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Post by JCKane on Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:34 pm

Hello, My name is JCKane or just JC. But since I can't figure out how to get this thing to flow... let me break it down.

How did I found out about this place?: Well, I found out about it from the youtube Channel, TheSilverLeagueNetwork. I had watched some of their videos in the past, mostly top 10s and what not, and it wasn't until recently that I found out that the Silver League was an actual league, and not just a fun title for the youtube channel.

Why am I here?: Well, I first heard about the comics that Silver August had done and found it pretty cool. (haven't checked them out yet). But I then seen some videos of him talking about his league. Mostly the 'Another 10 reasons as to why you're addicted to Pokemon' video. Then later when he was talking about his and the league's take on hacked Pokémon, I wanted to check out the league, so here I am!

My take on Hacking: Well, back in gen 3 and 4 I did ALOT of hacking. Which came in two forms. One was I wanted to make the game easier on myself so I'd use things like max money or Max stat Pokémon (usually for the Battle frontier) and various things like that. The other was usually if I wanted specific Pokémon, that was either not available in the game... or just to create a specialized team for my 'character' on the game. But that was some time ago and I had even completed the Box dex on White version... However, if I had a hacked version of a pokemon that would be super hard to get otherwise, I'd just breed it and use that for the box dex. I wouldn't use a 100% hacked Pokémon for it. Unless you counted hacking the azure flute so I could go catch Arceus, same for Darkrai and Shaymin. But as time went by, I got to a point where I felt like my 'Box dex' achievement just wasn't as special as I always felt like I had to add a clause to it... "I have every single Pokémon... Buuttt, I hacked in the parents of this pokemon or hacked to get infinite Master balls or hacked the item to get the Pokémon" So, in Gen 6, I decided to start fresh and redid my Boxdex with no hacked Pokémon which meant no Hacked parents or items or anything. All 100% legit! Since then I sort of took a new stance on wanting to actually earn things in Pokémon the right way (without hacking) and been doing that ever since.

How did I get into Pokémon?: Well, It started in 2000's around Christmas time. My parents were going to be getting the family a N64 for Christmas and Pokémon Stadium was packaged with the game. Some guy working at Walmart told my parents that you could play Gold version on Pokémon Stadium... so my parents picked up a copy of Pokémon Gold version to give to me as a present. Christmas came and we got out new N64 and Pokémon Stadium... but I found out Gold wasn't compatible with Pokémon Stadium. My parents made me wait 7 months to finally buy me a Gameboy Color for my birthday... Ofcourse, I lost the darn thing but found it and lost it again... wasn't until the following Christmas that I found out that my parents actually TOOK my Gameboy (well one of the times was the GBC the other was the cartridge), because my brother and sister didn't have one and it wasn't fair... and they were getting them Gameboy's for Christmas. Ofcourse, they didn't get Pokémon Games. Nonetheless, that was the start of my Pokémon Journey... admittedly I wonder if my two siblings would be as much into Pokémon as me had they also gotten one of the Pokémon games for their GBCs but you never know.

Rest of my Background: Anyways, with Gold version... I had a ton of fun. Got my first Level 100 with my starter, Dino-saur the Typhlosion and eventually my 2nd and 3rd with Razor the Scyther… and *sigh* Water-bird the Lugia… Sadly didn't get Ho-oh since I accidently KO'd it and didn't think about the soft-resetting yet. When 3rd Gen game out, I got Ruby Version... lost it for awhile before finding it in a bucket of batteries Razz . All in all, I had fun times with Pokémon and it's because of it that I've managed to create a TON of stories from my old Pokémon Adventures... As I converted it into my own 'non-fanfictions' (aka I removed the pokemon aspect of the stories). And currently I'm studying at Full Sail University as my major is Game Design.

Battles: Honestly, I haven't done much 'official' battling. But I've been wanting to get more into it. I just got to create myself a team. Smile

One final thing: How do you get access to the Xat? Assuming you guys still use it. It says contact someone on there so I can get access to it... but I can't click any of the names and I keep on getting timed out.
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