him, his hand glowing with a red aura. L.M. fell to the ground, bleeding heavily and Kitten and Zeno-G suddenly went pale.

"I-I didn't mean it! He was attacking me!" Zeno-G cried, his whole body shaking. Kitten gave him a quick, worried glance and the both of them bent down to help L.M. Kitten reached into her belt pocket and pulled out black tape; the kind she used to wrap her arms. Taking off his shirt, she removed L.M.'s old bandages and saw the deep gash in his back, gushing with blood. Despite being used to seeing blood on almost a daily basis, Kitten wanted to vomit at the sight of L.M.'s wound. She reached into her belt pocket again and removed a needle with red thread. Her hands shaking violently, she willed herself to relax as she tried to put the thread through the eye of the needle. Once through, she bit the thread and started stitching up L.M.'s back. After making the last stitch and tying up the thread, she wrapped the black tape as tightly as she could without suffocating him and waited.
"I swear, I didn't mean to do it, Kitten." Zeno-G said nervously. "...Just go..." Kitten said quietly, almost in a whisper. "What?" Zeno-G asked. "Just leave us alone!" Kitten yelled at Zeno-G, enraged. "...okay..." Zeno-G said quietly. He turned around to leave and said, "...sorry..." before walking away.
Kitten sat, watching over L.M. She was on the brink of tears. She closed her eyes to hold back the tears, but a few leaked out. She suddenly felt something on her face. She opened her eyes to see L.M wiping away a tear off her cheek. He was smiling weakly. "...So you do cry." He said lightly. Kitten smiled and nearly began crying, but she held back the tears. "I'll be okay..." L.M said, "I'm not going to die on you."

That was the breaking point. She lost control as her tears overflowed, landing on L.M.'s face. "Lucas..." her voice broke and she curled into a ball, sobbing into L.M.'s chest. L.M. rubbed Kitten's back until she let it all out, then she sat up and wiped her eyes.
"I'm... sorry. For putting you through all this grief," L.M. said, apologetically. Kitten took a deep breath and looked at him, her eyes puffy and red.
"Please... don't rush into fights like that when you're injured. I couldn't imagine what would happen if you..." She couldn't bring herself to finish her sentence without a fresh wave of tears pooling in her eyes. L.M. nodded in understanding. Kitten sniffled and cleared her throat. "Can you stand?" She asked, getting up and extending her hand to him.
"Of course," L.M. replied, wincing slightly and taking her hand. His entire upper body felt like it was on fire. Kitten allowed L.M. to lean on her as she brought out her Arcanine, helping him onto it to keep him from standing.
"There's nothing left to do here so I guess we'd better keep moving," Kitten stated and L.M. nodded. They walked over to Zeno-G.
"I really sorr-" he stared, but Kitten interrupted him.
"Don't worry about it. What happened in the past stays in the past. C'mon, let's go." And all of them, including Kyle, left L.M.'s village.

We find Ignis, Yria, and Karasu walking in Grearland Woods
"Ignis where are we going and why again?" asked Yria.
"~sigh~ Must I tell you again? We're headed to somewhere I can train and get you two more comfortable with demon forms" replied Ignis.
Just as he said that they arrived at a clearing in the forest.
"Okay seeing as that you just recently achieved demon form, I'll start with you Karasu. Catch" Ignis said tossing the Zekrom stone to Karasu.
"What do you want me to do?" Karasu asked.
"Just draw your sword and concentrate on wanting power"
"Got it"
"Now come at me"
"If you say so!" Karasu exclaimed as he charged at him
Ignis quickly dodged the attack
"Again. This time try not to miss"
Karasu tried again but this time Ignis blocked it with his sword still in the scabbard
"Looks like I'll have nudge you along" Ignis said as he drew his sword and started attacking Karasu, who could barely keep up. "Come on! If you do not fight you will not survive!"
Just as it seemed like Karasu would be striked down, blue aura appeared around him.
"So this is his demon form" Ignis thought to himself as Karasu began to fight back with great power."Just as I thought, looks Zekrom's calling the shots"
"Karasu calm yourself! Don't let Zekrom overwhelm you!"
No response
"Looks like we'll have to do something about that. Come on out Entei!" Ignis yelled as he sent out the volcano pokemon."We are going to have to separate him from Zekrom, Entei"
"And how do you suppose we do that?" It asked
"I'll have to take the stone from him. Entei as soon as I disarm him you'll have to hold him down"
Ignis sprinted towards Karasu
"Entei charge the sword!" he commanded
Entei shot a fire ball toward Ignis' blade and ignited it. With one swoop Ignis knocked Karasu's sword out of his hands.
The volcano pokemon leaped onto Karasu holding him down. With that Ignis walked up to him and took back the stone. After a couple of moments the aura dissipated and Karasu lay there wonder what had happened.
"Why am I on the floor?"
"You went out of control. I was wrong your not ready for this" Ignis said holding up the stone
"Give it back he's my friend!"
"Not until you learn to control it. For now we are done. We'll pick right up tomorrow"
"No, we aren't done." Karasu denied.
Ignis spun around, "what did you just say?"
"I said, you aren't taking my friend away from me."
"Oh, is that right? Make me." Ignis challenged.
Karasu slowly got up and retrieved his sword. Yria ran up to him, "don't do this Karasu, it's not worth it." She stood between him and Ignis.
"You don't get it. I can't lose to this guy, I'm supposed to be the hero. If I can't beat this guy then I won't be able to defeat Future."
"That's not what I'm saying. None of us would be able to take Future on, one to one. If you two exhaust yourselves and Future comes, I won't be able to hold him off for long."
Karasu looked away and walked around Yria.
"Bring it." Ignis taunted.
Karasu charged full speed at Ignis. "Oh, I will!" he yelled. Suddenly, he tripped. "Wha? What just happened?"
"Heh! You've used the demon form twice before the exhaustion kicked in, what did you expect?"
Karasu lay, face down, on the ground for minutes on end. "You've really humiliated him Ignis. You shouldn't have done that." Yria said. "If that's what you think, go comfort him." Ignis instructed. Yria sat down next to Karasu. She heard a strange noise and put her ear near Karasu. "Wait, he's sleeping?"
Later that night Karasu and Yria had gone to sleep leaving Ignis and Entei by the campfire.
"It appears that boy will be more difficult to train than expected" said Entei. "It would be a lot easier to just return Zekrom to the thunder temple"
"True, but the so called hero will more than likely put up a fight" answered Ignis "Anyways now we know what happened to Articuno and Zekrom all those years ago. Whoever stole their stones must have died in the mountains. Guess Zeno-E found Articuno and Karasu found Zekrom"
"Hmmm. When do you plan on telling them your true motives for sticking around?" Entei asked
"I'll tell them when the time is right. For now we try and protect any of the Temples that we can. We've already lost four" replied Ignis
"And what of that girl you keep talking about?" questioned Entei
"She should be able to help with the two Zenos seeing as Kyurem resides in that temple..... It's getting late we should probably go to sleep too" Ignis said.

As Beta and Future walked through the long and dimly lit corridor Beta wondered:"What does he want with me? Why does he need my help?".
Just as that thought had run through Beta's head they stoped.
-Tell me BetaX, why do you think I need your help? Future asked in a dry and serious tone.
Confused by this abrupt question Beta answered quickly, without a second thought:
-You want to use my possition of power. Correct?
-Oh my, you truly are naive! What would I want with your power, an army, wealth? I have no use for such things. I chose you because of your utter and total determination to stop me! Your utter distaste for me, and your concern for Istas safety. You know that little Swellow of yours was quite adorable, By which I mean I adored the way it burned!
Just after Future uttered those words Beta grabed his throat with rage, trying to choke him. Future than griped Beta's arm squeezing it. Beta suddenly felt a burning pain in his arm. He jumped back in pain, lifted up his sleave and saw a red handprint on his arm. Future than grabed Beta's mask, Beta felt his face sear and he began screaming in pain. Through the screams Future with a cold and serious expression said:
-You're probobly wondering why your face is in such pain? I'll be as kind as to tell you. The Ashlands are a cruel and unforgiveing place, there is no vegetation, no trees - just ash and, well...pokemon. Most are of the fire type, I can tell you they are disgusting and burn the mouth, but eating them does have some benefits. - Future than released Beta and punched him in the stomach - Do that again and I will sear every peace of flesh off your corpse! Now walk we're late for a meeting, wouldn't want to keep your little friend waiting, now would we?
Beta got up in sevire agony and him and Future continued down the long hallway until they reached a flight of stairs. They climbed up - reaching the outside of the building. They were standing on a platform on what apeared to be a large dune of ash. An aerodactyle ridden by Zeno and Tri was standing on top of the platform with them.
-Tri, Zeno what are you doing here? Why have you come here! Why the hell are you betraying your friends!
''Why are they here?'' Beta said. ''They're here to help us.'' Future said. The Aerodactyl landed in front of Future. Zeno came down from it and Tri came down from Aerodactyl too. ''Hello Future. I came with Tri like you told me so in the forest.'' said Zeno-E ''Good. Now join us Tri.'' said Future. ''There is one catch. I will join too.'' said Zeno-E. ''Okay you can join us'' said Future.
-Tell you what though Zenox, I don't take you for such a retard to think I can't just kill you and take TriShade. So I propose something to you, we can have a battle. If I win I will have some fresh meat for my houndoom, if you win you will become my right hand. Does that sound fair to you? - Future nearly mockingly said.
-Your bargain sounds good, but don't think I can't just take Tri away with me and have you killed. That's not what I want though, lets have a battle, but the winner gets to do with the loser whatever- kill him, inslave him, join his cause. Anything of their choice! Zeno-E answered.
-I'm fine with that, but be warned you won't have an easy time! I say a battle 3v3, the one who defeats all of the other's pokemon wins! Future stated.
-Agreed! Zeno said as he drew three pokeballs.
They took position and tension was filling the air.
Zeno threw one of his pokeballs and a magneton appeared. "Ha! A magneton? I thought you were going to be a bit of a challenge." Future teased. "Hmph, what's your mighty pokemon" Zeno grunted. Future tossed a pokeball into the air and a reiniculus popped out. "Does Zeno have any chance?" Tri whispered to Beta. "I'd like to think so. Why'd you betray the group?" Beta replied under his breath. Tri simply smirked and looked away. "Shall we begin?" Zeno asked. "Of course." Future replied. Zeno ordered magneton towards Future. It attached itself to Future's visor and began violently flying around, "Augh! Go reiniculus!" After much struggling, Future managed to grab a hold of the magneton. "Gotcha!" he said and the magneton began nervously struggling. "What's wrong magneton?" Zeno asked and then noticed the magneton beginning to melt, "what are you doing? You monster, your going to kill it!" Zeno began casting a spell when reiniculus grabbed him from behind. "So unobservant." Future scoffed and tossed the unconscious magneton aside. Future slowly walked towards Zeno, who was struggling to escape from the grip of the reiniculus. "So, does my houndoom get meat then?" Zeno continued to struggle but managed to produce the magneton's pokeball and one other one. The magneton returned to it's pokeball and and an aerodactyl appeared. Aerodactyl swiftly grabbed Zeno and reiniculus and lifted them into the air. Then it let go. Zeno and reiniculus fell swiftly towards the ground. At the last second reiniculus let go. Zeno then summoned a bubble around himself to stop the falling. "What were you saying about not being a challenge?" Zeno questioned. "Hmm, think we're so cool now, don't we?" Future taunted.
''Aerodactyl use stealth rock.'' Zeno said. Aerodactyl shooted rocks all around the field. ''What is this?'' Future asked. ''Just wait and see. Now Aerodactyl use earthquake.'' Aerodactyl jumped on the ground and a massive earthquake began shaking the ground. ''Reuniclus dodge it.'' But it was too late. Reuniclus got hit by the earthquake. Reuniclus got damaged heavily. ''Reuniclus use focus blast.'' Future commanded. Reuniclus fired a focus blast at Aerodactyl. It was to fast for Aerodactyl to dodge. ''Aerodactyl use roost.'' Zeno commanded. ''Reuniclus use focus blast.'' ''Aerodactyl try to dodge it.'' Aerodactyl dodged the attack this time. ''Now I will finish this.'' Zeno fired a red aura beam at Future. But Reuniclus protected Future and got damaged in the progress. ''Reuniclus come back.'' Future returned Reuniclus. He took his second pokéball and threw it. ''Go Houndoom.'' Future screamed. The rocks that were floating on the field pointed at Houndoom and struck it. ''Now you see what stealth rock does. And the funny thing is, they stay on the field'' Zeno said cocky.
"No matter." Future said, seeming careless. "I could still beat you without trying, but I'll go easy on you." Future smiled coldly.
"Hm." Zeno laughed lightly, as if he knew he would win. He began to gesture towards his Aerodactyl to command it, but unexpectedly, Houndoom used Dark Pulse without command. "Aerodactyl, dodge it!" Zeno screamed, but it was too late. The shadowy wave hit the Aerodactyl and violently sent it backwards.
"Ha!" Future laughed, "You don't stand a chance." Zeno returned the Aerodacdtyl. He was looking towards the ground, expressionless. "What's wrong?" Future asked, tauntingly. "Did you just realize that you can't win?" Zeno looked up, and was smirking. He tossed his final Pokeball into the air, and out of it exploded a Gallade. Future took a slight step back in bewilderment before stepping forward.
"A Fighting and Psychic type, eh?" Future said. "You are at a huge disadvantage." Zeno smiled arrogantly. He said nothing as his Gallade slowly began to Mega Evolve.
"Oh, Mega Evolution, huh? Well, two can play at that game." Future said as he tapped his goggles. Suddenly, his Houndoom began changing as well.
Zeno's Gallade suddenly burst out of the ball of energy that had formed around it. It dashed forward with incredible speed. "Power-Up Punch!" Zeno yelled. Mega Gallade smashed through the energy ball, dust flying everywhere. Houndoom yelped in pain. The Mega Gallade dashed back to Zeno. As the dust settled, Mega Houndoom could be seen, standing strongly on all four paws.
"He's tougher than you might think." Future said.
-Fire spin, houndoom!-Future yelled.
Houndoom became ingulfed in flames, and as they spread around it in a vortex, the pointed stones in the air were sucked into the firey hurricane. They however began to scratch houndoom, injuring it.
-Quickly gallade, now is your chance, poison jab!-Zeno said.
Gallade then, without hesitation dashed through the flames striking houndoom. Houndoom had taken too much damage and passed out, the vortex of stones and flames then birst.
-Why did you do this? Why sacrifice your houndoom?- Zeno said, puzzeled.
Future smiled-The ends justify the means, my friend. Those stealthy stones really bothored me!-after which he threw a red pokeball incrusted with rubies.
The pokeball opened in a flash of lite, the dimly coloured Ho-oh was released from the pokeball.
-Sacred fire! Clense him of his sins!-Future shouted.
The ho-oh spoted a wall of blue flames at gallade, gallade used psycho cut and sliced through the flames parting them in half. It then on Zeno's command attacked with a drain punch and hit the ho-oh, but to no avial. The bird slashed gallade with its wings, throwing him back. Future ordered ho-oh to attack Zeno with its aerial ace attack. A slice was heared and blood spilled across the air.
Zeno opened his eyes and saw gallade standing in front of him, gallade then exited his mega form and fell to the ground-bleeding. The legendary bird swooped down and held Zeno to the ground with its talons. Future slowly walked to Zeno.
-Do whatever you want with me Future, kill me, inslave me, burn me! Just help gallade!-Zeno begged teareyed.
-Kill you, inslave you? Do you take me for some savage, I just wanted to demonstrate I was better. You will come to work for me!- Future said with a cocky grin...
"Fine, I'll work for you, just please help my Gallade!" Zeno-E yelled, clearly in anger.
"But if I did that," Future retorted, "than I would be showing mercy,which I can't do, you and I both know that. Anyways, I want you to be angry. I want to use your anger. It makes you stronger and gives you purpose." Zeno-E didn't respond. It was clear he was holding back his emotions. Tri and Beta stood speechless near the edge of the platform. The air was silent.
"Well now," Future said, breaking the silence, "we have only one more thing to deal with." Tri looked puzzled. "And what might that be?" Beta asked. There was a brief silence before Future said, "Why, your friends, of course."
"Why kill them?" Tri asked. "It's not like their a problem to us." Future smiled at her ignorance. "We have to end the ties to your past, otherwise you'll never reach your full potential." Future said. He began to leave, followed closely by his Ho-oh.
"Anyways," He said, not turning around, "they're probably going to come after you, so why delay the inevitable."

