Trading a Non competive Zekrom for a (Preferabel competive) Reshiram

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Trading a Non competive Zekrom for a (Preferabel competive) Reshiram

Post by ThunderSpark91 Yesterday at 2:35 pm

Hello, there I currently have two Zekrom's, where I am willing to trade one (or even both) for a Reshiram to complete the Pokédex. Currently I am playing on GEN 6, I have Pokémon X and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
Both Zekrom's (Relaxed and Impish) come from the Unova region, but I sadly cannot use these ones to be competitive if I transfer them to SUN.
I have Pokémon Sun in my possession but I want to complete the GEN 6 Pokédex as much as possible first. So please I only TRADE IN GEN 6 for now.

If it is not too much to ask, I wish to have a Modest to transfer to SUN. As for IV's I do not care because of the Hyper Training.

Here are some Pictures of the Zekrom's in my Pokémon Bank, I can transfer these ones to GEN 6 no problem.

If anyone is interested, message me my FC is in my signature.

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