Crozz Storms into Battle!

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Crozz Storms into Battle!

Post by Crozz on Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:16 pm

Hello silver league! I have been watching from the sidelines for a while but with an anime tournament on the horizon i thought now would be a good time to officially participate in things rather then just sit around and chat on the facebook group page. Im not here to only enter tourneys, mainly im here to have fun and get to use more of my "for fun" pokemon

(I got a darkrai named link Link(Star)Joker that i got from an old event and have never used in a real battle)

also want to try take on all of the gyms!

I have some experience in OU singles but not much, and i have played in some local tournaments for VGC

I have been playing pokemon since my cousin gave me his pokemon gold version when i was younger

I plan to join the Anime tournament coming up if i can find the time to make a team! i also want to set a person rule for myself in that all my teams will have pokemon who come from different gens (or have an evolution from a diffrent gen)

That rule it self is something i have started doing since ORAS, in which i played with the rule of 2 pokemon of each of the games main elements (2 land pokemon, 2 sea pokemon, and 2 sky pokemon)
i find it adds extra fun to the game

but yea thats my pokemon life story..... a bit to long i guess.....

TL;DR Hi im new, i like pokemon, please treat me kindly (and ignore spelling errors xD)
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