Silver League Battling Rules

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Silver League Battling Rules

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1. No Ubers – Our uber list is exactly like Smogon’s list, but we do allow Blaziken so long as it’s not using it’s Dream World Ability, aka the only reason why it was placed into Uber at all.

2. No Luck Items - BrightPowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lansat Berry, Lucky Punch, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Scope Lens*(up for debate) and Stick.

3. Sleep Clause: Only one Pokemon may be put to sleep at a time, unless they use a sleep inducing move on themselves, such as rest.

4. Species Clause: Only one of each Pokemon Species per team. However, a pokemons pre-evolution may be run alongside it, such as Blissey and Chansey.

4. No OHKO Moves - Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill and Sheer Cold.

5. NO HACKS – Hacking a Pokemon, legitimately or not, is a major offense here and will result in a permanent ban from our website.

NOTE: Emulators, Roms, RNGing, Spriting, Ripping and Game Modding (not the game your battling with of course) Do NOT fall into this category, those are different trades and this rule ONLY refers to hacking the game for competition (i.e gym battles, tournaments, regular battles) that is the difference, as CLEAR as can be made.

6. PokeSav - Pokesav is strictly forbidden, after much debate, drama and discussion the final conclusion is that the use of Pokesav at all is forbidden on the basis of the league and being cause with or creating Sav'd Pokemon may result in a permanent banning if you refuse to cease actions at once.

7. Gym teams Either 3 Pokemon of the same type with atleast one of the others have an attack in that type, or 4+ Pokemon of that type.
-Rules: Standard lvl 100 Single 6-on-6
-Optional Rules:- Item Clause/Specific Item Limit
- 3 OU Limit
- No Legends/Legend Limit
- Doubles/Triples (but a Single option MUST be available also)
Note: If you are in becoming a Gym Leader (and there's a spot available), simply contact one of the Owners and they'll get you on your way.
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