Pokemon Accourt Academy (Up. 5/24)

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Pokemon Accourt Academy (Up. 5/24)

Post by CallMeFreak on Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:01 am

This game is a prequel to Pokemon Distrust and
Pokemon Sanguine but it may be better to play this AFTER those two. Maybe... The experience sure will be different anyway.
Or you can watch my friend, Karasu play through the games if you prefer.

This game is about as done as it's ever going to get because of certain people. I left the game maker in the file so if you happen to have RPG Maker XP, you can fix the glitches yourself when I won't be able to on and after the 23rd. Unless something happens to fix what's going to happen, I may never be able to finish the game as intended.
That doesn't mean that it isn't technically done, however. The story's done. Rushed because of certain people, but done. All of the dates are done, and the Gyms are done. There are a lot of things to do in the game, but it still feels a bit empty because of the lack of NPCs.

This game is basically a Virtual Novel but with a lot of things to do... And by that I mean the game is the story. The totally normal, everyday Pokemon school game story. Nothing weird at all will happen, I prooomise!
(By the way I was inspired to make this game when I started watching Danganronpa 3/Despair)

So anyway, welcome to Accourt Academy, where trainers are selected to attend this elite school by their abilities to train a certain type of Pokemon! You will be filling in for the "normal" spot since they couldn't find a young "normal" type trainer from the Kanto/Sinnoh/Hoenn/Johto regions under the age of 18! You can make a lot of friends here, and learn about EV training! Nothing can get into the walls of the school without strict permission. All of the students will be safe, as long as they get along with each other.

Anyway, features:
-Like I mentioned before, you can date (and eventually officially have a boyfriend/girlfriend) around thirty different characters. Some dates are more... Polished than others. I WAS going to go back to polish the other dates some more, but, y'know... (It doesn't matter what gender you are. Everybody is available both ways.)
Well, I say around thirty, but there are three who you can't make your boyfriend or girlfriend for... Story reasons.
Also you get a special item for finishing the characters, rather you choose to date them officially or not. I would say what item goes with who, but that would spoil the three who you can't officially date.

-The ability to turn the title of the song you're listening to on and off. I have no musical abilities so I used a lot of music from a lot of other games... (All credited, of course!) So I added a feature where the title of the song will appear in the upper left corner of the screen... For the most part. I couldn't look through every part of the game because I wanted to get this out before the 23rd so I could fix any glitches before, well...

-There will be a moment in the story where you can win dolls for your room and other rare items by winning mini games! (And the slide puzzle graphics are from Pokemon TCG art.) You can also win things for your sweetheart.

-An overly complicated way to get Z-Moves! Kind of. They're nerf'd a bit because they're just really strong Move Learner... Moves. Basically they're just normal OP (heh) moves you can exchange Heart Scales for. That you have to get a "fishing pass" for. You can also buy "Thief." It's explained in-game.

-Character Portraits! Since I had them for Distrust and Sanguine, I figured I should have them for this game too!

-The ending can be change very slightly depending on who you befriend (or go out with.) It's basically all the same ending though. (Done on purpose, not because I was rushed to. It IS a prequel, after all.)

-Not much of a feature. Rather a "lack there of." You can't battle every gym leader for continuity reasons, unleeeess
-A chance to beat me, or a dumb quiz I came up with. Doing so will give you access to some knowledge of cut content, or simply just cut content. Like battling the remaining gym leaders and then beating the Elite 4! (Nothing really happens though.)
-You can also battle my friend's character, Karasu! (Who gets a cameo since he helped me when I lost some content for Sanguine, and who played the games on their YouTube channel.)

Download (5/24 fix build)-
mediafire.com file/58x856bhc95ts5r/Pokemon%20Accourt%20Academy%20Censored.rar

Tes, censored. There are links to the uncensored version, but I'm not showing them here! You have to find them! Also I changed the name of the file so you can't just remove the "censored" part.

