Excited to be here!

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Excited to be here!

Post by Azul on Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:33 pm

Hello, everyone. After perusing the Silver League YouTube channel for a few months, I'm very excited to join the forums and participate in this community! I've been a fan of pokemon for almost my entire life, as my pokemon adventure started when I received pokemon yellow for christmas as a little kid. I went on to play gold, sapphire, and fire red before taking a break for a few years. I got back into pokemon when I bought diamond and started learning all about breeding, ivs, evs, and competitive battling. I took another break from pokemon after diamond, but I got back into it this summer when I bought black 2 and X. Now, I have more time to enjoy all of the features that pokemon offers, and I hope to rejoin the breeding and battling community while continuing to enjoy the fundamental essence of pokemon itself. cheers

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