The next morning everyone waked up. ´W..Where..Where´s Zekrom! Karusu yelled. ´Right here´ Ignis claimed as he holded Zekrom´s stone´. ´Give it back´! Karusu yelled. ´You cant even control you´re demon form, so why would you need it´? Ignis says. Karusu ran to Ignis trying to get the stone out of his hands, but with no use Ignis held the stone up in the air. Karusu has no chance of reaching it. ´You guys litterly are kids, arent you. Just give the stone back already Ignis´. ´I will make good use of it´. Ignis grinned. Yria just clapped her hands while Murkrow flew to Ignis grabbing the stone out of his hand. ´Thank you Shaw´. Yria said when Murkrow gave the stone to Yria. ´Now aside from this little stone, we are running out of food... and time´. Yria said. ´You´re right about the food´. Ignis replied. ´So if you all want me in you´re group, follow me to the nearest villige. It is very close to the forest... Hopefully it stil stands strong in this brutal world´. Yria said as she walked to the villige. ´Karusu hurry up´. Ignis instructed Karusu. ´I´m coming!..I... stil want my stone back!´. Yria sighed. ´Shaw please? Yria said as she trew the stone into the air. Murkrow grabbed the stone and flew to Karusu. ´This time don't lose it´ Yria said.
That night ,A 16 years old boy named Zell was walking in the woods. Suddenly a wild Galvantula came out of a tree. Zell didn't know which of his pokemons he will choose. These pokemon were catched by Zell in some places, only Ryu, his Talonflame was gived by an old Fire type Trainer.He wants to battle without using his power. He send Ryu and he shouted with an arrogant voice:
"-Ryu,Brave Bird." At this moment Ryu look at Zell,cry and Begin to rush at Galvantula.
Obviously, he won. Zell retrieved Ryu and continues to walk in the forest.
After many battles, he began to hear some man voices and a sweet girl voice. In a good lover, he walked to the voice. When Zell was very close to that sweet voice he saw a group of people. They were talking little, and they seemed flustered. It was clear that whatever happened to them recently was emotional, but not in a good way. Zell stayed in the woods to make sure this group could be trusted...
Zeno-G felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly turned to see L.M, who looked depressed and emotionally drained. "Are you going to attack me again?" Zeno-G asked quickly, but jokingly, as he didn't want another event like what happened in the village.
"No." L.M said quietly. "I just wanted to say that...well, I'm sorry for attacking you." He sounded sincere. "It's just that, after seeing my old home, and my parent's graves, all the memories came flooding back. All the work I put in to find who did this came back to me, which had led me to you," he continued, getting slightly choked up at his returning emotions. "I know it was Future and that you didn't do it, and I just wanted to say I was sorry." L.M looked towards the ground. "It's okay." Zeno-G said. L.M looked up slightly to show he was listening. "Also, I'm sorry for, well, almost murdering you." Zeno-G continued. "Again." L.M quickly retorted. "Yeah...So, no hard feelings?" Zeno-G asked. "No hard feelings." L.M replied in understanding. Then the group was silent yet again.
As they were walking, Kitten heard rustling in the forest. She glanced over to see something duck down to avoid being spotted, but it didn't duck fast enough. "Guys, stop." Kitten said abruptly. The group looked confused, but obayed her command.
"What is it, Kitten?" Zeno-G asked, showing genuine worry for her. "I saw something in the woods." Kitten replied as she brandished her dagger. "It's probably just a Pokemon, leave it be." Kyle said without worry. "No, it ducked out of the way. Somethings following us." Kitten quickly replied.
"Luc..." Kitten paused. "L.M," she continued, "can you do any magic stuff to draw it out?" she asked, pointing towards where it was. "I think I got something." L.M said as he raised his hand. A purple flame shot out of it towards the foliage where Kitten was pointing. The plants burned away almost instantly, revealing a person. Kitten quickly ran towards the figure, preparing for a fight. "Wait!" the person yelled. Kitten slowed to a halt, but kept her dagger pointed at the figure, who was now standing in full view. "My name is Zell," the figure said
''I don't want to hurt you'' said Zell. ''How do we know that?'' said Kitten. ''Just give me a chance to prove it.'' said Zell. ''Ok, I give him a chance to prove it'' said Kitten. Kitten took away her knife and turned around to walk back to the group. ''What am I supposed to prove it that I'm trust worthy?'' aksed Zell. ''Maybe he can battle with someone.'' said L.M. ''That's actually a good idea'' said Kitten. ''What? I was just joking around. It wasn't a real answer.'' said L.M. confused. ''Well you gave us a good answer.'' Said Zeno-G. ''But who will battle him?'' said L.M. ''I want to battle him. 3 pokémon versus 3 pokémon'' said Kitten. ''Ok, I will battle you. But watch out, I'm good.'' said Zell overconfident.
Just as the battle was about to begin, L.M heared someone clapping in the distance. He looked up the road and saw a handful of familiar faces. It was Future, Beta, Zeno-E, and Tri. "Well done." Future said sarcastically while maintaining his slow clap. Everyone looked towards Future and his cronies.
"I'm suprised all of you are still alive, to be honest. I mean, when we came looking for you, I half expected to find your corpses strewn acrossed the road." Future continued. He came to a halt as did his group. He stopped clapping and lowered his hands to his side, and he shrugged. "But I guess I was wrong."
Silence filled the air as tensions rose. Kitten broke the silence upon noticing Tri. She ask, "Tri, what are you doing with them?" Tri responded with a smirk, but with no words. "Are..." Kitten continued, "are you betraying us?!" Rage filled Kitten. She wanted to lunge at Tri, but she knew she wouldn't make it to her before someone stopped her. "Ah, there it is." Future said excitedly. "You figured it out. I don't know how you didn't find out sooner." Future smiled coldly.
"Beta, what are you doing with them?" Zeno-G asked. "Help us and Pope Istas." Beta was looking down at the ground. "I...I can't." Beta replied. "Why?" Zeno-G asked. "It's because Future is-Agh!" Beta yelled in pain. He fell to his knees. "Oh no no no," Future said, "We can't tell them now. It'll ruin the suprise." "Just let him go!" Kyle yelled at Future. "Ha! Ha ha ha! Oh...Thats funny. Next you'll tell me Grumpigs can fly." Future laughed. "Okay, so who dies first?" Future asked as he set out his Ho-oh. He noticed L.M staring him down. "Alright. How about you..." Future said as he gestured towards L.M. The Ho-oh then shot a fire ball towards him. ut before the fire ball could land a blow on L.M, he disappeared and then reappeared about 2 meters away.
"Nice little trick, seems I underestimated you" Future said "Looks like I might have to actually put some effort in killing you"
"I'm not dying today. Especially not by your hands" replied L.M as he sent out his Walrein.
It then used ice beam to create a wall of ice around L.M and his companions.
"You think thats going to stop me? Ho-oh another!" ordered Future
Again Ho-oh shot a ball of fire this time aimed at the barrier.
"-Hey, all of you! Whispered Zell,wanna see my true power?
-Your true power??? Everyone said
-Yes,but for now GOODRA go!Use protect on these persons!Ordered Zell"
His eyes became red, he began to grow up and In a light of flash he became a Shiny Charizard.
"-WHAT? Shouted Kitten
-What the hell? Exclaimed L.M
-Wow! said Zeno-G and Kyle.
-Don't worry I'm here for save you,not for kill you! Communicated Zell by telepathy.But I have an other thing to show you."
Meanwhile Future said: "You think thats going to stop me? Ho-oh another!"
In a second flash of light he became Mega-Charizard Y.The Ice barrier exploded but Protect still
continued to maintain the group safe.
"-This pokemon will be difficult to beat,I really need this transformation"Zell shouted.
When the fireball reached the half-way between Ho-oh and the group, Zell used Inferno. The fireball and Inferno exploded.
"-Pretty interesting, Future said..."
"You know that 'suprise' I was saving? I may use it on you, Charizard Boy." Zell dashed towards Future, but the Ho-oh used Aerial Ace and knocked Zell out of the way. "Hm..." Future sighed, disappointed. "I thought you would be smarter than that." He reached into his pocket and removed a small green stone.
"Now!" L.M yelled. Future looked up towards L.M, who teleported out of the protected area. Just then, a sandstorm brewed up. "Do you really think some sand is going to stop me?" Future asked. "No," L.M said, sounding close to Future, "but this will." Suddenly, something stabbed Future in the arm, causing him to drop the stone. "Argh!!" Future yelled. "So what, you stabbed me. Big deal." "It wasn't me," L.M said, "but trust me, it'll get worse."
Meanwhile, Zell was dealing with the Ho-oh, but it's power was beyond that of a normal Ho-oh. Zell could tell that something was wrong with this Pokemon, but what it was, he couldn't figure out. Zell shot a Dragon Rage towards the Ho-oh, but was simply too fast to his, but then a sandstorm kicked up.
'This isn't normal,' Zell thought, 'whose doing this?' Just then, Ho-oh sent a large, beautiful cyclone of flames towards Zell. Zell avoided it and flew up high to get a better view as to what was happening. He saw
The Fiery battle between Future and LM. He seems satisfied and Future search his Stone. Suddenly Zell noticed the green stone. He asked himself if the stone will control him or not. He think for 2 seconds and dash to the stone . With an extreme speed, Ho-oh Began to send a Sacred Fire like before. Zell Concentrated him and created the biggest Inferno he ever sended. Ho-oh send a death stare , Zell too and in a little second the two enormous moves exploded in a Flash of fire and an extreme hurricane. Surprisly Ho-oh fell on the ground. Future, who apparently had a animated conversation,  shouted a "It's just Impossible! How? How do you beat my Ho-oh?Anyway! You charizard boy, you're not so weak. " .Zell sended a telepathic message to LM :"Please rush on This guy and stuck him for a few seconds", he executed and Zell Flew to the stone and grab it . Suddenly Zell lost all control of his body.  He was incapable of moving. Future, who was holding the wound on his arm, smirked. "You may be strong, but you're not the smartest, are you?" He said, tauntingly. He snickered and then tapped the left side of his goggles. Just then, Zell, completely under Future's control, dashed to Future's side. No matter how hard Zell tried to resist the stone's control, he couldn't. He tried communicating with LM. I'm not under my own control, Zell thought. If I attack you, I don't mean anything by it. Just then, Zell heard a voice in his head. You do realize that I can read your thoughts now, right? It was Future's voice. Now, he continued, you are going to protect me, being as you are powerful, weather you want to or not. I'm not giving you the choice. Zell tried his hardest to resist, but to no avail. He then flew up high so he could try to spot LM within the sandstorm, but it was to dence to see through now.As Future was looking through Zell's eyes, he heard something behind him. He quickly turned to confront who he knew was LM. "Come on out," Future teased, "don't be shy." A brief silence followed. Then Future heard a faint voice say, "Fine." Suddenly, LM dashed through the sandstorm, short sword drawn in one hand and a glorious purple flame in the other.  In a last bit of self control, Zell Changed into his human form to limit the damages. He whispered with a weak voice :
-Shut up, my puppet . Future shouted.
-Oh... Yes Master Future ! Zell said despite himself.
-Fine ! Exclaimed Future."
(In LM's mind)
"I must help Zell but ... he's now an enemy . I shall try to don't kill him and wait to find a solution."                          At this moment, Zell came up front of LM and removed his pokeballs from his Pocket. The other part of the group who was in the Goodra's protect knew what would happen to  them. Suddenly, Zell Shouted :
"-Goodra, come back and stop to Protect them ! LM I challenge you ! I will protect you from him, Master!"
"Zell," LM said, "I don't want to fight you. I have no bad blood with you, unlike the monster controlling you." LM glared up at Future, who replied, "Oh, you're so nice. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day." Future laughed. "Okay, Charizard Boy," he continued, "end this kids' miserable life." LM, in a fit of anger, grabbed his short sword and unsheathed it. "Don't call me kid..." LM said under his breath. Just then, Zell dashed forward and swiftly punched LM in the face. LM toppled backwards, his glasses falling off his face. LM looked up quickly. Anger and rage filled his piercing blue eyes. He ran forward to strike Zell, but he dodged and quickly countered with a punch to LM's side. LM winced in pain, but the blow didn't seem to phase him. He swung his arm backwards and hit Zell with the hilt of his sword."Come on Charizard Boy, you can do better than that." Future teased. "You know that if you lose, I'll have to kill you, right?" Zell looked up at Future, clearly angry at him, but unable to do anything. LM sheathed his sword. "Like I said," LM began, "I don't want to hurt you. But that doesn't mean I will go easy on you." Suddenly, LM sprinted forward. Zell went to strike him again, but LM teleported behind him and hit him hard in the back of the skull. Zell fell to his knees, but quickly got up. Zell put up his fists and got into a fighting stance. LM stood, motionless, acrossed from him, arms passively at his sides. Zell dashed forward to try and land another blow on LM, but to no avail. Every swing of Zell's fists were dodged and followed up with a punch. Zell toppled to the ground, exhausted from the beating he just received. LM once again was standing passively."I'm sorry," LM said quietly, "but I did what I ha-" Future interrupted him. "You are useless, Charizard Boy," he said, "but I do have to admit, that transforming thing is pretty cool." He slowly walked towards Zell, and removed the stone from his hand. "I have no purpose for you," Future stated, bluntly. Suddenly, he dashed towards LM. LM, taken by surprise, didn't react quickly enough. Future slammed the stone onto LM's forehead. "You, on the other hand," Future continued, "I could use." "No!" Kitten yelled, but it was too late. LM was under Future's control. She dashed forwards, but Zeno-E trapped her in a bubble before she could reach them. "Hmm. The thief seems to like you." Future pondered for a moment. "Well, either way, it doesn't matter. Come come, friends. We have business to attend to. We will deal with you all later." Future and his allies left the area. Kitten fell from Zeno-E's bubble and landed on her front, dazed. With one eye open, she glared after where Future left with the others. "Tch!" she gritted her teeth and tried to stand up.  She noticed a hand was extended to her. Looking up she saw it was the boy that had turned into a Charizard.
"Are you alright? Would you like some help?" He asked, concern filled in his eyes.
"I'm fine," Kitten said, taking his hand and brushing herself off. "Thanks. Zell, right?" He nodded. Again, Kitten looked at the spot where Future left. Where L.M. was taken away. She clenched her fists and shut her eyes. "We're going after them. Now!"
"I'm coming with you!" Zell exclaimed.
"Of course you are. We need as many people on our team as we can get in order to defeat Future!" Kitten nodded. "Mightyena, come on out! Search for Future's trail." The Mightyena came out of its pokeball, picked up Future's scent, and ran off. Kitten, Zell, and the the others ran after it, following Future and his gang's trail...