Non-spoierly Screenshots!
Despite that, I'm still hiding them in a spoiler, because they're big.

Characters! At least, the characters that will be most relevant to the story. (There's not a trainer sprite for everyone because you don't battle every one of these characters)

Arata Machida, owner and principal of Accourt Academy. A kind man who wanted to build a school to help scout future Gym Leaders and Battle Brains for Battle Towers and/or Frontiers. Will sometimes be lenient with students for small things.

Kenichi Ohashi, the school nurse and therapist. Extremely kind and understanding. Was scouted by Arata when he needed a "healing" trainer to be his school nurse.

Miyu Umeda, the teacher of the Player and many other students. Enthusiastic, smart, implied to be a strong trainer despite no student actually seeing her battle before.

Kiera, a newly graduated normal type trainer from the school, now officially the Viridian Gym Leader! She will visit the school to battle the new students to test their skills.

Shiori Mori, or the Player character... With character. I mean, the previous two games were based on Danganronpa, who has their Player character with character, so I couldn't figure out a way to have a silent Player flow well with the stories.
Anyway, Shiori was accepted into the academy to fill in the "Normal" slot because of their exceptional grades in their previous private school. They have a hero complex despite what people tells them. They can think fast when they need to. Has traveled around other regions when they were younger.

Tadao Gima, former fighting trainer of the school and now a guard (and physical education teacher) for the students. Also has a "hero complex," but that's his job. Usually keeps a stern face to scare off anybody who wants to get close to the school who shouldn't be getting close to it.

Date-able characters! ...That I'm going to be putting into a "spoiler," because I want you to figure out their character yourself. (I mean, what fun is dating a character if you already know the character?)


Hayate, selected for... Nothing. Just a normal trainer who likes to hang around his home. Can get competitive over anything and loves to pick on his friends. Originally just made as a joke on "rival" characters that soon blossomed into a character I wanted to develop more.

Katashi Hayashi, selected for his skill in training fighting types. Born and raised in Saffron City, where the streets get bad at night. He wanted to be able to protect himself and his family, so he joined the Dojo to train.

Haruki Tachibana, selected for his ability to train fire type Pokemon. At first he just chose to make fire Pokemon his primary type for warmth in the cold, harsh winter that will roll around in his town for half of the year, and to toast food when desperate, but he grown to love them.

Vangelis Matsushita, selected for training flying type Pokemon. His family owns a Berry Farm where he's from, so he would use his Pokemon to make long-distance deliveries. He's usually calm, but sometimes certain things will make him snap.

Yori Yamamoto, selected for training ghost type Pokemon. He's a quiet, mysterious boy. Though maybe that’s only because of the situation he was forced in. His father died in a car accident, but he claims to be able to talk to his ghost whenever Yori visits his dad’s grave. Because of that, he has a special connection with ghost Pokemon.

Arisu Kagawa, selected for her ability to train fairy types. Adopted by a loving couple. She gets bored with anything easily and is constantly seeking entertainment. Once she's attached to something, she doesn't want to let go of it. Her first attachment was with fairy Pokemon because of a Cleffa she had since she was a kid. That Cleffa evolved twice, and both times she was amazed. Now she's just seeking that same feeling she got when she saw her first Pokemon grow.

Daiki Hashimoto, selected for his ability to train grass types. He was born and raised in the always-growing city. One time he was taken to a farm on a field trip and he absolutely fell in love with the nature that’s been taken away from him before he was even born by the city growing more and more artificial. Since that day on, he wanted to raise grass types. He was a straight A student in Pokemon schools through elementary and middle school before he was chosen to be the grass type trainer of Accourt Academy.

Yuuka Takenaka, selected for her ability to train ground types. She loves finding out how to make her Pokemon stronger than ever before. She was selected because she was especially able to raise ground types to be nearly unbeatable. She can be slightly energetic at times, which makes her easy to approach.
Chose to raise ground types after a certain incident resulting in her getting stuck in a cave. A Diglett saved her that day.

