Silver League Forum Rules

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Silver League Forum Rules

Post by [Admin Account] on Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:49 pm

1. No trolling or offensive comments – All opinions here are welcomed and perfectly valid, but please, if you’re really going to say someone is wrong, have reasons better then “because my opinion or superior to yours”.

2. Forum posts supporting/giving advice on how to Hack, Gen or Sav is absolutely forbidden, if any member is caught doing so, they will be banned immediately.

3. No Pornography! – Porn, Hentai, any of that sexual stuff is forbidden, come on, this is a Pokémon and video games/movie forum, show a little decency!

4. No spamming – try to keep your posts to 1 at a time, or at the very least, add it to your first post.

5. No Drama – any personal issues you may have with others keep it in PC. Other members do not need to see it or get involved.

6. Religion and Politics topics are strictly forbidden, the 2 simply will not be discussed here unless they are about something contextual that is relevant to Pokémon. Stuff like imagery or the Jynx controversy.
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