-Your, quote on quote, "shortcut" is taking forever, Igins!-Yria said in a sigh of frustration.- I knew we should have kept going on my route!
-We're almost there, quit whining!- Ignis replied with an annoyed tone in his voice.
And he was right, after a few more minutes of walking the trio reached a large opening. In front of them was a large black building, partially in ruin. It was built with very thick walls, made of a very dark colored stone. The construction seemed brutish, every angle on the building was sharp.
-I thought we were heading for a village, I knew I should have led the way! You guys can't even follow a straight path!- Karasu said angered.
-Igins, where have you taken us? Have you gotten us lost?- Yria asked. She knew it, she just knew something bad was going to happen.
-This is what is left of the Thunder temple, the place where Zekrom originally resided-Igins answered.
-I won't give you Zekrom, I know you won't to take my friend away! I AM THE HERO! I AM IN THE RIGHT!-Karasu screamed drawing his sword and standing in defensive pose clutching his stone.
-Calm down! I'm not going to do anything to Zekrom, I just wanted to bring him here so he could be where he used to reside! Don't you realise that Zekrom is excerting control over you, are you such a blind and childish prick, that you can't see that! I should have never let Yria give you back that stone!-Ignis yelled at Karasu-Now calm yourslef down, "hero" and get a grip on reality!
You want me to get a Grip on reality Look at yourself your Trying to take away someone elses pokemon Even V agrees with me Right V! Karasu yelled at ignis as he let V out of its Pokeball
I trust Karasu to not get taken over by Zekroms Ideals but if you want to prove to him what your saying is true ignis just go inside the Structure with him. V said
Fine Karasu, Yria come were going inside Ignis said Grumpily
Inside the structure there were several rooms and the group had to split up at pathway with 3 paths.
Karasu go down that dark pathway, Yria go down the right and i'll go down the middle Ignis ordered.
The group took there pathways with no questions asked
Stupid Ignis wanting me to leave Zekrom here what a Asshole trying to take away my friend karasu said to himself.
Stop Thinking Negatively Karasu other wise you will give Zekrom a chance to actually control you V said to karasu
WHAT NOW YOUR TAKING IGNIS'S SIDE! I DON'T NEED PEOPLE OR POKEMON TO TELL ME TO NOT KEEP ZEKROM! karasu yelled out as he ran down the pathway away from V
Oh no this is not good I gotta find help V said as he flew down to the entrance went down Yrias pathway.
Ignis walked down the corridor until he reached a large room. In the center there was a statue of Raikou. He walked up to it and took a knee, paying his respects.
"Who are you and why are you here? " came a voice from behind Ignis
"I should be asking you the same thing" reply Ignis as he turned around to see a young man with blonde hair and wearing armor.
"I am Lux, the guardian of this temple now answer me"
"Ok Lux. My name is Ignis and like you I am a guardian but of the fire temple. The reason I'm here is to bring back Zekrom"
As Yria walked down the hall way, Karusu's Victini hurried after Yria. 'Yria its Karusu, he is giving Zekrom a chance to control him'. ' Uhhm... what do you mean by that? Whait he is thinking negatifly agian'. Victini stared at Yria. ' Knew I was right' Yria grinned. 'Just hurry '  Victini said. Yria and Victini where going back to Karusu. 'This place is so familiar... It feels like a lost memory is about to come back' Yria said. ' What do you mean?' Victini replied. ' ' I dont remember but,,,, it is so familiar. It is just like something I know is related to this place'. Yria said. Yria heard a familier voice coming out of the pathway Ignis has taken. She stopped right at that enterance. 'Interesting...' Yria said. 'Yria come one hurry up!' Victini shouted. 

But Yria let her curiosity take control of her. Ignoring Victini's orders, Yria ran down Ignis's path. As the voices got louder, she began to slow to a walk. She could see light coming from the room in front of her. She tried to hide in the shadows as she spied on the two who were talking. She recognized Ignis, but the other armored man was new to her. Once she felt she was in a position to not be seen, she began listening in on there conversation.

"You can't bring back Zekrom. It would just lead to more destruction and chaos." The stanger said, calmly.

"Lux, we need his power to defeat the one causing all the current destruction." Ignis said, raising his voice slightly, clearly becoming angry. Lux shook his head slightly. 

"You don't understand," Lux said, maintaining his calm tone, "the last time Zekrom was unleashed, he went on a rampage. He caused the Three Year Storm. As the guardian of this temple, I will not allow another person to release him, or I will die trying." Ignis, clearly distraught, turned around quickly. 

A brief silence followed. Ignis then broke the silence, stating, "We found a boy connected to Zekrom." Lux looked slightly confused. "Please explain," he said. Ignis continued, " He can tap into the power of Zekrom and maintain a Demon form. He may not have much, if any, control over it, but if he could learn to control his power, he could end this current plague on our lands." Yria instantly knew he was referencing Future. Lux thought over Ignis's statement before saying...
"OK then bring me this boy and maybe I'll consi..." he was cut off by Victini yelling 
They turned to find V rushed into the room. It was then that Lux spotted someone hiding in the shadows. He drew his bow and prepared to fire.
"Whoever you are who's hiding in the darkness come out or you'll be shot where you stand"
Yria walked out with her hands raised. 
"Lower your weapon she is one of my comrades" Ignis commanded
"What are you doing eavesdropping on us? "
"I heard voices and my curiosity just got the better of me" Yria admitted
"Well you know what they say curiosity killed the meowth. I could have killed you"
"We can talk about this later! Right now we need to get to Karasu he might be in trouble!"