Kokoro Yukimura, selected for her ability to train ice types. She is a bubbly, cheerful girl. She tends to find the good things in horrible situations, but everybody has a breaking point. She has a great passion for cooking, especially for other people.

Miyako Kimura, the poison type trainer. A quiet girl who loves video games and snake-like Pokemon. Her parents would try their best to make her happy, no matter what, and she appreciates and loves them more than anything for that.

Takis Saito, the psychic trainer. Claims to be able to see into the (near) future, or to see events that are going on at the moment when he's no where near them. Can get distracted pretty easily.

Setsuko Koizumi, the rock trainer. She loves her family, Pokemon, and friends to death. And fossils. She loves fossils. She can be very curious at times, but she’s mostly on guard when she needs to be.

Tamaki Suzuki, the steel trainer. She is a girl who always think of others, both human and Pokemon, before she thinks of herself. She doesn’t let much get to her, but when she’s mad, she’ll get mad enough to be violent about it.

Naomi Mizushima, the water trainer. She loves the water, but more than that, she loves water Pokemon. She loves staring at them and feeling a little envious when she sees one swimming away so quickly nobody would be able to catch it. She may have specific reason for that.

Ayame Akiyama, the dark trainer. She has rich parents, which means that she always have people after her hand in marriage. Her smiling face makes people want to approach her automatically, rather she wants them to approach her or not. She could only find time at night to train her Pokemon, which may explain her pale complexion.

Miki Wakahisa, the bug trainer. She was raised to be a proper young lady. She doesn’t really know the meaning of “fun,” and is afraid to do anything unladylike that would upset her parents and peers. Perhaps somebody can show her how to have fun?

Masaru Tsukino, the dragon trainer. He's energetic and adventurous. He's very smart when it comes to computers. He can hack into almost any computer for whatever reason. Claims to like dragon types because they're "super cool!" (He's not wrong.)

Kane Inou, the electric trainer. He loves electronics and knowing how they work, and loves knowing how electric type Pokemon works even more. He also has a thing for video games- both playing, and making.

Kyou Taichi, the "attack" trainer. Usually likes to read on her own, but isn't against going out to have some fun. She decided to train based on a single "stat" "just for fun." Read about "Magikarp Jumping Contests" and now wants to try them.

Shirou Nori, the "defense" trainer. Grew up poor, so he had to learn how to hunt for food and how to prepare it. He chose to train "defensive" Pokemon to protect him and his family against the potential "food" they find. Loves to "hunt" for rare Pokemon in the Safari Zone. May have a small sadistic side.

Minato Shichirou, the "hit points" trainer. A happy, flirtatious (perverted?) guy who keeps his past secret. So secret in fact, that I'm not allowed to say it on here! He also likes old cartoon movies.

Rikuto Hiraku, the "speed" trainer. Has Capnophobia, or a fear of breathing in smoke. Will refuse to go outside without a mask on. He usually hangs around the nurse's office, though the reason could be beyond it being clean in there.

Yuzuki Rin, special defense trainer. Was an orphan who was shunned by everybody because of how she became an orphan, despite being a quite little girl. She would listen to loud music to escape from the world. I'll let you find out why she was shunned.

Giada Cino, exploits "critical hits." She accepted the position in the Academy as a back-up for what she really wants to do with her life- Singing and DJ-ing. Music is her passion, and she won't let anything get in the way of that... Unless there's literally nothing she can do to make her dream come true.

Nori Itoh. He happened to have found a Mega Stone for his Ampharos when he was young, thus automatically giving him a spot in the academy. He loves building machines and was going to pursue in a career in building things to help people before he was accepted into the school.

