Alola, Silver League!

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Alola, Silver League! Empty Alola, Silver League!

Post by Nickels on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:54 pm

Hello everyone! Just introducing myself, I guess.

I'm Nickels, a Pokémon Trainer who's just in it for the fun of it. I'm not particularly good at competitive, nor am I a shiny hunter, just your run-of-the-mill trainer.
The very few times I do try to battle competitively, I usually use the same general idea of a team. Zoroark, the sweeper lead; Shuckle (Terrifying, I know) hazard setup/ "wall"; and Ferrothorn, the vampire. I don't play will a full team very often, so that's usually just it, and when I do use a full team, it's more often than not just slapped together without any forethought, plus a Zubat in the back of the party for Zoroark's Illusion.

The only battle-related accomplishment I can remember, for me, is beating Red in Soul Silver with a team that had no pokemon that were over lvl 75. That was awesome!

Anyways, that's basically my introduction. Hope you beautiful people have a great day!

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