Team Advice & Feedback Please

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Team Advice & Feedback Please

Post by Shy Ranger on Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:15 pm

This team is my attempt at an "All Around Team." Basically it's a team that can work in OU and possibly Uber, and Single and Doubles with no/very slight changes to the team. I am aware of the "jack of all trades, master of none" predicament, but humor this idea for a second, and let's see what we can cook up.

I hope I did an okay job.

Gengar - Lydia the Leader
Hold Item: Gengarite OR Focus Sash (depending on tier)
Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Taunt, Destiny Bond
Reasons: This Gengar can work in both OU and UBer settings as my lead. It's first two moves act as sweepers, Taunt is to combat status-and-trap leads, and Destiny Bond is for one final act. Focus Sash is used when Gengarite is banned, and helps ensure at least two turns and one Destiny Bond attempt.

Klefki - Loki the Prankster.
Hold Item: Light Clay OR Sitrus Berry OR Red Card (advice please)
Reflect, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, Foul Play
Reasons: Klefki acts as the starting lead in Doulbes and the second to come out in Singles after Gengar. Either way, his role is set up as much shields and T-waves as he can until he falls, at which case I can switch into any of the below to apply pressure. His hold item is a dilemma. Light Clay synergies with his shields, but only gives them 3 more turns to work. Sitrust Berry keeps him alive, helping to enure setting up alot. Red Card would help get more Pokemon out against him, getting more T-Waves out.

Clefable - Marzipan of the Moon
Hold Item: Life Orb
Moonblast, Thunderbolt, Protect, Moonlight
Reasons: The starting lead in Doubles along with Klefki. Very similar to a standard Clefable. It can do high damage without the drawback of Life Orb while being fairly bulky. Normally they use Follow Me to absorb hits, but personally I'm not a fan of this as it makes healing that up much riskier. Instead it uses Protect.

Gliscor - Goliath the Strong
Hold Item: Assault Vest
Earthquake, Ariel Ace, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang
Reasons: A creation all of my own (to my knowledge). I used a Poison Heal Gliscor in the past, and honeslty it made me feel dirty. Then this idea struck me. Gliscor has good defensive bulk, and with the Assult Vest, it's Special Defense because about equal.

Gallade - Gilgamesh the Gallant Blade
Hold Item: Galladite OR Scope Lens (if Gengarite is used or not)
Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Knock Off, Protect
Reason: Very similar to a typical moveset used in both Singles and Doubles. Zen Headbutt is more popular, but that 90% accuracy scares me of being a the mercy of the RNG, which I want to prevent as much as possible.

Volcorona - Son of Sun
Hold Item: Lum Berry
Heat Wave, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Quiver Dance
Reasons: Very similar to a typical moveset. Heat Wave is used instead due to more usable in Doubles too and Fire Blast's accuracy turning me off.

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