Competitive Battling - EV's and IV's

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Competitive Battling - EV's and IV's

Post by l0rd ch1mez on Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:48 am

Since it has been a request to do this, I shall.

Let's start with IV's. IV's are invisible 'stats' that helps a lot in competitive battling. They give a boost of the 6 stats -- now let's take our dear friend, Slowbro, for example.

Slowbro reaches a base stat of 256 in Defense with 31 IV's in place. But without it, it only reaches 225. Some of the Pokemon we know can penetrate through that defense stat pretty easily. Now you know the importance of IV's -- but how do you get them?

'Perfect' IV's are obtainable through breeding and through really, really, really hard encounters in the wild, this includes soft-resetting. The easiest way of obtaining it is through breeding (too bad if you want a 6IV'd Heatran). There are numerous ways of breeding but I'm not gonna explain them right now.

Now we go on to EV's, the harder part. EV's are way more important. They raise the base stat by way a lot more. Let's say Slowbro has been bred perfectly -- now it only needs its correct EV's placement.

Slowbro is a wall, so the first stat that you should max out is HP. HP plays an important role for walls as it is the main factor that helps the wall to become, well, a wall. Next thing, you should max out is its Defense stat or split some into the Sp. Defense stat. Why? Because Slowbro has Calm Mind which raises its Sp. Def stat by 1.5 if used. Since Slowbro is slow, setting up Calm Mind will be a little challenging since Pokemon like M-Manectric can rip Slowbro before it sets up, this explains why I suggested putting on some Sp. Def EV's in Slowbro.

To note, EV's are at 508 in total. Each stat is able to contain 252 EV's. Like I said, EV's help a lot. A single stat is able to increase by a whopping 60+ increase if it contains 252 EV's. You also don't want to carelessly to input EV's. Nobody would input max HP for Sharpedo.

And I guess that is all for the beginning stage of knowing EV's and IV's. Hope you get to read this PurpleChatot. Until next time.
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