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Idea generator l

Post by Apex Leo on Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:36 pm

So I've almost completed my competitive team and I'll be ready to battle most likely by this weekend, but I need help on another idea. Since sun and moon I've had to ditch the idea of my fakemon legendaries and a few others I created but now I decided upon the name of this dex. Pokemon compass is what I'd go for but I need ideas for the main legendary. Basically the story is your going on a region that is a nature reserve no gyms no towns but old ruins of previous civilizations that have been overthrown and overgrown as a Pokemon with tremendous amounts of energy drove humans away. The compass comes in as a Pokemon that has manipulation over polarities and can use its energy to distort gravity and energy flow. And this region could be a free roam .... But it's all ideas
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