Hello Silver League!

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Hello Silver League!

Post by Mav Intensifies on Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:26 pm

Hey there, you can call me Mav. I'm a competitive Pokemon battler who started with Platinum version but didn't start learning about competitive until after X & Y were released. I've been watching The SilverLeagueNetworks casually on Youtube for about a year but finally took the time to check out the website. Silver August's personality kept me watching Top 10's and discussions long enough to learn you guys still have a league going and that anyone who becomes a member can give the Gym Challenge a try. I'm interested in making a team I can personally and competitively appreciate to take on the Gym Leaders (and if I can battle well enough here maybe even beyond that?) while making new friends that love Pokemon as much as I do.
Mav Intensifies
Mav Intensifies
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