I'd appreciate some help, please.

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I'd appreciate some help, please.

Post by Artanis99 on Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:18 pm

Is there any way for me to contact mods/admins or even Silver August? I've been having an ongoing problem that has still not been resolved for several months now and I'm getting really annoyed here at the lack of effort and help from the mods/admins who I've talked to for help. So I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what their emails or other easily accessible contact information is so I can talk to them quicker and resolve my issue. Or better yet, if there's a mod/admin who is actually on at a decent rate each week and sees this and can help me personally somehow, that's fine too. I just need to talk to someone high up on here or even Silver himself so they can help me fix an ongoing issue that I've been having.

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