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Team Help?

Post by Nickels on Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:47 pm

I'm trying to put together a somewhat decent team so I can take the Pokémon World Tournament on, and I'd like it if someone could rate this team. I'm in no way a competitive player, but I can't help but want to challenge the PWT.


Night Daze
Grass Knot

It's the N's Zoroa you receive in Driftveil city, which has a default of 30 IVs in all stats. I used it to play through the story, so it's EVs are definitely all over the place.


Stealth Rock
Shell Smash
Rock Slide

It came from Dream Radar, so it has it's hidden ability: Contrary. AKA, Shell Smash raises Defense and Special Defense.


Gyro Ball
Giga Drain

It has Iron Barbs plus a Rocky Helmet, with Giga Drain. What I'm going for with this is basically a vampire. Aerial Ace to try and defend against it's 4x weakness to fire.

This set likely isn't any good, I'd still like some input though!

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