[SPOILERS] Sun and Moon Eeveelutions Sidequest

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[SPOILERS] Sun and Moon Eeveelutions Sidequest

Post by WindScar on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:04 pm

I really like the premise of the whole Eevee trainer challenge in Sun and Moon. It's very somberly relatable in a bitter sweet sort of way.

First of all being given to you by an ex-veteran trainer that is now working at a supermarket because his biggest opponent is "paying a mortgage" now.

To the Vaporeon user who went from using her dazzling water moves on opponents to being a janitor using them for cleaning windows.

To the Flareon user who burnt brightly for battle until there was nothing left but embers of retirement and leisure.

To the Jolteon user who can't even remember her old friend but claims that even lightening no matter how powerful it is eventually has to fade away, much like an old body being put back into action, there's limits to what can be done.

Or the Espeon user who's battle style used to shine like the sun in the sky. Even he too realizes that one day the sun must eventually set. As it can be applied to life as well, eventually you will see the moon on the horizon.

Or the Umbreon user who shows that even though through rumors something can seem immortal. Nothing truly last forever, the moon like the sun sets as well.

And the Glaceon user that shows even the snow eventually melts so that the seeds can continue to grow.

Or the Leafeon user who tells that no matter how much the plant may bloom and grow, from inside it will still wither. No matter how much we cling to youth your bones can't hide their aging.

And finally the Slyveon user, who actually has already passed away and you're made to battle her granddaughter. But she says she was told the sweetest part of life is when you're cute, but that the sweetest part is also the shortest.

In summary though I think these are all great points and surely all of us can relate to at least one of them. I myself remember being able to play Pokemon for multiple hours at one time nonstop and now it seems that I have less and less time to do so as I continue to go farther up in age. But I still love it's charm and I still enjoy the games so much even with the less and less time I have to play. I just thought this little side quest was very neat and touching!
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