Sailor Moon Poke-Horses

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Sailor Moon Poke-Horses

Post by Anix_Senpai on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:47 pm

Girafarig as both Sailor Moon and Luna! (I Thought It was clever plus girafarig is a cutie)

Keldeo as Sailor Mercury! (This one was an obvious choice and it turns out the red really works well here. Also I adore how the water turned out here~)

Ponyta as Sailor Mars! (Another obvious one with fire this time.

Blitzle as Sailor Jupiter! (Another easy one and with the added bonus of my favorite pokemon being my favorite sailor scout~)

Deerling as Sailor Venus! (Specifically the autumn variant since the colors really stand out alot more and it matched sailor venus' uniform)
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