Freak's sprites (Updated 12/3)

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Freak's sprites (Updated 12/3)

Post by CallMeFreak on Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:41 am

Newish forums means I need a new page.
There's a whole lot, so I'm going to be shoving them into "spoiler" boxes.

I'll eventually need 7th gen sprites, and even though x (besides one, in my opinion) I didn't see Poipole and Dusk Lycanroc right away... Probably because generic medicine + caffiene = insanity.

7th gen:
Anyway, I was able to fit Dusk Lycanroc in one of the "battler" boxes of Pokemon Essentials. The thing is, those sprites has to blow up by double so you can actually see the outlines.

You can watch me make it here!

And it doesn't look great in game, so I had to resize and then fix the sprite, which I'm pretty proud of!

I made a video of me resizing and fixing these but I don't know if I'm going to bother uploading that.

I also made Poipole.
Results (and spoilers, kind of):

I can't really or refuse to explain:

Watch me make this one

Me!Me!Me! Idol:

Based on this girl:

This was the safest image or gif I could find. I also make a NSFW version of the idol but I can't show it on here for obvious reasons.
Needless to say, I can't link the video either. In fact, disclaimer: You can't blame me if you watch it.


Students(/Date-able characters):

Unimportant MISC. (I guess the red-head will slightly be important to Accourt Academy. He can change the story slightly anyway):

So for what's basically red Gary, my intentions were to make a parody of a rival character, since technically in the two games he's in and will be in, you don't really have a rival... Or all of the students are your rivals. However you want to think of them.
And the first one is self insert.

So I maaaaaay be Creek trash :I. (Craig x Tweek from South Park. It's canon now!) The first one is the couple in character. The second one will just be a couple I'll be using for my game. It's the first and possibly only random/unimportant trainer NPC I'll be having in my games... Besides maybe a girl x girl version sometime. I just need to decide on the couple.
Update: I decided on Mako and Ryuko from Kill La Kill.

Somebody who my fiance watches on Twitch said that shiny Moltres should be a different color, which prompted me to say "What if it's beak was a default Paint color, it's flames are rainbow, and it's body is uh... Make it transparent, put it over a picture of a lady laughing at salad, and cut out the lady so the body is just the lady laughing at salad."
And then I made that. It took two John Mulaney jokes to make. (However long that was.)
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