Lots of sprites. (Mostly from my games.) (Including Old vs New)

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Lots of sprites. (Mostly from my games.) (Including Old vs New)

Post by CallMeFreak on Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:06 am

I currently have two finished games, Pokemon Distrust and Pokemon Sanguine. I'm currently working on the prequel game, (that you can play at any time. I would probably recommend playing it after Distrust and Sanguine actually) completing the story. Whiiich means that I had to make a whooole lot of sprites. Most of which will be hiding under a "spoiler" since... Spoilers.

I guess since Distrust is my first game, I'll to Distrust sprites first. Especially since they're going to be in Accourt Academy as well.



Naomi, Miyako, Ayame, Setsuko, Yuuka, female Shiori (player,) Kokoro, Miki, and Tamiko.


Vangelis, Yori, Masaru, male Shiori (player,) Takis, Katashi, Daiki, Kane, and Haruki.

Spoilers towards the end of the game.

Sanguine sprites, the finished sequel to Distrust. (Mostly... I can't find most of the originals, so here's the very minor changes I made for Accourt Academy. The only things different from these are maybe the expressions, and the Pokeball... Minus some other things maybe. Minus Nori and Rikuto. CRAP!)


Boys... Minus Nori's and Rikuto's trainer sprites because I can't find their original sprite. (I mean I can, but it's upscaled so it wouldn't matter. Their portraits are there though.)

Mono-Pokemon robots! Minus Monoursa since I only have him upscaled, but plus some that I didn't use in my game, and the robot that isn't a Mono-something. (Major spoilers!)


...And since I can't find the original "followers" sprites, Accourt Academy (so far.)

I... I felt like making Playboy Bunnies one day and decided that I could have them in my game since the game will be pretty open with optional things already.

And all of the story related trainer sprites so far. (Plus all of the major-minor changes to some of the Sanguine sprites.) I may make a portrait of the first one for... Reasons. Even though she's not all that important.


Oh, uh... Since I'm here, I suppose I could show you one more. I already got a screenshot of the game, and she's censored in game. The only way to see her uncensored would be to find it on Deviantart. But uh... Heh.
She's from the second part to the end of Me!Me!Me! I can show you this picture for reference because it's from the first part of the AMV, where she's wearing clothes.


Edit: I almost forgot! I started a Type:Null sprite while I was on writer's block. (This is still WIP though)

Partially based on this picture:

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