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Final part.:

Yria, Ignis and Lux ran in a big room. Karasu was standing there with the black stone and a blue aura around him. ''Karasu, give the stone back'' said Lux calm but demanding. ''No! You can't take my friend away from me!'' yelled Karasu. ''What should we do? Asked Yria.
''We need to get that stone from him. If that stone is taken away from him then he will be back to his normal self.'' said Lux. ''How we're gonna do that?'' Ignis asked. ''Why don't we have a sword fight?'' Karasu said. ''Ok, I will fight you Karasu. This is for your own good.'' Ignis said. They both prepared to battle. Karasu ran towards Ignis, but Ignis dodged him. Ignis then attacked Karasu with his sword, but Karasu blocked it with his sword.

After karasu blocked ignis's sword with his own he knocked ignis's sword out of his hand and pushed him to the ground and pointed his sword to him. but straight after that a mysterious man was standing in the other side of the room clapping his hands.
Ah excellent swordsmanship you have there too bad its going to be useless for you now said the mysterious figure

Who are you Lux demanded Leave this place at once!

hmmm i'd rather not ya see i want that zekrom to be put on that pedestal so i'll be taking it now said the mysterious figure

What makes you think im just going to give him to you Karasu replied still flowing with aura

Hmmm i think maybe my bisharp has something to say about that The mysterious man replied as a bisharp emerged from the shadows

How about we have a match? 3 pokemon each winner gets to take zekrom how about that He asked

Fine I haven't had a pokemon battle in ages lets go! But 1st tell me your name Karasu replied

Hmm Fine i'll tell you my name is K and I work for darkness and darkness only he replied

Wait so you don't work for Future or the oracles? karasu asked

Oracles yes Future no he replied

"Alright Bisha" K started but was never able to complete that command as an arrow had pierced his skull.
Everyone had turned to face Lux.
"What? He would not comply with my request. He was a threat and it was only logical I removed him.Plus he wanted to awaken Zekrom I couldn't have him do that it's my job to protect this place."

"Well," Ignis said, bluntly, "That's one less problem to deal with." He looked over at the lifeless body of K. The arrow shattered the whole front of his skull. Lux looked over to Karasu, who was glaring at him like an Arbok would its prey.

"Karasu, give me the stone," Lux said calmly. "No!" Karasu quickly snapped. "I will NOT let you take my friend!" Lux could see Karasu slowly filling with rage as the aura around him expanded. Lux, choosing his words carefully, said, "I don't think you understand the magnitude of the situation. If Zekrom is released, his power would be too much for your body to handle. You would die. Painfully." Karasu stood firm on his side, however, yelling, "You can't take my friend away! I won't let you!" Lux sighed slightly, and began pacing back and forth through the chamber.

"Well, since you are so intent on keeping you, I think it is only best that you at least know and comprehend the history of it." Lux began to explain. Karasu looked slightly confused, but was willing to listen to Lux speak. "You see," Lux continued, "the last time Zekrom was unleashed unto our world seventy six years ago, he was angered. Do you know why?" Karasu pondered the question for a moment. "He was angry because he was awoken from his slumber," Lux said, not allowing Karasu to answer. "After he became angry, Zekrom went on a massive rampage, decimating anything that stood in his way without the slightest hint of remorse for the innocent creatures and people that he was slaughtering. I assume you've heard of the Three Year Storm, yes?" Lux asked. Karasu nodded. 

"Good," Lux continued, "because that rampage was the Three Year Storm. I don't think you want another catastrophe like that to happen again, correct? I assume you have friends out there who are enjoying not being dead, as I am right now." Karasu nodded again. His aura had begun to dim and fade away. "And as a sworn guardian of the Thunder Temple," Lux continued, "If you were to release Zekrom, I would have to do any and all things in my power to end your life."
Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

Karasu looked down at the stone in his hand. A faint glow remained. Lux motioned for Karasu to hand it to him but Karasu ignored him. “I see that you can’t understand long-term consequences,” Lux said as he spun around to face Yria, “but how about short-term ones?” Yria stared in horror as Lux aimed his bow at her. Victini rushed towards Lux but Ignis stopped it. Karasu quickly looked back and forth between Zekrom and Yria. “I’m… I’m sorry Zekrom…” Karasu apologized as he handed the no longer glowing stone to Lux. “Now be gone.” Lux ordered Karasu and Yria. “What about V?” Karasu pleaded. “You clearly can’t be trusted with such powerful pokemon. Now listen to Lux or you won’t ever be able to listen to anyone ever again.” Ignis warned.
The two began to exit the temple leaving Lux, Ignis, and V in the altar room.
"V, step onto the altar" commanded Ignis
"But" V protested
"Step onto the Altar!" Ignis said raising his voice
V then did as ordered and walked onto the altar. Lux knew what Ignis was was going to. The two walked to opposite sides of the platform and placed a hand on it. The Victini stood still fearful of what might come next. Aura began to cover the two guardians and began to creap it's way towards V. As soon as both auras made contract with the Victini, it began to glow a bright light, growing brighter and brighter. Until finally it stopped and where V once stood was an orange stone.
Ignis walked up to the altar and picked up the stone.
"What are you going to do with it?" Lux asked
"I'm just going to keep it safe. You should do the same to Zekrom there." Ignis said gesturing at Lux's other hand, which held the Deep Black Pokemon. The two then proceeded to place the stones into their pockets. 
"So what are you going to do now that Zekrom is here?" Ignis asked
"Well seeing as that Zekrom is in it's dormant form, I will guard it.Right now thats my best option if I want to keep it from reawakening." Lux stated
"I know that boy is going to come running backing here as soon as you tell him I have the stone. So tell him this: no matter what he does I will not return it. For it is my job to protect and keep in check this temple and the legendary beasts of thunder."

When he got to the entarance he saw Yria and Karusu sitting in the grass. Karusu looked down knowing what happend to V. '' What is our next destination?'' Ignis said. 
'' How... How could you take a loved one away from somebody... Havent we lost enough in our lives?'' Yria said holding 2 Moon balls closely to her.
Their power was to strong for Karusu to handle, it would have bin the best if we took them''. 
'' The best descision isnt always the right one Ignis, its so funny taking somebody away from you. Nobody even cares how the others feel. You just do whats the best. Its what everyone does, isnt it. You are getting on my nerves Ignis. You did plan all this from the start. Yria said.
'' What... thats all you can say! Why did you even take me with you in the first place!? You... know I'm useless''. Yria said looking down.

"You really wan't to know why i took you both away with me?" Ignis asked.
"Yes, why did you?" Yria replied.
"It's because you are weak. I was leaving and only i could keep you out of the way of the others whilst simultaneously fulfilling my duty to the greater good. Without you here to keep Karasu in line and on hold of his leash I would have failed my duty." Ignis explained.
"so, you did all this just to get some stupid stone?" Yria replied
"Precisely" Ignis quickly responded
"Then you are a self righteous, inhuman, high and mighty, better that everyone else, hypocritical, liar! YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMAN DECENCY AND YOU'VE LIED UNTIL YOU GOT WHAT YOU'VE WANTED! IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN I WON'T HESITATE TO DRAW MY SWORD AND CUT YOU DOWN WHERE YOU STAND! NOW STAY HERE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Yria began to throw herself into the violent outburst more and more. it is at this point Karasu saw things clearly for the first time. he knew he had to get her out of there before the situation got worse. "Yria calm down!" Karasu told her. alas, there was no answer. the only sound was that of heavy, angry breathing coming from Yria. studying her closely Karasu saw how her stance was weak and her movements were sloppy. he knew she was tired. From what he could tell she was about to collapse at any minute, (it couldn't hurt to speed it up a bit could it?), karasu though to himself. after quickly examining her once more he proceeded to pick her up and throw her over his shoulders."LET ME GO!" Yria screeched as he carried her off away from the thunder temple and into the woods. Coincidentally, after leaving the vicinity of the thunder temple and deeper into the woods, Yria almost instantaneously passed out due to exhaustion. It had been a few miles without a word from her before it finally dawned on Karasu that she was unconscious. With this realized, Karasu laid Yria down on the nearest tree stump. Slumping her onto the wood, unsheathing her sword form her belt and placing it into her hand. (for protection) he thought to himself. After this he proceeded to gather the materials to create a fire and set up a temporary camp...

To sleep in while the night was coming.
The others were preparing to make a camp too. ''I'm going to walk in the Woods to see if there is some wood to make a fire out of.'' Zeno-G said.
''Okay, but be carefull'' Kyle said. Zeno-G walked through the Woods and saw some pretty flowers. ''Oh, they look nice.'' Zeno-G said.
There was standing a vague figure under the trees. ''They sure do.'' Said the vague figure with a sarcastic tone. ''
''Who'se there?'' Zeno-G said. ''You alreay forgot me?'' Said the figure. ''Zeno?'' Zeno-G asked.
''Who else?'' Zeno-E walked away from the tree to stand in a beam of sunlight.
''What are you doing here? Maybe the others will know that you are here and maybe they will try to kill you.'' Zeno-G whispered.
''Oh, are you scared? Scared for yourself or for me?'' Zeno-E said.
''I'm scared for both of us. We don't know what will happen when one of us gets killed.'' Zeno-G whispered.
''They say both of us die and why are you still whispering? Nobody can hear us.'' Zeno-E said.
''It's just to be safe. What if one of us gets killed? Maybe we both die.'' Zeno-G said.
''So what?'' Zeno-G asked. ''You're scared of dying?''
I am, and you should be scared too. If something terrible happens to me and I die, you could die too.'' Zeno-G said.
''And if we die we can't fuse back, is that what you're trying to say?'' Zeno-E asked.
''Yeah, exactly!'' Zeno-G yelled.
''Shut up! Be silent, remember?'' Zeno-E whispered.
Zell and Kitten heared Zeno-G and they thought to go and search for him because he was gone for a pretty long time.
''So you want to fuse back?'' Zeno-G asked. ''I never thought to hear that from you.''
''Well, it is kinda complicated to explain.'' Zeno-E said silently.
''I got a plan on how we can fuse back.'' Zeno-E said.
Oh, really?'' Zeno-G said surprised.
Zeno-E wanted to explain the plan but then he heard a rustle. He ran away as fast as he can.
''Zeno, wait!'' Zeno-G screamed. ''If you join us we can turn back to normal!''
''Wait, Zeno?'' Zell asked. He saw Zeno-E running through the Woods.
''He's too far, we can't catch him now.'' Kitten said.
''Why didn't you catch him?'' Kitten asked.
''I don't know, he wanted to explain me how we could turn back to normal. I just listened to him without thinking that I could catch him'' Zeno-G said silently.
''Well, we can't do anything else now. Let's go back to the camp, shall we?'' Kitten asked.
''Yeah.'' Zell said.

Ignis stood there and watched them leave.
"She doesn't know what shes talking about. Sooner or later Karasu would have gotten out of control and hurt, maybe even kill someone. Whatever, I need to head out." Ignis sated to himself
Right as he began to walk in the direction he came from, Talonflame arrived and landed on his shouder.
"You're back. Did you find Future's hideout?" asked Ignis
Talonflame gave a nod "Talon!"
"Alright, tomorrow we'll head out for it. But for now you'll have to rest." Ignis said as returned the fire bird to it's pokeball.
Nightfall was approaching so Ignis had to stop and set up a camp. He gathered wood and started a fire. 
The guardian sat down looked into the fire thinking of the events that had happened earlier that day.

deep the flames burned, almost hypnotic. Slowly panning out, it became entrapped within a brazier mounted upon a stand at the entrance to an elegantly decorated building. Within the building were the standard jelly ball arrangements, seating on the left, jelly only buffet on the right and The holy table at the back overlooking the entire event. From his pedestal in one of the side panels of the estate's room's, Mr Wigglesworth the Luxray prowls around the room glaring at the guests. On the other side of the room in a quite exquisite chair and donning an even more exquisite robe was the holy pope Istas. "ahahahaha!" a snooty laugh came from the holy table. "that has got to be the best joke I've ever heard!" came an even snootier voice. "i'm sorry I don't seem to know you." replied holy pope Istas as he studies the pasty, lanky man with a monocal "ah...uhm...well....I'm Jelliopolis' tax bailiff, Reginald." the man replied. Immediately loosing interest in the man who's name he had no intention of remembering. "Right, I'm bored now, fetch me a lute player and a troupe of dancing pokemon, and bring Mr Wigglesworth's steak!" The pope commanded. within a few minutes the steak was brought out and Mr Wigglesworth was feasting on it like a starving servant. soon after, the troupe of dancing pokemon and a fiddle player entered the room. they set up and the fiddler began to play a melodic tune. immediately the pokemon began to dance with the now hypnotic tune and all eyes fixed upon the pokemon swaying and spinning...