Kuniko Harada. She mastered how to influence her Pokemon to confuse and "attract" other Pokemon. (And people.) She may be so good at this that she unintentionally did it to other people towards herself. (Details in game)

Mei Aya, the "special attack" trainer. A lively. Lived in small and kind of isolated place with not very many kids her age around. To pass the time she would train Pokemon that are strong in "special attack." She can be exploitable if you know how.

Tsuyoshi Nishihara, exploits raising and lowering stats. His favorite thing is gambling everything. He loves the thrill of the win, and he even likes the feeling of determination to win whenever he loses. He also wants to see if he can enter a computer via Porygon.

Hatsue Osada, trains Pokemon for status infliction. She wants a clean, resourceful world for future generation to live healthy- or so she claims. She recently felt this after reading up on "Lysandre-de-Lis" (or just Lysander) and liking the first part of his idea.

Chizuko Ishikawa, the trainer who uses weather to her advantage. She doesn't seem to like men- even going as far as being afraid of them in some cases. (It will be hard to convince her to like you if you're male, but at the same time she'll open up to you faster if you can push through to that point.) She always has clothes that covers most of her body on, though it's probably to shield her from the ice and rain fro her Pokemon.

I think that's it? I'll double-check after I wake up. I've been working on this game non-stop. This post itself took about three hours to make." />" />

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A Little Trouble

Post by personthingblah on Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:21 pm

I've played the first 2 games and loved them, but I get lost easily. I started this game and now it says I have to meet everyone before I go to my room but I can't find everyone. I know for a fact I haven't found Tamaki or Kyou and I cannot find my teacher, I'm afraid that they are somewhere really obvious and I'm just dumb. The game looks good though so I'm excited to eventually find them and continue the story!

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Re: Pokemon Accourt Academy (Up. 5/24)

Post by CallMeFreak on Wed May 09, 2018 5:46 pm

personthingblah wrote:I've played the first 2 games and loved them, but I get lost easily. I started this game and now it says I have to meet everyone before I go to my room but I can't find everyone. I know for a fact I haven't found Tamaki or Kyou and I cannot find my teacher, I'm afraid that they are somewhere really obvious and I'm just dumb. The game looks good though so I'm excited to eventually find them and continue the story!
First of all, somebody pointed out that the rooms weren't connected like they should've been, so here's the new link:

Remember that the floor your Dorm is underground, and the entrance to the school is one floor above it. So the "first floor" will be the floor with the entrance, and the "underground floor" will be the floor with the type dorms.

First floor left:

Kane, screwing around with the vending machine
First floor right:
Haruki and Mei sitting at the table
Masaru in the Game Room
Ayame and Daiki in the Garden Room

Second floor right:

Miyu- Classroom ("a")
Mayumi- Classroom under Miyu's
Rikuto and Kenichi- Nurse's office
Kyou in the library (back room)
Tamiko- Classroom ("6")
Second floor left:
Yuzuki and Giada in the music room
Katashi in the Martial Arts room
Third floor right:

Minato, staring at his dorm room
Kenta, in his classroom ("H")
Takis, Battle Room
Third Floor left:
Top floor:

Shirou in the Pokemon Fan club room
Minato and Miki are automatic
Yuuka and Nori in the EV Training room
Ground floor right:

Kokoro in the kitchen
Setsuko staring at the public bath
Hatsue and Miyako in the REC room
Ground Floor left:

Kuniko, just walking about
Naomi, staring at the pool

Arisu, staring at the school

I'm pretty sure that's everyone. If you're seeing some but not all, that would mean that there's a deeper problem that's out of my control and you would have to start over once I find a way around it.

Edit, 5/24:
Okay so I spent most of the day playing through and fixing glitches up to the end of the first semester. (And then I made food.) I didn't do any dates and I didn't talk to Hayate, but otherwise there shouldn't be too many glitches up to that point. (Hopefully none.)
mediafire.com file/58x856bhc95ts5r/Pokemon%20Accourt%20Academy%20Censored.rar

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Re: Pokemon Accourt Academy (Up. 5/24)

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