Beauty and the Beast fairytale in Pokémon according to an NPC Discussion

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Beauty and the Beast fairytale in Pokémon according to an NPC Discussion

Post by ThunderSpark91 on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:30 pm

I kind of had a "thinking moment" when a certain NPC in Lumiose City - Hotel Richissime mentioned the Fairy Tale Beauty and The Beast, where the prince was turned into a Pokémon and found love regardless of it.

The fact that Pokémon references things from the real world is nothing new, if you think about the NPC's that references Tiksie (Russia) way back in Gen 1.
It kind of make it sense they put this kind of reference in the Kalos Region, considering the French Parallels and the Fairy Tale being French.

But that made me wonder something, I can only think of one Pokémon that can possible fit the role of the "Beast" and that is Zoroark. But could there also be other Pokémon that fitted the role?

Keep in mind, that I am not only looking the story from the Disney retelling (original animation and the live action remake) but also the original story. I am gonna assume the Story that "Inspired" the Fairy Tale also Happened in the Kalos Region.

So here are my arguments:

  • Presence in the Kalos Region:

Zoroark can be found in the Kalos Region on Route 20 and Pokémon Village: I assume because of this, the Pokémon could also have appeared during the time frame the "event" took place.

  • The Design:

Zoroark has a kind of Beast appearance and has to be shown to be able to walk on all fours and Bipedal (Anime and Movie), also Pokémon is more of Japanesse and European lore mixed together. I am gonna assume because of the fact the Beast looked liked in the demon in our worlds story. The most likely parallel would be a Kitsuni,
which also has a gem which contains the soul. This could be a parallel to the "Rose" of the Disney story.
The Dex has an excellent Youtube video about Zoroark's design, check it out here below.

So what do you guys think, could the Beast have been Zoroark or another Pokémon?
Post your suggestions and arguments here below.

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