Meanwhile on the walls of the estate. A short and stocky figure stood motionless observing the city below. then he spotted something, something stacked up that looked highly suspicious, perhaps even a dead body. "Hey Kain!" the guard shouted to another guard below. "Huh...WHO'S THERE!?" shouted Kain the guard. "It's a me, Mario!" He replied. "There's a pile of stuff over there, me thinks it's a dead body, go check it out!" Mario finished. "okay!" Kain replied. Upon reaching the 'pile of stuff' Kain discovered it was in fact a dead body. Even worse yet that it was stripped naked. "Oh dear...this is that fiddle player. Wait! if that's him then who's playing up in the party? OH DEAR!" Kain said aloud in the empty street where none could hear. Rushing back to the gates in a hasty manner he shouted with all of his voice "OPEN THE GATES! THERE'S AN ASSASSIN AT THE PARTY!" the gates immediately open up as the jelopian guards assembled a garrison just beyond the gate. "Our holy pope is in danger and we need to go rescue him!" Kain announced. A menacing roar came from the troops. immediately turning and marching towards the estate...

As the hypnotic song came to a climax the dancing pokemon dropped to the floor lifeless and so did all others in the room, save for Pope Istas. Then the fiddler stopped fiddling. "You there, what is the meaning of this?" Pope Istas inquired. The man began walking. "It's simple really. I'm here." he revealed a blade from within the bow of the fiddle. "to end your life!" he finished. "Who sent you?!" Istas demanded. "My One true Lord. Future!" he answered. he was closer now, you could see the taint of future's control on the man. "And now I shall show no mercy!" With this he raised up his blade and prepared to strike...

He swung for the jelly pope but the mighty Mr Wigglesworth jumped in front of the blade to protect his friend. the blade struck through his body, steel through flesh, the dagger cut deep. As it drew itself down the wounded Luxray the blade snapped in two and shattered on the floor. With a spine chilling yelp the luxray collapsed to the floor and slowly bled out next to his paralyzed master. "You...You...YOU...YOU WILL PAY!" Istas screams as his beloved friend lies on the floor in a pool of blood next to his feet, dagger shattered and shards still within his lifeless body. Quickly after this event the garrison finally arrived. "My Lord, we got here as fast as we cou-" Kain was cut off. "NOT FAST ENOUGH!" Istas yelled at Kain who had just seen Mr Wigglesworth lying in a pool of blood on the cold floor. "TAKE HIM TO HIS DEATH NOW!" Istas ordered. "Yes my lord." Kain said as he signaled two soldiers to take him away. "I would love to give you the honor of taking my life, but alas, my master has other plans. May we meet again. NOW I SACRIFICE MYSELF TO MY LORD!" Immediately swallowing a pill and falling to the ground, foaming at the mouth. "my...lord..." Kain spoke delicately. "Remove his body, decapitate him and stick his head on a spike in the center of the city. and prepare Mr wigglesworth for burial. Once that is done triple the patrols on the walls. War is coming" Istas ordered. "It shall be done my lord." Kain commanded the troops and left. the soldier had a moment of silent thought (what if war is coming? but where is it coming from?)...

Through the endless forests and trees was a particularly large camp, on the outskirts stood LM, looking up at the stars. Then footsteps came up behind him. He turned around to see Future standing there. "Now you're under my control LM, I shall tell you my plan, but first i shall tell you how i came to be like this." Future told LM...

"If I had any control of my body right now, I'd slay you where you stand, and I would make it as painful as possible." LM said, enraged. Future could see how serious LM was, and could even feel the binds of his control over LM fraying. Future shrugged at LM's comment, and snarkily replied, "Well, I appreciate it, but that's a bit off topic, isn't it?" 

Future smirked, and continued, "So, about me and why all this. You see, when I was very, very young, my father left me in the Ashlands. I had to fend for myself in that wasteland, which isn't easy when you're so young, but I survived, obviously. I had to survive off of Fire type Pokemon, which wasn't fun, mind you. They don't taste good in the slightest, but they gave me" 

Upon saying this, Future grabbed LM's right forearm, which began to burn vigorously. LM winced at the immense pain as his skin burned. "Hmm," Future said, sounding slightly impressed. "When I did that to Beta, he screamed. Then again, it was on his face, so it's hardly fair to judge. Should we make it fair?" Future questioned, releasing his grasp of LM's arm, and gestured towards LM's face. "I think I'm good," LM responded, still wincing at his seering flesh. "Suit yourself," Future replied.

"Anyways, back to story time," Future continued. "So, after a lot of years living there, I don't remember how many. I think I was about 14 or so. Anyways, after a long time, I stumbled along this Ho-Oh, and I wanted to capture it, so I did. However, in the 'heated' battle, Furo, my Darmanitan, was badly injured, and went into a permanent Zen mode. Once I captured this beauty, I knew I had immense power in the palm of my hand, and I vowed from that point onward, that I would do anything in my power, and I would make any sacrifice I could, to take control over the Jelly Kingdom. I vowed I would end Pope Istas's life at all costs, and I plan on seeing that vow through."

Upon finishing his story, there was a pause. LM began thinking over everything that had been the effect of Future gaining that Ho-Oh. The murder of all of his friends and family. The destruction of his home town, and many other villages. The murders of hundreds of innocent people. LM was furious, and Future could feel it. Future knew LM resented him, and wanted to mock and tease him, but his fear of losing control of LM's mind held him back. "So," Future said, finally breaking the silence, "now you're probably wondering, 'How do you plan on defeating the Jellopian army and seizing control?' Well, I'll tell you."
-Why are you telling me this?- LM interupted.
-How can a soldier follow a plan without knowing what it is?- Future asked rhetoricly.
LM was silent for a moment, Future smiled, but his expression soon became serious.
-LM, let me ask you, do you like the rule of the jelly pope? A corrupt monarchy, that lets gangs of theives run around the country and pillage. A rule that allows for one of its major cities ot be destroyed by one man in about a day!
LM stood silent, Future was right, what was the point of fighting for the jelly pope?
-Even if you're right, you aren't a cause worth to fight for either, what would anyone gain from you in power? NOTHING! The answer is nothing! You are just a power hungry psychopath, who won't stop at anything to reach his goals, no matter how many have to die for that to happen!
Future looked displeased.
-I'm done here.- Future said coldly.
-What? You can't jus- LM began to speak but didn't finsih as he lost control over himself and began walking into the woods."Where am I going?" he thought. He then warped, when he teleported he felt imensly tiered "I must have teleported a long distance." he thought. He could see two guards standing in front of a door etched into a rocky hillside, it had iron barbs covering it. He looked up with his periferal vision and saw on top of the hill the walls of an enormous city...

LM knew what was happening. He was at Jelliopolis. "I'll give you control once I get you inside the city." LM heard in his head. It was clearly Future's voice. "Why not now?" LM thought, hoping for a response. Unfortunately, he did not receive one, and was forced to walk up towards the doors. "Halt!" yelled one of the guards. LM stopped dead in his tracks. "The city is on lock down for fear of an approching war! No one goes in, and no one comes out!" The guard yelled, and continued, "I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave." He put his hand onto his swords hilt, as did the other guard. LM couldn't move. "Don't make me ask again!" The guard yelled, agitated. Still, LM was unable to move at all. He couldn't even speak to explain. 

"Sir," the guard announced, "I warned you not to mak-" Suddenly, LM drew his blade, and teleported up to the guard, stabbing him in the chest. Blood spurted out from behind the guard where the blade emerged from his back. The other guard yelped, and quickly tried to unsheath his sword, but before he could, LM teleported to him and swung his sword down through his shoulder down to his chest. The guard's eyes became lifeless almost immediately. LM was in shock. He hadn't done that. All of it was Future's influence. LM removed his blade from the guards corpse, and the guard's body slumped to the ground, blood pouring out of his wound. LM turned and proceeded towards the door. "Sorry about that, but they were never going to let you in," Future thought to LM. He slowly opened the gate, and carefully slid into the capital.

"Okay, you're free to do what you wish, as long as you infiltrate the castle and signal to us that you're in," Future thought to LM, who was still exhausted and in slight shock. "And," Future continued, sounding very serious, "I can see what you see, so if you try to escape, I won't hesitate to kill you." LM regained control of his body, and being as it was the middle of the night, he headed towards the nearest inn he could. Upon entering, he checked his pockets to see how much gold he had, which was more than enough, and proceeded to rent a room. He entered his room, and layed onto the bed. He began thinking about what was about to happen. He knew that a war was in fact coming, and he could possibly die in it. His mind then shifted over to Kitten, who he knew he may never see again. He quickly shoved these thoughts from his mind. He knew they would meet again, but he hoped it wouldn't be as he is now, or it may very well be the last time they meet. He then thought about how he helped her escape and how he healed her from a fatal wound. He then thought about when she was in his tent after his fight with Zeno-E, and when she stitched him up after Zeno-G nearly killed him. He then came to a realization. He loved her. He then realized that is she comes to Jelliopolis during this war, she may die. Possibly by his hand. He, again, shoved these thought from his mind, and focused on going to sleep. It had been weeks since he's slept in a bed.

LM woke up, and yawned. He slowly leaned up, and glanced out the window. The sun was just coming up. He climbed out of the bed, popped his back, and left his room. He headed out of the inn, thanking the inn keeper on his way out. Once he got out to the street, he heard in his head, "Good morning, buttercup. How did you sleep?" LM sighed, and thought, "I wish not to speak to you." "Aww, but I wanted to talk about your thoughts last night," Future whined. "What about them?" LM thought, trying to hide what happened. Future realized this, and thought, "Don't hide it. I know you have feelings for the thief. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." A brief silence followed. LM then heard Future think, "by the way, good idea having you fight her. If she shows up, I'll have to make that happen." "If you do that, I promise you, you will not live to see another day. I will kill you in the most painful way possible. You will understand what all your actions have put me through my entire life." LM thought, furious and clearly very serious. Future, however, was not phased. "Oh, I'd pay to see that." He thought to LM, and continued, "Anyways, back to the mission at hand, get to the tallest tower in the castle and signal us." "Fine," LM thought, "but I will take no pleasure in it." LM briefly waited for a response, but received none. He then walked into a dark alley and teleported to the highest spot on the tower he could. "I guess this is the best spot," he thought. He glanced upwards, then looked out towards Grearland Woods, which could be seen in the distance. "Kitten," he thought, "I'm here." He then cast his Purple Flare straight up into the sky. "We see it, kid. You can stop it now." However, LM held it for a few more seconds in hopes one of his allies would spot it.

Karasu and Yria were at there camp near the outskirts of Grearland Woods, eating a breakfast of wild Tepig Karasu had hunted. Yria glanced up, and spotted a faint purple pillar in the distance. She squinted her eyes, and realized it was a Purple Flare. "Hey Karasu!" she said, excitedly. "Huh," he responded, his mouth full of food. "Look!" she said, pointing at the Flare. "What is it?" he asked. "It's LM's Flare!" She bellowed, "That means we can go meet up with a friend." "Well," Karasu said, "we can't really do anything else, and we need supplies anyways, so let's go." They packed up what little stuff they had, and left the forest for the Flares location.

Meanwhile, Kitten, Zeno-G, Zell, and Kyle were still searching for any trace of Future and his group, but to no avail. Moral was low, however, Zeno-G spotted a purple pillar immensely far in the distance. "Hey guys," He said, "look." Everyone turned around and saw what he was pointing at. Upon spotting it, Kitten felt a surge of relief and happiness. "Let's go!" she yelled, almost immediately taking off towards it at a full sprint. "Why?" Zell asked. "Because," Kitten yelled back, not stopping her sprint, "That's Lu-LM's Flare! If LM is there, then Future must be, too!" Everyone else had already begun to follow her besides Zell, so he sprinted on after them.

