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Post by Saambell on Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:17 am

Might as well lead with a Book Series that's at least somewhat connected to SL.

Once upon a time there was an internet loudmouth that made a bet that he could write a good book with two bad ideas as a basis. The guy he was arguing with gave him the idea Lost Roman Legion, as there's a ton of bad books about the Lost Roman Legions ending up in Fantasy Worlds. The guy also thought Pokemon was a bad idea for some stupid reason, and that was the other.
So the internet loudmouth wrote a book about Lost Roman Legions in a Fantasy World who could control Elementals.


The series is called The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. Its a set of 6 books with the first being Furies of Calderon.

The Human nation of Alera is in a time of trouble. The First Lord, ruler of the nation, is old and heir-less, and the High Lords are scheming for a chance to take the throne. Yet even as the Alerans threaten to tear themselves apart, the other races of the world look on and see weakness. And some ruthless High Lords are even moralless enough to seek help from outside the nation.

There's a ton of parallels to Pokemon with type advantage to disable elementals, yet it also acts like the elementals are part of A:TLA Bending. Every person of Alera can summon 1 or more of the 6 elemental spirits: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, Air, and Earth. All elements have both Internal and External uses. Earth can either Manifest and move the ground, or be internalised and Greatly boost Strength. Wood and Air can Make themselves Invisible. Fire can cause Fear or Inspire Courage, as well as cause explosions. The First Lord I would call the Champion as he claims the title of Strongest crafter, unmatched in all 6 elements. High Lords are regional governors, tasked with maintaining areas of the country, basically Gym Leaders. Its a classic Fantasy about Political Intrigue and Grand Battles, as the first book is defending a valley against an invasion of basically Caveman Elves with Bond Animals such as Wolves, Giant Ground Sloths and other prehistoric animals.

By the third book the hero is leading an ill equipped and untrained army of 5000 in the defense of a bridge against an army of 30,000 Giant Wolf Men with Blood Magic. As this is happening, one of the High Lords engages in Active Rebellion, and a Civil War Begins.

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