Upon arriving to Jelliopolis, the location of the Flare, Karasu and Yria noticed two corpses outside the gates...
Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

Upon karasu and yrias arival to jelliopolis they did indeed find 2 knights who were guarding the entrance to jelliopolis lying there as dead bloody corpses.
It appears one of our enemies have already made there 1st move 
It seems that way we better look around to see what we can find
Meanwhile at futures destination he is setting up a chess board with custom made pieces made to look like the group of heroes and his team of villains
It seems that 2 of the heroes have made it 2 the final dance floor perhaps I better give them a show there ghosts can remember Future places a chess piece looking like yria and karasu on part of the board that strangely looks like jelliopolis and Lm on a certain area as well
I hope He doesn't make me kill kitten or any of my friends
Well aren't we the worry warts Listen i got a job for you. My Ho-oh is going to set up a distraction for you so you can kill your targets that are in your vicinity will you do that for me please?
NO IM NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE ANYMORE! But you forget that i rule over you at the moment your mind is mine you cannot disobey me 
Lm looked down in sadness and future let his ho-oh loose
LOOK ITS FUTURES HO-OH Karasu said as he grabbed yrias hand and flew up towards it with his gliscor.
But then a flash of purple light went straight past them
Karasu and yria then noticed that it was LM and started flying towards him

Karasu and Yria flew as quickly as they could towards LM. The barrage of magnificent purple fire was too quick for the Gliscor to dodge, however, and it got hit in the wing with the incredibly hot flames. It shrieked in pain and plummeted towards the ground. They hit the ground hard, but with minimal injuries. Karasu coughed and slowly began to lean up. He looked over towards the still body of his Gliscor.

"Come on," Karasu said to the Gliscor. Upon not receiving a response, he nudged it. "Hey, come on. You're all right," he continued, his voice filling with worry. "No," he said, quickly getting up, ignoring the pain he was in. "No no no. No!" he continued, tears welling up in his eyes. LM teleported down towards them, and stood, observing what Future had caused him to do. "No! Please no!" Karasu continued, tears beginning to roll down his face. "No! NO! Why!?" He continued. LM knew what he had done. The Gliscor was dead. Karasu began slamming the ground with his fists, crying over the corpse of his fallen team mate. LM quietly said, "Karasu, I'm...I'm sorry..." There was no response. Karasu continued to cry, and Yria was in shock from seeing the Gliscor die.

After a brief period, Karasu slowly stood up, tears still flowing, and said to LM, " did this..." LM replied by saying, "I am honestly sorry, but I can't contr-" "You did this!" Karasu interrupted him, quickly drawing his Longsword. "Karasu, don't do this." LM said, showing genuine worry for Karasu's safety. "No!" Karasu yelled. He had stopped crying, but tears were still in his eyes. "You killed him! You killed one of my friends!" "Karasu, I didn-" "I don't want to hear it!" Karasu interrupted again. "Yria, get somewhere safe." Yria, still in shock, looked up and saw the tempers flaring. She silently nodded, and ran to the nearest alleyway, as to avoid seeing anymore death. "Karasu, I don't want to do this." LM said. "I can't let you get away with this!" Karasu screamed, charging forward at full speed with his Longsword prepared to swing.

Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

Karasu swung his sword and Lm blocked it With his dagger
Meanwhile Kyle and his group arrived at Jellyopolis noticing the corpses of 2 jelly knights lying in the entry way
well atleast we know were in the right place kyle said
The group entered Jellyopolis Walking into the dark lit City trying to figure out what was going on.
The group then heard a clash of metal hitting each other and ran towards the sound to investigate. The group then finds Karasu in a stance looking like he was about to kill LM and LM was holding his right shoulder that was just cut by Karasu's long sword. karasu held his sword towards Lm his eyes being covered by shade he was getting from his hair and headband Any Last Words SCUM Karasu asked LM As He lifted his sword into the air. LM shook his head and looked away karasu was about to slice Lm's head off Yria was looking away Covering her eyes as she knew what was about to happen STOP!!!!! A familiar voice yelled. Karasu looked over and saw kitten standing in shock with the group karasu and yria separated from WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU KARASU TRYING TO KILL YOUR OWN FRIEND WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON! She asked as she started running towards LM's aid HE KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! Karasu responded as kitten halted. What do you mean Kitten said as she started to slowly walk back. Karasu signal'ed Yria to come out she started walking out with Karasu's Gliscor in her arms Showing Kitten We arrived here and saw Futures Ho-oh and started flying up towards it with gliscor. Then a bright purple light flew towards Us and we saw Lm on a tower thinking he was the attacker we started flying towards him and he started shooting rapidly and Paul got hit in his wing... well what we thought was his wing.... Karasu was explaining starting to well up with tears about his best friends death. He killed my best friend that Ive had since he was a Gligar Ive already had V Another long time friend taken away from me by Ignis and Zekrom taken away from me by some guy who guarded the thunder temple named lux. And then one of my friends lifes were actually taken away. HE WAS FAMILY! Karasu yelled out filled with tears
"Karasu..." LM said quietly. Karasu glanced towards LM, still enraged. "I didn't want to have to do that, and I fear what I may do soon," LM continued, "but I'm under Future's control...I didn't mean for any of that to happen...I'm...I'm sorry..." Karasu slowly lowered his blade to his side. "You..." Karasu began, "you are under Future's control? Like Beta?" LM stayed silent for a moment before replying, "Yes...I didn't want to attack you, but I guess Future saw you as a thre-" LM suddenly sprung up and pierced his blade deep into Karasu's chest. Blood exploded from his back. Karasu gasped slightly, his eyes wide open with fear. LM was in shock. "No!" Yria screamed, but it was too late. The wound was too great. LM slowly stepped back, pulling his Short Sword out of Karasu's chest. Karasu stood still for a moment before slumping to the ground, blood oozing from the wound in his chest. 

"I...I..." LM began, but couldn't speak. He was in a lot of shock. He had just murdered his friend. The whole group was taken back in surprise. No one spoke, and silence filled the area. Eventually, Future emerged, clapping slowly. "Well done kid," he said. "Why...did..." LM began, but still, words were escaping him. "Now isn't the time. We can talk about it later, once I kill the Pope, of course," Future said. Silence refilled the area. "Hmm..." Future pondered, "I thought you would be a bit more...talkative about this, but you rarely see death, so I kinda understand it. Well, either way, I can't let you guys get in the way. Go on, guys. Kill them." Future gestured behind him, and then Beta and Zeno-E emerged from the alley. "We'll just be with the Pope, if anyone needs us," Future exclaimed. He gestured towards LM, who followed him, still appearing in shock. Before LM was engulfed by the shadows of the alley, he turned towards the group and sadly said, "I'm...I'm sorry..." He then turned back around and entered the alley, leaving Beta and Zeno-E with Kitten, Kyle, Yria, Zell, and Zeno-G.
Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

(note during this update of the RP you must be listening to this music
Yria ran towards Karasu trying to heal his wound Karasu stopped her
Yria ive come this far I don't want to go down being a wimp Please let my pokemon out of there pokeballs and help me up for my final battle Yria didn't want to do this but did it anyway She let out karasu's Donphan, greninja, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glalie Guys Karasu said sounding weaker and weaker by the second My pokemon Will hold them off for a while Go save the pope thats all I ask of you with my last few words Karasu said as He coughed up blood. The group nodded and ran towards jelly Pope Istas Palace Even though LM is under Futures control I still can't believe that His will was not strong enough to hold back against killing one of his own friends. Kitten was saying to herself not sharing with the group Well Guys atleast I get one last fight with you were all going to see paul after! Karasu said as a furious clash between pokemon and human alike happened. (summary Umbreon died by Being frozen and unable to breath, Leafeon was wilted away by to many strong attacks, Glalie suffocated due to a psychic attack, Donphan was pounded into the ground unable to move a muscle all bones and organs crushed, Greninja would not go down without a fight but was ended by Mega abomasnow and mega gallade. Karasu then got up and pushed yria away and she started running towards the way the group went to go help pope istas and as karasu accepted fate and was slashed by Beta and Zeno He was done for. Karasu is now watching over everyone happy that atleast one of his pokemon is alive that V will eventually fall into the right hands and that he got to see his best friend his Gliscor paul all in one place where harmony was throughout the area and there was no violence that only violence that was in the area were pokemon battles.) Beta and Zeno left to find yria but she came back and grabbed what was left of karasu and took him out towards a little garden area ordering her mawile to dig up a hole and using a stone edge to create a stone for his grave. She removed his Scarf and headband and then put his corpse into the hole Covering up the hole with the dirt her mawile dug up and putting karasu's headband and scarf on the tombstone. using magic she wrote "Here Lies Karasu. A brave warrior who helped fight against futures wrath on Jelliopolis but didn't live long through the fight. He cared alot about his friends and lost one in the line of battle. May he rest in piece"
Zeno-G, Zell and Kyle ran at an empty square in the middle of the city. A few seconds later Zeno-E and Beta arrived. 
''So you want to stop Future from killing off Istas?'' Asked Beta. ''Well then, you need to defeat us first.'' Zeno-E said confident. 
''Well, it looks like we have to fight them.'' Zell said. ''But, I don't want to fight my other half.'' Zeno-G said.
''You need to. Or else we can't save the kingdom.'' Kyle said. ''Kyle's right. We need to beat them to save the kingdom.'' Zell said.
''*Sigh* Ok, if we need to fight I'll try my best to beat them.'' Zeno said.
''You can never beat us Charizardboy, Hippie and Hippie 2.0'' Zeno-E said defiantly.
''So come and battle us!'' Beta shouted.
Zeno-E threw a pokéball and Sableye appeared. Beta did the same and Abomasnow appeared.
''Why aren't using your Gallade?'' Beta asked surprised.
''He is too weak to fight. After the fight with Future he got injured.'' Zeno-E said silently.
''So they're going to use pokémon? I will use one to.'' Zell said while he grabbed a pokéball.
''Go Alakazam!'' Zell shouted.
''Go Pyroar.'' Zeno-G said.
Zell ran towards Zeno-E and punched him in his stomach. Zeno-E created a bubble around Zell and threw him against a wall. Beta takes his mace and runs towards Zeno-G, but Zeno-G created a bubble to protect himself from the incoming impact.
Kyle ran towards Beta, but Beta dodged him. Zell sttod up and ran towards Beta. This time Beta couldn't dodge the attack and was slammed in to the ground.
''Abomasnow, use ice shard on Zell!'' Beta shouted. Abomasnow fired the ice shard to Zell, but Alakazam protected Zell with a psychic. 
Kyle ran towards Zeno-E and grabbed him.
''Pyroar use fire blast on Zeno!'' Zeno-G shouted. The Pyroar fired a fireblast to Zeno-E. Zeno-E quickly grabbed Kyle and pushed him towards the fireblast. Zeno-E created a bubble to protect himself from the fire, but Kyle got hit by the fireblast.
''What have I done?'' Zeno-G said.
''You've killed one of your own teammates.'' Zeno-E said. ''So there is a badside in you.''
Zell was shocked and angry at the same time. ''He was my friend! You killed him, you monster!'' Zell screamed.
''Alakazam! Mega evolve!'' Zell screamed.
''If you mega evolve I will mega evolve to. Abomasnow! Mega evolve!'' Beta shouted.
''Alakzam, use psychic on Beta.'' Alakazam lifted Beta in the air to smash him to the ground. Zell ran towards Beta and punched him multiple times.
''Sableye, use knock off on Zeno.'' Sableye ran towards Zeno-G and slammed into his face. Zeno-G fired a red beam towards Sableye, but he dodged it. ''Alakazam, use dazzling gleam on Sableye.'' Alakazam shot a dazzling gleam towards Sableye. Sableye got hit and flew to the other side of the square. ''Sableye! You will pay for this Charizardboy.'' Zeno-E said. Beta finally stood up but was injured.
''Abomasnow, use wood hammer on Zell.'' Beta said while he pointed at Zell. Abomasnow ran towards Zell and slammed Zell with it's woodhammer. Zell wounded his left arm and was bleeding. Zell ran towards Beta he jumped and kicked his head. Beta fell on the ground. Beta stood up again and wanted to slam Zell with his mace but alakazam fired a focus blast towards Beta to protect Zell. The focus blast went right through Beta's body. Beta was immediatly dead and he fell on the ground.
''Did Alakazam just kill him?'' Zell asked.
What did he do?'' Zeno-G asked.
''I think he just killed Beta'' Zell responded.
''Why would he do that?'' Zeno-G asked.
''I kicked Beta's head. He stood up and wanted to hit me with his mace, but Alakazam fired a focus blast to protect me. The focus blast killed Beta.'' Zell said.
''Ok, that's one less problem to deal with.'' Zeno-G said.
''Hm, weakling.'' Zeno-E said.
''You don't even care if somebody on your side dies?'' Zeno-G asked.
''Nope.'' Zeno-E responded.
''You monster!'' Zeno-G screamed.
Zeno-G ran towards Zeno-E with a red aura in his hand. Zeno-E did the same. They smashed their fists against each other. A red and blue flash appeared. Zell was blinded by the light. When Zell opened his eyes he saw just one Zeno standing there.
''Zeno! You're back to normal again!'' Zell shouted.
''It seems I am.'' Zeno said.
-But ... Kyle is ... Zell said , but at this moment , His skin began to turn into white .
-Z-Zell? Are you okay ? Zeno asked .
-It's o...Ok...Kyaaaaaaaaah ! My ... Brain ! Zell shouted . I remember now ! He was here !
-Who ? Who are you talking about ? Zeno asked again 
-I remember when My parents were killed ... I remembered that Kyle was there , he was surely here for research ... Or to help my parent's murderer . I want to know ! Zell explained .
-How are you supposed to know now? Zeno said .
-I'm pretty su...The Dr...Aaaaaaaaaaah !
At this moment he turned instantly into a charizard , with the sensation he doesn't control himself ! He doesn't stopped to spit fire and Crashed himself in the walls !
-Ha! It seems like it happened ! 
-Who...Are you? Zell asked 
-Do you remember the Hydreigon you saw when you was a little thing ? I'm with you till the beginning , I am in The Gem, I corrupted you slowly ! Also ,Oops , hehe , it appears like you were controled with a Mind control stone , weren't you ?
-What ? Hmmm ... But YOU can't read my mind because ... 
Zell began to approached Kyle and Closed his eyes :
-You know , You maybe corrupted me but ... I have friends and I don't want them dies ! Zell said .I will bring you back Kyle ... You will all explain to me ! But for now ! Hyaaaaaaaaaaah !!!
-What are you doing ? Zeno and the Hydreigon said .
At this moment , in a great flash of light , Zell transformed Himself into a human and made the Gem out of him ! The gem began to be Fire red And exploded in a diamond storm ! A purple dusk stood on the Burned body of Kyle . And he opened his eyes :
-Zell? Zeno ? I remembered of a great Flash of fire in front of me ! What happened? Kyle asked
-Nothing Kyle ! Nothing ! Zell answered , but ... I have a thing to ask to you !
-Sure but Zell wait the wait the end !
-If you want , Kyle ! You two ! Let's go now ! Zell shouted
When The little group walked in the city , Zell suddenly asked :
-Kyle ? Isn't it too difficult to walk with your scar on the leg?
No answer...He looks back and ... :
-Kyle ?? Where are you ?
-Sorry to say that to you , Zell but ... Kyle leaved for " Finding Himself" . Zeno explained.
-What ?? Why he doesn't said that to me ? He was supposed to explain myself what happened when I was little !Zell shouted ... But I respect his choice ... Mmmh Nevermind... Let's go

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! the great door slammed as the remaining jelopian guards not ravaged by the assault of the Ho-Oh struggled to hold the bulwark protecting Pope Istas from impending doom. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! itcame again, the men struggling to keep the legendary bird out. "my pope! we cannot hold the gate any longer! we have to retreat now!" mario shouted to Pope Istas from accross the room "I understand, but I will not back down, prepare your men for a fight!" Pope Istas replied. Mario understood and proceeded to reform the guardsmen into a defensive position...

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "Men Hold the line!" Mario ordered. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The defensive barrier broke and the gates sung open, the Ho-Oh was ready to sear the guards, it reared itself to end them. "No my pet, not these, got find something to burn, daddy has work to do!"  Future ordered from beyond the broken gates. "Now lucas-boy! be a dear and dispose of these insects for me. I have some grown up business toattend to" Future commanded LM. Relcutantly LM drew his weapons. With a flash of purple light he vanished. "I think that your minion just ra- aah-aah-aah..." mario stopped, he looked down to see the blood dripping from a fresh wound. LM proceeded to slaughter the remaining guards as future walked towards the pope laughing at the helpless guards...

Deep within the catacombes of the city, tri stood at the entrance of a great vault where all dangerous artifacts wre kept. Future said that the ancient three horned beast statue inside the vault held the key to gaining more power, and it might just unlock her lost memories. Using some of her regained powers she proceeded to open the hulking door. Upon unsealing and entering the door, tri could feel the magical essence and knowledge that surrounded her, she proceeded to drain all of it she could and take as much knowledge she could...

Back in the breached citadel, bodies laid on the floor, slumped, fresh blood encricled them. between the bodies future walked cackling as he did so, reaching the corpse of mario, he proceeded to kick it repeatedly before continuing on. Finally he stopped at the steps before the jelly throne. "I expected more of a fight, then again all the good guards did die out years ago. So are you going to finally stand and fight me, or do I cut you down where you stand?" Future asked as he gestured LM to lend his sword. "If you think that you can defeat one such as I, go ahead, I'd like to see you try." As he said this he slammed his sceptre down on the floor, removed his pope hat and pulled off the shaft of the sceptre to reveal an intricate sword. Th two raised their swords and charged at eachother. Clashing blades, sparks flew away from the battle, each blow from one sword landed on the other. Future knew he couldn't defeat the pope without cheating. He proceeded to retreat whilst focusing his energy on the sword to heat it up (cowardice, now is my time to strike) the pope thought as he charged head on at future, finally completing his modification the the blade, future took a defensive stance. the blades met, though this time, when Istas' blade met future's, it broke the metal in two and istas was left with practically a butterknife. Taking one last swing at his sword arm, heated steel seared through the popes flesh, dimembering the wound and leaving the istas in shock, holing onto his corterised stump, unable to move. "Okay Lucas-boy, your time to shine! get your knife out and slit his thoat, When you do this there will be nothing left of your former self, you'll be just like me." Future said as he smiled at the thought. With no control over his body, hi pulled out his daggar and walked over to the pope. "nice and slowly, I want to enjoy every moment of this." Future commanded. he grabbed Istas' head and placed the daggar infront of his throat. Future raised his hand, poked his thumb out horizontally and motioned it downwards. LM proceeded to slice through Istas. Blood poured out and the lifeless body of the pope dropped to the ground. LM left the view of the corpse on the ground, his focus coming away from the laugh of future exclaiming his victory. Finally his gaze set upon the doors and the familliar figure between them. The figure came into focus, her face not relaxed or relieved to see him but petrified at the dark act she had just witnessed...
"Kitten...I...I..." LM began, but could muster up any words. Kitten stood, petrified. Future began laughing. "Wow! Your timing couldn't have been better!" He continued to laugh. LM and Kitten remained silent. "Hmm..." Future continued, "I figured you would be more talkative. Well, either way, this is still perfect." LM looked up towards Future slightly, fearing what he might be planning. "...No..." LM said. "Oh yes. No doubt about it." Future replied, clearly eager for the outcome. "...Please. Anything else. Just don't make me hurt her." LM said desperately. "But that takes all the fun out of it," Future explained, "Anyways, what better way to break the news to her. You see," Future continued, beginning to face towards Kitten, "this kid has a little something he wants to tell you." Future gestured towards LM. Silence followed. "Go on, kid. Say it," Future said, sounding frustrated. Again, LM didn't say anything. Future sighed, and slowly walked towards LM. Future stopped in front of him, and slapped LM hard in the face, slightly burning it. "You WILL say what I tell you to say!" Future yelled. "Now go on," he continued, lowering his voice, "say it." LM sighed reluctantly, but proceeded to do as Future commanded. 

"Kitten...I...I know after all I've done here, you couldn't have the same feelings towards me as I do you, but I love you. I..." tears began to appear in the corners of his eyes. "I...I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm sorry you got dragged into this," the tears began to flow from his eyes, "and I don't want you to die, now or ever. I told you I wasn't dying on you, but I doubt I can hold true to that have to kill me..." LM was silently crying. Kitten had conflicting emotions about LM. She knew he wasn't a monster at heart, but she doesn't know if that was all because of Future's influence. She felt something towards him she hadn't felt towards anyone in a long time. "Lucas..." she began, "I...I..." but she couldn't find the words to express her feelings. "Well," Future said loudly, "since you two lovebirds won't ever get to see each other again after I kill the both of you, I might as well make it fun for me." "If you make me hurt her, I will show you pain you've never experienced before in your life!" LM yelled. Future felt a tug in his control over LM. 

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Another one:

"Well, too bad, kid," Future said. Suddenly, LM dashed forwards towards Kitten. Though the action was sudden, Kitten managed to draw her dagger in time and block LM's dagger. "Kitten, I'm sorry..." LM said, sounding defeated, like nothing could fix what Future was inevitably going to make him do. "No!" Kitten yelled, "You can't just give up now! We've come so far, and you can't just let it end here!" LM grabbed Kitten's arm swung for her torso. She tried to dodge, but received a shallow cut on her stomach. "Ah!" Kitten winced. Future again felt a tug on his control over LM. Kitten elbowed LM in the chest, knocking him away. She took a step backwards, preparing for another attack. Instead of dashing forward, however, LM sent fireballs flying towards her. She managed to dodge them all, but she turned to see LM dashing forwards again. She instinctively swung her dagger at him, but he blocked it with his gauntlet, and jabbed at her. She swung her blade towards LM's, and deflected it, knocking it out of his hands. LM swiftly knocked Kitten over. As she fell to the ground, LM teleported over to Future. "You may want this back," Future said, handing LM's short sword back to him. "Lucas, stop!" Kitten yelled. "Fight back! Don't let him control you!" LM didn't seem phased, but Future could feel his power over LM fraying. LM dashed forwards again, short sword prepared to end the fight. "Lucas!" Kitten yelled, "I love you! Stop!" Future felt his control over LM snap. "Well how about that..." Future said under his breath. 

LM stopped in his tracks, just inches in front of Kitten. He stood there for a moment, silent, slowly realizing what just happened. After what felt like hours, LM leaned forward and hugged Kitten. She was taken back with suprise because moments earlier, this same person was trying to murder her. She then hugged him back. Tears were welling up in both of there eyes. "D'aww. Isn't that just adorable." Future said, unannounced. LM and Kitten both looked towards him, still holding each other. "If only it mattered now." Future continued, sounding arrogant. LM and Kitten remained silent. After a breif silence, Future continued, "I won. Don't you see? There isn't anything you can do now. I control the kingdom now. I am the future of this world. I control its outcome now. You all have been trying to save the world, trying to play a god, but none of you can stand up to someone who transcends the level of god. Me." 

Future began to laugh. Kitten and LM looked at each other. "We can beat him." Kitten said. LM nodded in agreement. "We need to fight together, as one," LM said, "If we fight as individuals, we can't win." Kitten lightly nodded. The two released each other and turned to face Future. Future was still laughing maniacally. Kitten sent out her Banette, and LM sent out his Walrein. Future's laughter slowly died down, and he noticed Kitten and LM standing, preparing for a fight. "You really think you can beat me now?" Future asked. "We know we can, Future," Kitten said confidently. "You can't, I prom-" LM interrupted him, "Remember when I said that if you made me hurt her, I would end you? I plan on holding true to that promise." Kitten and LM looked at each other and nodded. Kitten proceeded to Mega Evolve her Banette while LM gestured towards his Walrein who set up an Aqua Ring to aid in the battle. Future smirked, and tossed out his Ho-Oh. It exploded from its Pokeball and shrieked. "Okay buddy. Cleanse them," Future said. The Ho-Oh proceeded to use Sacred Fire. LM nodded at his Walrein, who proceeded to use Surf, bringing the glorious pillar of fire to nothing but steam. 

LM dashed forward and took a swing at Future. At the same time, Kitten yelled, "Shadow Claw!" and her Banette sprinted forward towards Future as well. Future dodged LM's sword swing, but took a Shadow Claw to the back, which cut his belt of Pokeballs off, only managing to save one of them. He cried out in pain and yelled, "Get 'em. Arial Ace!" Ho-Oh dashed towards LM and went to swipe him with its wing. LM raised his sword in time to cut Ho-Oh's wing, however. Banette then ran up and hit it with a Shadow Claw. The Ho-Oh toppled to the ground, weak and bleeding. "What?!" Future yelled. "No! Go Reuniclus!" He tossed another Pokeball, this time revealing a Reuniclus. "Phychic!" Future yelled. Before the Reuniclus could use it, however, the Walrein hit it with a Signal Beam. "Now!" Kitten yelled, "Shadow Claw again!" The Banette followed her order and slached at the Reuniclus, knocking it to the floor, bleeding from its wounds. "Grr..." Future was clearly getting frustrated. He grabbed another Pokeball.

"So," he said, "I guess its time for the big boys." Future tossed a Pokeball, and a Garchomp revealed itself from it. Future then raised his hand and touched the left side of his goggles. An energy field started gling around the Garchomp. Banette ran up to it to attack, but was promptly knocked back. Walrein shot an Ice Beam towards the energy ball, hoping to take out the Garchomp. However, the ball of energy exploded, revealing Mega Garchomp. "Now." Future said, "Stone Edge!" The Garchomp slammed the ground, causing sharp pillars of rock to fly upwards, right underneath Walrein. "Orf!" LM yelled. Blood exploded out of the Walreins wounds. "No! Orf!" LM yelled, "You'll pay for that!" LM yelled. He tossed out another Pokeball. When the Pokeball opened, a Sceptile emerged. "Gaia, do this. For Orf." The Sceptile nodded, and LM touched the pommel of his sword. An energy ball formed around the Sceptile. "Banette, come here." Kitten said, and the Banette listened. 

The ball of energy burst and revealed Mega Sceptile. "Banette, Thunder Wave." Kitten said. The Banette obeyed, and hit the Sceptile with it. "Ha!" Future laughed, "Why would you do that?" LM smiled slightly, and said, "Lighting Rod. Any electricity is naturally attracted to Mega Sceptile, so it absorbs that electricity to power up it's energy based attacks." Sceptile then used Dragon Pulse and blasted the Garchomp off its feet, slamming it into the wall. Blood could be seen pouring from where the attack landed on the Garchomp. "No. Not this. Not now." Future said under his breath. He lifted up his last Pokeball from his jacket pocket and stared at it. "Please..." He whispered. He tossed it out, not saying a word. A Zen Darmanitan was released from the Pokeball. "Furo..." Future said. "Flamethrower!" The Darmanitan shot a stream of Fire towards Sceptile. It stumbled backwards. "Synthesis!" LM yelled. The Sceptile proceeded to absorb sunlight and heal its wounds. "Furo, Phychic!" Future yelled. "Banette, Sucker Punch!" Kitten yelled. The Banette flew forward and hit the Darmanitan, knocking it down. "Furo, Rest!" Future yelled! The Darmanitan went to sleep, and began healing itself. "Thunder Wave again." Kitten said. Again, the Banette shot the Sceptile with a jolt of electricity. "Again, Dragon Pulse," LM said. The Sceptile listened, and blasted the Darmanitan with a wave of energy, knocking it backwards, just like the Garchomp. "Furo!" Future yelled, but it was too late. The Darmanitan slammed against the wall with so much force, it crashed through it.

"No..." Future said, clearly distraught. "No! No!" He collapsed to the ground, on the brink of tears. LM and Kitten approached him. "Furo!" Future yelled. Kitten looked over at LM and nodded. LM understood and walked up close to Future. "You are a terrible person who has committed hundreds of atrocities. You will always be remembered as such, but I hope you find solace in death." LM then quickly stabbed Future through the back, piercing his heart. Future went quiet as the life quickly left his eyes. LM removed his blade, and Future slumped face first to the ground. "Come on," Kitten said, "let's go back to our friends." "One second." LM said. He leaned down, turn over Future's body, and closed Future's eyes. LM stood up, and walked over to his Walrein. He then closed the Walrein's eyes. LM had tears rolling down his face. Kitten walked up to LM and wiped them off his cheek. "I'm sorry, but it'll be okay. You'll get through it," she said reassuringly. LM nodded. "Come on. Let's go." She said again, taking his hand. They walked silently out of the palace, leaving all that had happened behind them.

Life isn't the kindest mistress. She will do anthing and everything to break you and to try and force you to fall victim to her cruelty. You can't, however, let her win, for when you give up and succumb to life's cruelties, that is when you die as a person. Those who keep fighting, even if they are fighting a battle they can't win, are the people who truly succeed, because success isn't measured in how well you do in the end. It's measured in how hard you fight to get to where you are.

As the day closes and the fires die, the tavern in the heart of the city plays a soft melody that could be heard throughout  the city. Within the taven sat soldiers drinking, minstrels playing their songs and a few people dancing along. LM sat down with kitten on one of the benches with kitten, soon after, zell and zeno came up to them. "Ha you guys made it!" zeno exclaimed whilst holding a large, half empty bottle of wine over his head. "yeah, we did." kitten replied. "so I'm guessing future..." zeno trailed into silence. LM stayed silent for a moment, before quietly saying "...yeah, he's...well..." LM couldn't finish his sentence but zeno nodded. Then, a brief silence came over them. "So, if future is dead, what do we do now?" zell asked, directing his question at LM. "I think we've earned a break. I don't think we've had the chance to properly know eachother yet. Each of us has been through so much that we know nothing about each other. Whilst there isn't the threat of impending doom I'd just like a normal life." LM replied. Everyone agreed that it was time to rest, they couldn't take another adventure for a long while. "Where's yria anyway?" kitten inquired. "Over there in the corner, she looks like she's deep in thought, it's best if we not bother her." zeno answered. Kitten replied with a quick nod. After a few minutes yria, who had been running through the events of the day in her head, stood up and walked over to a podium. Asking the band to stop playing, the room fell silent shortly after. "Excuse me everyone, could I have your attention!? Today was a day that will be remembered for years to come. Today we fought a rutheless killer. He turned our allies against us, he killed anyone who got in his way, he had no feelings towards anyone. Today we defeated him! but it wasn't without it's costs... Many sacrificed their lives today so that we could have a better future. One without tyrrany, without hate, without the violence and war that we have become accustomed to. So I ask you all to remember their names, who they were, remember the good times, and the bad. Remember what they though for, try to live up acheiving that goal. Now, please, raise your glasses, your flagons, raise it up high and honour the fallen. TO SACRIFICE!" "TO SACRIFICE!" everyone cheered, with that the band started playing and everyone cheered and spoke of their fallen comrades. Yria walked over to the group assembled around the bench. "Nice speech." Zeno said as she approached. "Thanks, I thought it was fitting..." Yria replied as her mind started to wander. "so, what will you do now yria?" LM asked as she began to come back around to the real world. "I...I don't know..." she replied, distant from the conversation. "well, I wish you luck, everyone, in whatever you do next." LM replied, with that the group clinked glasses...

Deep within the blackened mountains, beyond the great jungles, beyond the reach of civilisation and jelliopolis, stood the Red Spire. An ancient citadel long forgotten. For thousands of years it has lied in ruins, none have walked it's halls, until now. "I remember now. The old stories were true. This is the place, it shall become a great fortress once again and I shall rule over this pitiful world. This time, no one can stop me!" Tri exclaimed as she cave out a dark laugh. Darkness eminated from her body, finally, her true power had been awakened...

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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by TriShade on Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:26 pm

This is a great idea! One recommendation though, do you think you could edit this so that it's grammatically correct all the way through? Or perhaps that should wait until it's finished?
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Pixel Profligate on Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:35 pm

I vote for grammatical correctness tongue
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Kitten on Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:59 pm

I'd say grammatical correctness, but maybe after the RP is done so we can still read off of the original on here instead of going through multiple pages. Unless this is a forever ongoing thing (which I'm not opposed to cause I think this RP is hilarious xD). But yeah, afterwards. Kinda like a novel, you gotta write the first draft before you edit, y'know what I'm saying?
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by TriShade on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:01 pm

Makes sense. This RP's so good I kind of want to start another so that this forum has twice the RP goodness. Unfortunately that might get a bit confusing and I can't come up with an idea anyways so I'll hold off for now.
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Idea

Post by Karasugaming on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:02 am

How bout we work together on making a sprite comic for the RP i could place the positioning of sprites someone could create the scenery and someone else could type the words into word bubbles.
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Kitten on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:23 am

This is a cute idea! Would we be using overworlds or trainer sprites (I'm gonna assume overworlds, like Silver's comic maybe)? I can try to finish the basic animations for my Kitten sprite this weekend or so and just add more as we go along. I gotta finish the contest entry and some other artwork I owe first tho and then I can do them ouo;; oh, and homework, too -wheeze-
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Jelly RP comic idea

Post by Karasugaming on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:59 am

you assumed correctly that we would be using gen4 Overworld sprites like in silvers comic (im terrible at making gen4 sprites and would appreciate it if someone made karasu gen4 sprites for me) and we would make each page Weekly so we would have a time frame and this would be a big success seeing as how the story is going so far. also for events in the story such as pokemon battles we would use PMD sprites (pokemon mystery dungeon) and we might have to make some overworld sprites for pokemon in the story that don't have them yet (such as Froakie)
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Funny you should say that

Post by Istas on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:23 am

funny you should say sprite comic like silvers...
I'm actually making my own at the moment called the Eskeia league based on the silver league comic's style
check it out here:

if you want you can send your gen 4 OW's in

and as this proves i can make a sprite comic, if somewhat mediocre but i don't have a team to support me Razz
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Yria/Mara LB on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:27 am

I wil try to fix the grammar. If its wrong srry I live in the Netherlands and I'm probally one of the younger people at te forums. So my english is like what did you say?
Yria/Mara LB
Yria/Mara LB
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Istas on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:29 am

Yria/Mara LB wrote:I wil try to fix the grammar. If its wrong srry I live in the Netherlands and I'm probally one of the younger people at te forums. So my english is like what did you say?

they pretty much said it wasn't grammatically correct from what i can tell, when i get words wrong i blame it on my keyboard for screwing up Razz
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Yria/Mara LB on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:34 am

Istas wrote:
Yria/Mara LB wrote:I wil try to fix the grammar. If its wrong srry I live in the Netherlands and I'm probally one of the younger people at te forums. So my english is like what did you say?

they pretty much said it wasn't grammatically correct from what i can tell, when i get words wrong i blame it on my keyboard for screwing up Razz

I will try to fix it if theres something wrong. I already did a bit but with my perfectonistic things I'm checking the same thing like 50 times so hopefully its gonna be right one day Razz.
Yria/Mara LB
Yria/Mara LB
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Gen4 OVW

Post by Karasugaming on Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:00 am

im terrible at making them i made like 4 of them and they were bad like really bad X,( (better at making gen 3 sprites)
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by TriShade on Sat Apr 18, 2015 8:54 am

Yria/Mara LB wrote:
Istas wrote:
Yria/Mara LB wrote:I wil try to fix the grammar. If its wrong srry I live in the Netherlands and I'm probally one of the younger people at te forums. So my english is like what did you say?

they pretty much said it wasn't grammatically correct from what i can tell, when i get words wrong i blame it on my keyboard for screwing up Razz

I will try to fix it if theres something wrong. I already did a bit but with my perfectonistic things I'm checking the same thing like 50 times so hopefully its gonna be right one day Razz.
Don't worry! When I said there were errors, I didn't just mean you. I think by now, everyone has made a few mistakes already Razz .
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

Post by Yria/Mara LB on Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:01 am

TriShade wrote:
Yria/Mara LB wrote:
Istas wrote:
Yria/Mara LB wrote:I wil try to fix the grammar. If its wrong srry I live in the Netherlands and I'm probally one of the younger people at te forums. So my english is like what did you say?

they pretty much said it wasn't grammatically correct from what i can tell, when i get words wrong i blame it on my keyboard for screwing up Razz

I will try to fix it if theres something wrong. I already did a bit but with my perfectonistic things I'm checking the same thing like 50 times so hopefully its gonna be right one day Razz.
Don't worry! When I said there were errors, I didn't just mean you. I think by now, everyone has made a few mistakes already Razz .

I know it isnt only me. I have seen alot of grammar errors and stuff. In the whole story I will try to fix it. Really I'm not worrying TriShade Very Happy.
Yria/Mara LB
Yria/Mara LB
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Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished) Empty Re: Jelly colective Rp Whole story (Finished)

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